Recently revealed Galaxy S4 Black Editions get official Samsung announcement



Last week we got a look at the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini Black Editions courtesy of Samsung’s Russian website. Today, the Korean company has released an official statement pegging the device for release in select markets later this month.

The Black Editions borrow the faux-leather design of the Galaxy Note 3 and bring it to the Galaxy S4 lineup, down to the simulated stitching running along the back panel of the phone. The look, which has its fans and detractors alike, attempts to install a premium look to the handset, replacing the glossy plastic of the original.

Internally, the phone features an identical compliment of specs (Snapdragon 600, 13MP camera, 5-inch display) as the original S4. Samsung is bundling the device with new wallpapers and ringtones.

Exact release details and regions were not announced, but Samsung UK says more info as it pertains to Europe will be coming along shortly.

[via Samsung]

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  1. I ah.. I like it.

  2. Looks great, much better than original S4.

  3. S5 or go home.

  4. Hmmm…if the entire phone (internally and externally) is the same, with exception to the back cover, seems like a marketing gimic to call it the “black” edition (ala Mercedes Benz “black edition” cars). It’s just a matter of time (if not already available) for new back covers to show up.

  5. I’m confused, isn’t the GS5 being announced this month?

  6. I want that wallpaper…..

      1. Thanks!!!

  7. I think I’ll buy the back cover and try to download that wallpaper

  8. Thr back is really nice, I had a play with it last week at the office. The faux leather back is a lot softer than note 3’s. Really good looking handset.

  9. I’ll pick up one of the backs off eBay and put it on my normal GS4!

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