Carbon for Twitter version 2 will sport a fresh new look tomorrow


carbon 2

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen an upgrade for the beautiful Twitter client Carbon — August 28th by Google Play’s word — but the team has been working on a big new upgrade that should be hitting our devices at some point tomorrow.

According to dots & lines designer M.Saleh Esmaeili, “v2 is now fully wired and polished,” and will bring with it an all new timeline design, a new Quick Timeline feature from Carbon versions past, and more. Esmaeili took the time to remind us that all of Carbon’s features are represented up-front and center, and not hidden into a settings menu, so whatever other changes are in-store should be noticeable the moment you open the app.

We’ll be getting in touch to see if we can’t get a quick sneak peak ahead of time, or to see if there are any more new features and changes folks should look forward to. For now, though, you can check Carbon out in the Google Play Store to see why it’s become one of the top Twitter clients available for Android.

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  1. Falcon Pro is the best.

  2. Tried my best to like this app but seems poorly designed and featureless. Hope version 2 addresses this. For now I’ll stick to Falcon Pro/Tweedle

  3. This app made my N5’s media volume go to silent. What the hell. Deleting it…

  4. TBH, looks better than Falcon Pro, functions just as good, lacks customisation for the user though. It actually is so well designed that I switched from Falcon Pro to this. Sorry Joaquim Verges.

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