Official: Google TV is getting updated to Android 4.2.2. Jelly Bean



With the big Google I/O keynote ending just moments ago, Google announced a lot of new amazing products and services but there was something they left out. No, we’re not talking about the Nexus 5 — we’re talking about Google TV. Yes, Google’s red-headed stepdroid was all but left out of today’s big announcements, leaving some — like our resident Google TV evangelist Edgar Cervantes — furious.

The official word straight out of Google IO 2013 is that the Android-for-television platform will soon be updated to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. This software update is actually a pretty huge jump for the platform as previously Google TV was “up-to-date” running Honeycomb. This means that Google TV will skip over Ice Cream Sandwich completely, and finally catch up to its smartphone and tablet counterparts, putting them all on an equal playing field for the first time ever.

In other news, Chrome was also updated for Google TV, also bringing it to the same version number as is found on smartphones and tablets. Chrome for Google TV will get the same treatment as mobile Android devices, following the same 6 week update schedule as well.

So when can you expect Jelly Bean to hit your Google TV? Google mentioned that they’ve been working closely with manufacturers to push out updates in a much more timely fashion with firmware updates hypothetically rolling out to televisions weeks after Google releases them. Of course, as so often is the case with Android, some of these televisions have skinned Android, so it could sometime before you see Jelly Bean rolling out to your television.

We can only hope that with this update more Android developers will be enticed by the platform and begin releasing bigger and better apps for Google TV. When it comes to new Google TV hardware, TCL is promising a 4K2K television packed with Google TV to be released later this year. The television is actually being shown off at Google I/O, so be on the lookout for our hands-on video coming soon.

[via GTVSource]

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  1. This news makes me and my Vizio Co-Star very happy :D

    1. I hope it stops my remote from not responding all the time

    2. I hope this fixes the Play Music issues.

  2. Sweet I can’t wait!

  3. I want a Nexus GTV. Actually I want a pass-through device (like Q) that is for anything on my phone tablet to be presented wirelessly on the TV. That would be perfect.

    1. That would be better. That way you could get the “Google TV” plus more.

      1. howw about a GV box with stock android with a TV friendsly luncher witch can be cnhanged with a nexus q like functionality

    2. Yea I want this too, seems like a no-brainer since iPhone/AppleTV has done it for years.

  4. so no 4.3?

    1. Seriously? I can’t imagine what they could add to it or modify. Are there any major bugs with 4.2.2?

      But that’s the fun of upgrades. You never know. I mean, I can’t imagine Key Lime Pie. I just CAN’T see anything they could do new. LoL!!

      1. Well I thought they would do another UI overhaul of the new minimalist cards style like in Google Now and the new Play Store.

      2. There is a huge memory leak for some devices. It mostly affects surfaceflinger, so that wouldn’t be an issue, however, the OpenGLES side of the leak, may very well.

  5. Hopefully if they are bringing it up-to-date with the Tablet/Phone version we will have support for the NDK. Which would mean we could finally put XBMC on them!

  6. well, I have the Revue so I’m not hopeful.

    1. Neither am I, but I’m looking into potentially getting that Asus cube because my Revue is such a POS.

      1. I won’t buy non-nexus android devices anymore.

  7. I will be mighty pissed if Revue doesn’t get it.

    1. really? would you?

      its the first generation of a new product…. you had to see this coming….

    2. Then get ready to be pissed. I doubt Logitech will invest any more time or effort on the Revue. Maybe someone in the fan community will hack a ROM together.

  8. so, wheres 4.3 or whatever they gonna call it this time

  9. Still puttering along on my ol’ Logitech Revue; almost time to upgrade the h/w.

    The s/w updates have been nice too, though the updates to the youtube app and gtv remote have seen the most use here.

    1. Yeah, mine’s been retired to the bedroom, and I’ve moved to an Android stick in the living room, but I still like the ole Revue.

  10. I really hope this applies to my Sony 1st gen Google TV…

    1. Negative. Arm only devices.

  11. I doubt my 2nd gen Sony box will see anything.

  12. I can only hope the overpriced NSZ-GT1 will finally be closer to worth a damn.

  13. I hope this applied to LG G2 series Smart TV.

  14. This should read: “Some Google TV’s getting update”, since Google will not be updating any of the non-Arm devices like Sony’s $400 NSZ-GT1 GTV BluRay player.

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