HP Slate 21 Pro brings an all-in-one Android PC for the business class [VIDEO]


HP has come to CES with an new all-in-one PC that runs Android. It’s called the HP Slate 21, a 21-inch 1080p IPS desktop device with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to start. It isn’t all that unlike the original Slate 21, but the “Pro” at the tail-end of this thing’s name means it’s aimed right at the business class. That means HP will be loading this thing up with software and services fit for anyone in the enterprise sector or in education.

Specifically, they’ll be preloading it with Kingsoft Office, Skype, Evernote, HP’s Classroom Manager, 50GB of storage from Box for life, and Citrix Receiver for remote controlling other Window PCs. Despite this being a “business” centric PC, HP says it could be used for a typical classroom setting, public kiosks (such as a business center inside a hotel) and other uses.

For specs, it’ll feature NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 4 processor, an HD webcam, WiFi N, Bluetooth 4.0 and more. All of that comes with a cool price tag of just $399, which doesn’t seem bad at all if you can make this thing work for you. It’s available right now, but if you were looking for some hands-on time with this thing before taking the plunge you’ll be able to find it sitting above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Mi gusta.

  2. Hey wait a minute, why isn’t the Phandroid team using Google Glass (can clearly see the video recorder) to do all the videos a CES?

    Not good enough quality videos huh?

    1. Battery life might be the issue

      1. Its a destop dont think it run on battery….

        1. I was replying to hemipw54 comment about the Phandroid team not using Glass to record videos and not about the Slate.

  3. “2 GEE-BEE” and “16 GEE-BEE”

    Someone doesn’t know what they’re actually saying

    1. I believe most people in India use that term. Every Indian oracle developer I have ever worked with, including senior project managers, say it that way.

      1. THIS IS ‘MURICA

  4. Sorry. With what Asus is bringing us, I’m expecting all All-in-One Android PC’s to be dual-bootable from here on out.

    1. well it depends on usage. the article above mention about kiosk. certainly you don’t need dual OS for that.

      1. Yea, you’re right. IDK… I’m so used to seeing Windows everywhere, I don’t know about Android as a desktop OS in public like that.

        I’d use it at home, but that’s just for homework assignments. I’m just afraid of the change.

        1. for light and entertainment usage android should be suffice. but for heavy usage or enterprise windows still have the advantage IMO. even windows RT is better than android in that regard.

    2. Different strokes for different folks.

      I for one have no interest in paying for a Windows license, and have little confidence in Asus’s abilities to integrate form factors and OSes.

  5. Android PC’s will never beat Macbooks

    1. Lol. Did you know that Linux is already beating OS X on Steam, and it has not even been out a year yet?

      1. Tim Cook said no

  6. Does this have adobe flash…

    1. Just side load it.

    2. Chrome OS has built in flash, keyboard and mouse support, a more familiar interface, windows. There are so many reasons why Chrome OS is better than Android for all-in-ones.

      1. but no apps

  7. Citrix is a nice way to go but Android has still yet to come up with a good in-house enterprise system. I wonder if this is something they’re even interested in tackling. I don’t think Android will ever be comparable to Microsoft & their legacy apps as a desktop OS

    1. They have not really gone after the desktop. (yet) I think Android would be way better suited for that, than Chrome OS though.

  8. The problem with android is that even if you have a tablet or a slate like that when you visit websites it shows mobil websites and that to me it is a big fail that is the differnce when you use an ipad the websites show just like you were on a desktop this was the main reason i’d returned my android tablet back and picked up the ipad and i coudn’t been any happier by the way i own a galaxy note 2 the i love but i wanted a tablet android needs to feel differnt from a phone to a tablet….

    1. Thats why u have to look for third party apps like boat browser and enable desktop mode thats the power of android… So many different apps…

      1. As stated above , you can make any android browser load desktop all the time…

    2. On any Android browser, go to it’s Settings and choose Desktop mode and the web sites will treat it as a desktop. Or, you can choose on a site-by-site basis whether it is to be treated as a small screen (handheld) or as a desktop (big screen) browser.

    3. So you switched to ipad because you couldn’t get yourself to make a simple change in settings?

  9. Android tablets is perfect for a kiosk. Great job on HP’s part by seeing that and taking advantage of it.

  10. I have the Slate 21 and I love it. Great deal. Very fast

  11. Google has said before that they’re pushing Chrome OS for the desktop; not Android. This is essentially a bastardized tablet. It’s like Windows 7 on a tablet; it’s not what it was intended for, you can add things to it to make it more user friendly but in the end it’s not built or well suited for that purpose. Chrome OS has a brighter future than Android in this area.

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