Jan 29th, 2014

My Paid Apps screenshots

Alright, I’d say for a good majority of us, we’ve been at this Android thing for awhile now. Swapping out new devices, installing new apps and games. Over the years, that means we’ve accumulated our fair share of purchases from the Google Play Store. So why the Google Play Store app simply doesn’t let you view only our previous app purchases is beyond us.

Maybe that’s why I’m a little frustrated that someone was forced to develop an app like “My Paid Apps” which recently hit the Google Play Store. Not because the app isn’t good mind you (the app seemingly works as advertised on our Nexus 5) but because it’s even necessary in the first place.

If you guys want to give it a try, MPA doesn’t require any crazy permissions, but you will have to login to your Google account via an in-app browser in order for it to gain access to all the paid apps on your account. Sounds a little sketchy, we konw. No harm in not downloading, but at this point it’s all we got.

After logging in, you’ll have all your paid apps laid out neatly in front of you, where they can be organized by name or date purchased. Clicking an app will take you to that app’s listing in the Google Play app.

But no more listening to me grumble, if you wanna check out, download link provided below.

Download on Google Play: My Paid Apps

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