AllDock wants to be your charging station for everything [KICKSTARTER]


It’s not that uncommon for a tech geek to have more than one, two or even three devices that need charging every now and then. Keeping up with all the wires needed to charge said devices might get a bit ugly and a bit clunky. AllDock wants to change that.

It’s a Kickstarter project that has the potential to do big numbers. What is it, you ask? It’s a multi-device dock that can seat up to 6 different devices, whether it’s a 4-inch smartphone or a 10-inch tablet. The device comes equipped with all the ports you need for nearly any device you can imagine, from the standard microUSB cable that’s become an industry standard, right down to Lord Voldemort’s Apple’s lightning connector introduced in the latest iOS devices.

The AllDock features a removable base, beneath which will sit all the cables you will use to charge your devices. Its purpose is to hide all that extra unneeded length and make your setup look as clean and neat as any good desk deserves.

all dock 1


The developers are promising a super fast charge, with each USB port able to charge devices at a rate of 2400mA per port, giving you more than enough juice to charge any modern tablet, and giving you up to 80% of battery life in under an hour for most smartphones.

The six-seater too much for your small stable of devices? There will be a mini version that can seat up to two devices, and a medium version for four devices. The docks will be available in black, white, and wood-grain finishes, giving you a neutral suite of options to fit any desk.

The project is seeking only moderate funding, with the Berkeley-based Dittrich California Inc. asking for just $40,000. The project has already reached $16,990 as of the time of this writing, and there are still another 31 days to go. Head over to Kickstarter to check it out, and take a good look at the many pledge options available to you. The cheapest pledge currently runs for about $39 for a small edition, with the most expensive coming in at around $149. The product is expected to ship at some point in May.

[via Kickstarter]

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  1. Price would be my issue with it. As much as I love things to be neat and organized, for that price Ill use my charger and roll up the extra length myself.

  2. Lord Voldemort and it’s crossed out. Lolololol!

  3. Well done with the Voldemort thing, Quentyn! Haha.

  4. i thought with android the phones took what they need, and anything above that didn’t matter? i guess it haven’t actually tested it but i’m not sure a normal 2.1 amp charger would be twice as fast as a 1amp

  5. For some reason I feel the urge to just bash those docked devices, breaking the bottom bezels and microusb ports off… why?

  6. And this is not wireless charge capable because?

  7. I feel like I could make something similar to this lol just pack all your chargers into a box with a surge protector, voilà!

  8. But it is still just going to have all the USB wires sticking out of all the slots. That will not look very appealing sitting empty in your desk. Plus you will still have to fidget with each connection before setting the device into a slot.

    1. There’s a new Kickstarter project with a dock/stand that holds any device or smartphone. It says it has a hidden cable management system. Looks sweet. Oops almost forgot the KS link VERSI

  9. If the base doesn’t provide a true dock experience (ie plugging in the device without fiddling with cable), then it is a total waste. An expensive one as well.

  10. I got a device station thing at pottery barn. Stuffed three two port, 2 amp per port charges in it, plus two Qi pads. Done. Charges two nexus phones and four tablets.

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