Feb 7th, 2014


As people all over the world tune in tonight to view the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, the athletes participating in the event will also be reveling in the celebrations. Many will turn to their smartphones to capture an up close view of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and Samsung hopes that when those smartphones are free of Apple branding.

According to members of the Swiss team, when opening the goodie bag provided to all athletes traveling to the Olympic Village in Sochi they found a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 along with a request that athletes avoid flashing Apple branding during what will be a widely televised event. The note apparently went so far as to ask those planning on using an iPhone to tape over Apple logos.

Samsung chimed in on the matter saying no such demand is being made. The International Olympic Committee says athletes can use any device of their choosing as long as they stay within the same rules applied to previous Games. So what gives?

Did Samsung initially request athletes avoid using Apple products only to change their tune after word got out? Is the Swiss team punking the world?

Regardless, we’re sure that Samsung would never tell athletes NOT to tape over their Apple logos, especially while on the world stage that is the Olympics. Samsung may have visions of an Apple-free Sochi, but it’s not going to get there by subtly bribing athletes with a free Note 3.

[via Guardian]

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