Write your break-up letter to AT&T, Verizon and Sprint using this tool T-Mobile provided


t-mobile break up letter

Need to write a tough break-up letter to your ex-carrier? Finding it hard to find the right words to use? Maybe T-Mobile’s break-up letter generator will help you do the trick. The company revealed it as part of their marketing strategy to promote a new incentive that will have them pay for your ETF fees if you switch to their network.

It’s simple:

  • Name your carrier
  • Choose the words that feel right for you
  • Get presented with a perfect break-up letter and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter

The end-result is what you see below (that’s if I ever had the nerve to leave Verizon):

quentyn break-up letter


Ready to try your own? All it takes is a few minutes on Facebook. Find it here and put your own break-up letter together. We’d love to see yours, so don’t be shy in posting yours in the comments section below!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

T-Mobile announces 1.6 million net additions in Q4 2013; 4.4 million on the year

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  1. Is Phandroid a T-Mo investor?
    My daughter has T-Mo, I have seen its coverage, no thanks.
    Wish T-Mo was better would try it, but have to have phone service on trips.

    1. Are you a Verizon/Sprint/AT&T investor? Phandroid is just reporting on what T-Mo is doing. It’s brilliant marketing. You mad bro?

  2. Hahahaha! :D

  3. genius

  4. awesomeness

  5. This seems all cool and stuff UNTIL you realize how bad TMobile coverage is. Buyer beware!

    1. LoL!! While this is true, if enough people can move over, I’m sure they’ll get better. Though with the way Tmo does things, I can see why their coverage is still low.

      They spend a lot of money to make money. So I’m assuming they’re spending money to get customers right now and not expansion. Hmm…

      1. The Verizon spectrum that they purchased should help enormously BUT let’s get real…AT&T has MUCH MUCH better coverage so John has BALLS to act like he acts towards the other providers.

        1. T-mobile have reached up to 209 markets… coverage may not be a problem now… prices are now attractive

    2. Bad for you doesn’t mean bad for all. My coverage is the best and I’ve been with ATT and sprint over the past 5 years

  6. LoL!! That Post Script at the end, though.

  7. T-Mobile,

    I’ll switch to your service once you stop discriminating against my state. For some reason, Vermont is the only state that you won’t provide service to someone living there.

  8. Reaaaaaaally wanted to use T-Mobile, but when I strolled in to a San Francisco T-Mobile store, I was told my number was ineligible for transfer. Apparently they have no coverage in rural Illinois, which is where my number originates. Even though I now live in SF. Settling for AT&T. Leh sigh.

    1. So why not port your number to Google Voice, and have that as a backup then for people to contact you on. Won’t you eventually get a new number?

    2. If they had coverage in your old area code, though, they wouldn’t care.

      They were the only one of the Big 4 that would let my wife (MSP number) and I (Akron, OH) put both of our numbers on a share plan together.

      Verizon and AT&T both “can’t put numbers from different regions on a family plan”. The reps at the Sprint booth said, “dunno if we can do that…” and wouldn’t check.

  9. Tmobile I want You for your price, not your service

    1. couldn’t agree with you more

  10. I am with Sprint and I am not going no where else…

    1. Sucks to be you then.

      1. The complainers always be there and never be happy, I happy with Sprint. I seen T-Mobile network it’s worthless inside where I live, so Sprint better for me at this point.

        1. Point of mhmmd123 to be considered, With Sprint your monthly bill could be as low as $25.. unbelievable

          1. According to T-MOBILE salesperson. It will cost me $70+tx @ moth to get Sprint offers me. I don’t care what I read or I see onlin. I do the math first. And, if the salesperson at T-mobile not telling the truth, that’s mean their customers service it’s bad.

          2. i had Sprint and had unlimited data. Unfortunately in Miami that data was slower than dial up. So what is the point? Oh and they charge $10 for that “high speed” data. Thanks? I’ll take 10 to 20 mbps down over the frustration I use to have waiting for pages to load and videos to buffer.

          3. With sprint I couldn’t even make a phone call inside my house without it dropping and that’s here in Houston tx. I don’t miss them one bit and am happy with t-mo

          4. Yer engrish is gud

  11. Reminds me of the Xbox One sick letter

  12. my&nbspbuddy’s&nbspstep-mother&nbspΜ­­­­­­а­­­­­­κ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ѕ&nbsp$­­­­­­­73&nbspevery&nbspհ­­­­­­օ­­­­­­υ­­­­­­r&nbspon&nbspthe&nbspс­­­­­­օ­­­­­­Μ­­­­­­р­­­­­­υ­­­­­­τ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­r.&nbspShe&nbsphas&nbspbeen&nbspfired&nbspfrom&nbspW­­­­­­օ­­­­­­r­­­­­­κ&nbspfor&nbsp5&nbspΜ­­­­­­օ­­­­­­ո­­­­­­τ­­­­­­հ­­­­­­ѕ&nbspbut&nbsplast&nbspΜ­­­­­­օ­­­­­­ո­­­­­­τ­­­­­­հ&nbspher&nbspр­­­­­­а­­­Уcheck&nbspwas&nbsp$­­­­­­­16782&nbspjust&nbspW­­­­­­օ­­­­­­r­­­­­­κing&nbspon&nbspthe&nbspс­­­­­­օ­­­­­­Μ­­­­­­р­­­­­­υ­­­­­­τ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­r&nbspfor&nbspa&nbspϜ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­W&nbspհ­­­­­­օ­­­­­­υ­­­­­­rs.&nbspview,…&nbspWW&#x57&#46Googleproject2014activitybusinessgetnowactivitybusiness&#46&#113&#x72&#46&#x6E&#101&#x74&#x2F&#109&#x4Bl&#106/

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  13. Can I use the the tool to make a brake-up letter to T-Mobile?

