Qualcomm wants to be the power behind your car and TV


Snapdragon Booth Venice

Qualcomm sent out a string of pressers this morning to give us an idea of what they want to focus on for 2014. While the company didn’t have any super cool 192-core processors to roll out like NVIDIA, they did state their intention to expand their business in more ways than one. Qualcomm is the industry standard for chipsets in smartphones and tablets, and now they want to be the same for cars and your TV.

They’ll be doing it with the new Snapdragon 602A, an auto-focused chipset with integrated LTE. It features quad-core Krait architecture with an Adreno 320 CPU. It sounds like it’s the same class of processor found inside the likes of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, but specially tweaked and tuned for your automobile. It’ll include the Qualcomm Gobi chipset for integrated 3G and 4G data, giving automakers a power-efficient, easy solution for bringing a connected info-tainment experience.

They’re also announcing the Snapdragon 802 processor, which they say is “the first fully integrated system-on-a-chip (SoC) designed for next-generation smart TVs, smart set-top boxes and smart digital media adapters.” The chipset is a 1.8GHz Krait-based system with Adreno 330 graphics, and brings with it support for Ultra HD resolutions. It should be a major option for any OEM looking to introduce a smart TV in the year to come (some of which we hope will run Android in some way, shape, or form).

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  1. Qualcomm is very welcomed here, I’ll take snapdragon over nividia anyday for my mobile experience, just have to wait and see how the experience is gonna be on the automotve side of of things, I’m ready to get rid of my 2010 camaro, I can see my self driving an infinity with one of these new chips improving the internal quality of vehicles

  2. …..Or car manufacturers can just toss a dumbscreen in there and have android phones provide a car mode interface whenever a vehicle is detected.

  3. Just give me the ability to mirror my smart phone screen on the in dash “dumb screen” and I’ll be happy.

  4. I just want a microwave in my car please..

  5. >>Qualcomm is very welcomed here, I’ll take snapdragon over nividia anyday?
    NVidia has delivered the solid 3D and graphics performance for decades and has is releasing a 192 core 64 bit chip running at 2.5Ghz. This chip changes everything we think about computing, cigarette pack sized super computers anyone? It already runs the unreal engine and full blown Open GL. Thats lots of tech speak for its got amazing graphics and moves a lot of data, do a lot of math and display a lot of information. It makes Intels efforts seems like overpriced toys in comparison.

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