Google TV not dead after all, Search and Voice Search updated



Google TV might not be the most popular Android child inside the Google family, but that doesn’t mean that it’s been completely forgotten about. Two essential apps to the Google TV brand have been updated. For those of you that use your remote control or Android device to access Voice Search will be happy to know that Voice Search for Google TV received a few minor updates today. And, if you’re in the habit of searching Google’s knowledge base from the comfort of your couch, your go to app, Search, has been updated a well.

Voice Search for Google TV: What’s New

– Match app names more aggressively
– Supports catchup TV content search provider

Google Play

Search for Google TV: What’s New

– Better handling of diacritic characters.
– Display date/time badge when no thumbnail is available.
– Ensure focus is correct when using a pointer device.

Google Play

Now, if we could only get Google to hold onto their Google IO 2013 promise to update current Google TV devices to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, we’d be set.


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  1. Umm,if my GOOGLEFIED TV counts ({LG GA6400},pictured above),it shipped w/HONEYCOMB & immediately updated to ANDROID 4.2.2 upon initial set-up (DEC 2013). The update to 4.2.2 was pushed to this TV in October 2013.

    1. And that’s the only GTV to get Jelly Bean. The Pulse, Co-Star, and other v2 devices were supposed to get it. They haven’t yet.

      1. The G2 series of LG GOOGLE TV’s received 4.2.2 also, but, point taken. As most have set-top boxes vs the baked-in variety,being stuck on HONEYCOMB definitely falls in the SUX category. Should have at least 18-24 months of upgrade support.

  2. i like my co-star, but i wouldn’t mind some 4.2.2 loving. i hope vizio doesn’t forget it

    1. Same here, I love my Co-Star.

      We use it on a daily basis to stream via DLNA, Netflix, Youtube, Plex.

      I rarely use apps on the device, and on occasion will use the web browser.

      But it’s truly a lifesaver instead of having to switch inputs to a crappier device to do the same thing. It was one of the better $100 investments I have ever made ;)

  3. I have all but given up on Google TV. They haven’t updated either the Sony or Logitech devices I own in years. With the advent of smart tvs, Google TV as it now stands is essentially dead…

  4. Regardless of if and when 4.2.2 rolls out I think Google TV as it stands now is essentially dead in the water… Chromecast essentially does the majority of what Google TV could do, minus the actual TV apps… Eventually Google’s gonna implement Chromecast support directly into the Android Chrome browser and that’ll negate the need for a web-browser in a box entirely… The only thing the Chromecast won’t fundamentally be able to do is integrate with your existing cable/sat setup…

    1. Google TV isn’t a screen mirror devices, and it isn’t meant to play media from a phone. Chromecast has a very different purpose.

      It can be argued that Chromecast’s functionality should have been merged into Google TV, but to suggest that Chromecast is a suitable replacement is missing the mark, imo.

  5. Google,
    Please update v2 Google TV devices to at least JB!

    Why are you not on top of this? You are letting LG school you. The NSZ-GS7 / GS8 have great potential if they’d just get a little lovin’.

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