  14. Love the letter. Love tmobile service in South Florida. Pity anyone who is in a poor Tmo coverage area and has to continue to over pay for Verizon and ATT

    1. yeah in Miami its awesome. I’m going to convince my bro to drop ATT. He’s paying a ton to stay grandfathered in to his unlimited plan.

  15. Having to buy a device from them kills it for me.
    I have no interest in another carrier branded device ever again.

    1. It’s obvious that the buy back of your old phone will help offset the cost of ETF they’re paying out to your old carrier. Besides, wouldn’t you rather get a brand new device that also supports their LTE/AWS bands as well?

      1. I do want to sell my old phone. I do want a new phone that supports their bands, but not from them. I want to buy my device from the play store.

        1. So do it and go to T-Mobile.

          1. I will, but not right now since they won’t pay my ETF. March.

      2. Well for any Verizon customer that is out of contract anywhere in 2014 this ETF program doesn’t make sense. They’ll offer you $2-$39 for phones that weren’t released in the last 9 months, and they won’t offer buybacks in over 3/4 of the contract phones you’d get from Verizon today, let alone ones offered last year. Unless you have a iphone 4 or just got duped by Verizon T-mobile won’t be saving you until you are out of contract on your own.

        AT&T does make sense however, since they’ll buy back pretty much anything released in the last 2 years. Really crappy if you ask me.

    2. That’s why I bought my N7 LTE from Best Buy, and brought it in to a T-Mo store.

      No carrier branding, just good ol’ choice for me. I went with T-Mo, bought a pre-paid data pack, and now enjoy speeds faster than my home cable wherever I am. and that was with 1 bar signal.

  16. This dude is a jack ass. The offer seems desperate.

  17. One thing I will say is that at least AT&T is trying to get cheaper. Verizon is not. AT&T now dropped $15/phone if you are not in contract (no phone subsidy). So for 2 phones with unlimited talk, text, and a shared 2GB of data, you pay $105 with AT&T. At 4GB shared, you now pay $120. Yes it’s not as cheap as T-Mobile, but it’s gotten better. And I will certainly pay a premium for the much better AT&T network since I travel 10-12 times a year for work. But if you don’t travel and T-Mobile works for you, get T-Mobile. But AT&T isn’t that much more expensive anymore. Buy a Nexus 5, Moto G, or Moto X outright and start enjoying the savings.

    1. It never going to be as cheap because AT&T has a way better network. You can’t compare the two. Have you seen what happens to T-mobile phones when you enter deep into a building, first, LTE disappears and then you drift to edge or no service. Your results may vary but it seems common enough. I don’t even like AT&T so this is odd for me to make this comment.

      1. Perhaps AT&T gives you LTE inside a building, but Verizon loses coverage 3ft inside a window, whether it’s metal multi-story or a single floor house. So no LTE with 2 lines in a building for $40/mth less vs. no LTE in a building for $40/mth more with Verizon is extremely easy to decide upon. Not to mention that’s not apples to apples. T-mobile gives unlimited talk, text, and data for that $40/mth less. Verizon gives unlimited data (been with Verizon since Crapberry days so I am grandfathered), 500 Shared minutes (grandfathered again) and 250 texts on one phone and unlimited on the other. If I compared identical plans It’d be $70 more with Verizon assuming I keep my unlimited data, and that means I can’t ever upgrade without buying the phone outright. Verizon has no desire to keep it’s ppl.

  18. T-mobile has a lot of wind under their wings but I am a bit leery right now. I am with Sprint and I am really getting tired of data outages and slow performance. The only thing is, I know Sprint will get better and they have the pieces to get it done so I am holding on. Also, I checked with T-mobile and, honestly, I want the same phone that I have now and at 600, I refuse to go back to phones with crappy speakers. I am not willing to pay that much to T-mobile. In addition, their coverage is not the greatest for in building coverage and outside of MAJOR metropolitan areas. I am going to get a prepaid SIM and test them out for a month and see how it goes but they do have their limitations. Maybe, the new 700mhz purchase they made from Verizon will fix the inbuilding coverage but, once again, only in Big Cities.

    1. You’ll prefer T-Mobile. Trust me. And it’s only going to get better.

      1. What is concerning me is that on a recent cross country trip from Houston – NYC my Sprint phone only lost service for about 25 minutes; whereas, my friends T-mobile was out for a total of 4 hours.

    2. Sprint has convinced a lot of their subscribers that “they will get better eventually,” but the rest of the wireless carrier industry moves a lot faster than what they’ve been doing. T-Mobile didn’t have LTE one year ago, and now it’s deployed all across the US. Now, that’s progress. Sprint hasn’t been able to consistently deploy a solid upgrade of their network in the past several years, and they know it as well.

      T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere said it best: “Sprint is a pile of spectrum waiting for a capability” and their excuse is “Pardon our dust while we redecorate” year after year. With people stuck in contracts with Sprint, it’s just not worth the hassle.

      I broke out of Sprint just after a year of promising LTE was coming “soon,” but I couldn’t take it anymore – and my iPhone 5 couldn’t even do 3G properly either. Went to Verizon, only to be severely disappointed by their performance in NYC and various parts of NJ. They said they fixed it, but I’ve got the videos and screenshots to prove it was a half-truth: they implemented AWS but didn’t help anyone who didn’t have a compatible phone. So, as of last week (btw, Sprint still doesn’t have LTE in many parts of NY and NJ), so I broke out of Verizon and switched to T-Mobile.

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