Jan 6th, 2014


We thought it was pretty amazing when Google formed the Open Handset Alliance and brought together tons of major industry players to be the driving force behind the machine that is known as Android. Now, they’re doing the same with cars.

Google has officially announced the Open Automotive Alliance, a “band of brothers” consisting of some of the top automakers and chipset vendors in the world. The roster is small right now, with the likes of Audi, GM, Honda and Hyundai coming on board as charter members in the automotive industry. NVIDIA has also signed on as a player, with the silicon company wanting to get behind this movement.

Google says there’s no good reason folks shouldn’t have a great info-tainment experience tailor made for the car. You already have Android tablets and huge Android phones that can be docked or fitted inside a custom dash, and those devices tend to come with car mode, but Google wants to create an experience that is truly fitting for a vehicle.

While we don’t have any details on their exact plans just yet, Google says we shouldn’t look much further than 2014 for the first developments of this exciting new partnership to take form. In the meantime, they’re inviting anyone who’s willing to throw their hat into the arena and help out the cause. Let’s hope tons more automakers and industry players come together for what should be an exciting ride (see what I did there?). Be sure to check Google’s OAA site for more information.

[via Google]

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