Schemer is the latest Google service on the chopping block



After launching Google Schemer almost 2 years ago, it appears Google is finally ready to set the “to-do” service out to pasture. Shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, really. The Android app hasn’t been updated since October of 2012. With no progress being made on the app, we even suggested in an August article that Google could even integrate the service into Google Now, breathing new life into Schemer.


Unfortunately, as evidenced by an internal screenshot obtained by Google Operating System, Schemer will be shut down, although it appears a specific closing date hasn’t been decided just yet. For those that had a good number of Schemes on their bucket-list, as usual Google will allow users to download their data.

We think Schemer had some potential, but with so little exposure, its closure was inevitable. Still, the fact that Google closes services based solely on their popularity is a bit disheartening. Makes you wonder which Google service is next on the chopping block?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I can honestly say that I’ve got no idea what Schemer is, don’t remember ever hearing about it.

    1. I found it by chance under the list of official Google Apps on the Play Store. I read the app description and, honestly, I still don’t know what it actually does.

    2. I only learnt about it after stumbling upon it in the play store….used it for a total of 30 minutes I think… didn;t miss anything

  2. Never heard of it….

  3. I guess it’s probably safe to assume that the “pure energy” lifeform Google engineer that the pointy-haired boss hired wasn’t a part of Schemer, else it would have been a runaway hit with the masses.

    1. Are you high or just incredibly bored?

      1. I’m neither. You’re not a Dilbert reader, I can see.

  4. I think the idea was if you’re sitting around bored you could ask Schemer things to do. But it provided things you kinda already knew about. If it ever works its going to have to be pretty dynamic, i.e. menu specials, new restaurants, free popcorn coupon for the movies yada yada. It’ll likely come back as something else one day.

  5. I think it was great at first, that is until merchants got a hold of it and everything became advertisements.

  6. They never did enough with it to make it interesting.

  7. I guess I’ll have to make my own now!

  8. Soon Google will shut itself down :D

  9. The problem with this was it was generic and not very useful… Great concept, poor execution. I found it looking up Google Apps and ended up uninstalling it within the hour. Not the first great idea that Google has had that they ended up not doing anything with and it fizzling out. Ah well.

  10. what is schemer? is it like tasker?

  11. Android will be next I think.

    1. Dumb dot com.

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