Audi, Volvo are among the first to commit to Android Auto vehicles


Android Auto smartphone connect

Android Auto might not be a very exciting platform for vehicles, but with time it should blossom into something very interesting. Wondering which automobile manufacturers would be looking to bring their first Android Auto-equipped wheels?

Volvo and Audi have both confirmed plans to bring vehicles with the platform pre-installed later this year. For Volvo, they say all their newest vehicles based on their Scalable Product Architecture will be equipped with Android Auto. The first vehicle to kick that off is the Volvo XC90 which they’ll be unveiling at the Paris Motor Show later this year.

Audi didn’t exactly give us as much info as to which of their first cars would be tricked out with Android Auto, though they did tell us that we’ll be seeing goods from them in early 2015.

Android Auto provides a car-friendly user interface for accessing Google Maps and Places, Search, Google Play Music and more apps that help make your life on the road easier. The platform easily hooks into a car’s media controls (if applicable), so you’ll be able to do everything you need using the buttons on your steering wheel, the in-dash display or even just using your voice.

Android Auto Open Automotive Alliance

Android Auto isn’t something that’s going to revolutionize the automobile, but it is one of the first open platforms for smart car functions that we’ve seen, and it’s that openness that’s going to help Google get their platform into tons more cars going forward. There will be no shortage of manufacturers, either, with over 40 different partners forming up the initial group of the Open Automotive Alliance. Needless to say we should be hearing a lot more from many more manufacturers before the year is out.

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  1. Good this means that less expensive vehicles should start shipping with it as well

  2. Serious question. Is this built into the car? How does it compete with Apple’s Car Play? When you buy a car will you need to make a decision if you want Android or iOS now, as some manufacturers claim to be working with both. What if you switch from Android to iOS or something else in the middle of your ownership of the car (since usually we own cars a lot longer than phones!)

    1. as long as your phone can transmit internet to the car (both iOS and android can do that), and as long as your phone can transmit bluetooth to the car (both iOS and android can do that), then the “android auto” will work. However, knowing apple, they will make it so that only other iOS users can access it. making the android route a much better alternative (wider target audience)

    2. Most people have decided on an OS by now and don’t tend to jump back and forth. My guess is that you would be able to change it out like a CD player or in dash GPS. It wouldn’t be cheap to do I would guess it would be at least $500 to replace.

  3. Not exciting!? I used to dock my Nexus 7 in my car because I wanted an experience just like the one this will give.

    This was the most EXCITING thing to me. LoL!!

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