Jan 8th, 2014

t-mobile break up letter

Need to write a tough break-up letter to your ex-carrier? Finding it hard to find the right words to use? Maybe T-Mobile’s break-up letter generator will help you do the trick. The company revealed it as part of their marketing strategy to promote a new incentive that will have them pay for your ETF fees if you switch to their network.

It’s simple:

  • Name your carrier
  • Choose the words that feel right for you
  • Get presented with a perfect break-up letter and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter

The end-result is what you see below (that’s if I ever had the nerve to leave Verizon):

quentyn break-up letter


Ready to try your own? All it takes is a few minutes on Facebook. Find it here and put your own break-up letter together. We’d love to see yours, so don’t be shy in posting yours in the comments section below!

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