Grand Theft Auto San Andreas hits the Google Play Store to a ton of 1-star reviews


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Last week, we were extremely excited to learn that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas would be entering the Google Play Store this week. Well, this week is here, and the game is, in fact, sitting in the Google Play Store (for a whopping $6.99, might I add). We thought we’d be greeted with tons of gleeful reviews from anxious customers waiting to relive the glory days of CJ and the Grove Street Family.

That didn’t happen. Instead, a ton of folks have left one-star reviews for varying issues. The most common issue seems to be with the game not recognizing that you have a legitimately purchased copy, informing folks that they may not have purchased the game and refusing to download the extra files needed to play.

With that, we have to recommend that you hold off on buying this until Rockstar can figure out what’s going on. We’ve dropped a line into the fine folks at the New York-based company to see if they’re aware about what’s going on, and to see if a fix will be on its way before too long. If you want to take the chance anyway then be sure to find it here in the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. You’re a buster CJ straight buster

  2. There maybe another stimulus coming.

  3. buttery smooth on apple products so far

    1. You shouldn’t leave your bridge.

      1. I only do to see ur mom… Relax i own both so guess what… Can comment on both

        1. Thats like owning a PS4 and an XBOX ONE. Who does that ?

          1. That’s right, choose a side there’s no such thing as being neutral in console wars or mobile wars, both sides will think your a traitor.

          2. lol i’m bimobile…I cannot help it

          3. Lol, were you born that way or did you choose to be bi-mobile.

          4. I own both what’s wrong with that and I have a one max and an iPad air

          5. Real gamers

          6. Makes no sense. Aside from a couple of system exclusives, the same games come out on all the systems. Just like the Play Store and the App Store. The same games, so it makes no sense. I guess it makes more sense if a person has a smartphone from Android and a tablet from Apple or Windows, but to have 2 smartphones, outside of one for your job, reeks of a douchebag.

          7. As a gamer, it sucks when all you can do is suck it up when there’s a really good exclusive for the console you don’t have. Having multiple consoles actually makes more sense than having 2 phones unless one’s for work. I’ve had 3 home consoles every generation since Playstation 1 and have never regret it because I get to play any game that comes out.

          8. Hey if its worth it for a particular person and you have enough disposable income, go for it. But youre right, that makes more sense than having 2 phones. Console games will always beat mobile games.

    2. Josh I found your family

      1. An what is that supposed to mean fatty… I have droid products to… Relax

        1. Dude…he’s a hipster…enough said.

          1. I’m an Android user and dislike Apple products but would all you Apple hating Android lovers chillax. You’re giving the rest of the community bad rep.

          2. agreed man… i just love tech….i keep my iphone i would say it is like an old honda… not the flashiest…but works every time and maintains resale value…and frankly the app store owns me… too invested to completely walk away.. i like to experiment with ANDROID sorry make sure to say it properly for the room… lol…but this year i have dabbled with One Maxx, Note 3 and S4 and the Droid Ultra Maxx… and all great phones…I would say best Android Devices I have come across were the Note 3 and the droid Ultra Maxx… because man that battery life was awesome

          3. It only maintains the resale value because there are still idiots out there willing to pay a premium for it. Plus im sure old iPhones can easily get confused with newer ones, because they mainly look alike for the most part.

          4. Guess you havent visited Apple sites. Theyre just as bad when they talk smack against Android. Would you say the same thing there ??

          5. No because I don’t care if Apple fanboys look like idiots. As I clearly stated but you obviously failed to comprehend the problem I have with some of the idiotic Android fanboy responses and down voting of constructive posts is they paint all Android users in a bad light.

            Despite that the misbehaviour on Apple sites does not justify the same misbehaviour on other sites, be they Android or otherwise. Two wrongs don’t make a right but you obviously believe in an eye for an eye.

        2. Wow I must have struck a chord somewhere not like I care

          1. lol he said droid products(unless he means he only uses droids)

        3. Poop floats for everyone. Especially u joshy (:

          1. o well isn’t that funny…

        4. Please don’t refer to them as “droid products” that’s very irritating.

          1. lol wow… sorry buddy… had the droid maxx before it….slip of the tongue…. tough crowd out here….

      2. He’s calling you a troll. I guess he’d know with such polite and informative posts.

      3. ha ha i get it now… did not show up on mobile site on… the note 3… couldn’t see the pic… reactions may have been a bit harsh i do apologize… at first it said i found your family with no pic lol… makes it a bit more threatening…. nope not a troll…. i own many devices so….. yeah…

        1. It’s cool it was ment to be humorous

    3. I own both just makin a point of it… Laggy even on the note 3…. And crashing if it doesnt stay on long enough

      1. I have a Note 3 as well as iPhone 5s and was contemplating picking it up for Android as well. Thanks for saving me the trouble.

    4. Haha exactly what I was about to say. The reviews are glowing I might add.

    5. not surprised it’s smooth on IOS, they have less devices.

    6. So is the money slipping out of your wallet for Apple products.

    7. Thanks for the info, I may just purchase it on my iPad then

    8. is there controller support on ios?

      1. Yes native MFi support

  4. First Grand Theft Auto online, now this. Get your act together, Rockstar.

      1. Of course we have 1st World problems; we live in the 1st World.

  5. Apps can get 1-star reviews for something as silly as permissions so its not that unusual.

    1. I’ve seen widget apps get 1 star reviews because people don’t know how to use it lol.

    2. They deserve the blowback. The app won’t even open for anyone

    3. Some apps have insane permission requests. Don’t know if it still does, but Pandora “requires” access to your calendar and email.

  6. Can anyone please tell me how many scoops of ice cream needed to make a proper poop float?

    1. Ur brand of trolling is intriguing

  7. If it was free-to-play then oh well, but this is meant as a full game with a full price that’s not cool.

    1. Why is the price not cool? Why should it be free to play?

      1. What I mean is if your paying a full price for a game it should be as stable as possible. It shouldn’t be free-to-play, I loath that price model. But IF it was a free-to-play game I wouldn’t be as disappointed with how buggy this thing is right now.

        1. Oh. I agree.

      2. Why? rushed android port with poor performance and no future updates will fix it because they don’t give a crap.

  8. In-App-billing
    Rockstar Update the game GTA: SA

    1. wat?

  9. Has anyone noticed that GTA San Andreas has been pulled from the play store?


  10. I still can’t downloaded GTA vice city on my sprint Note 2… For rockstar

  11. Also check this cool cheats

  12. Check 99GTAguides website.

  13. Game works good on Nexus 5. It force closes randomly when I try to swap task then back to game




  17. game works great for me on nexus 7 2012 and htc one

  18. It’s not working on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2..It says that it is not compatible in my device… what the heck!!!!

  19. Not good Rockstar,not good! Hope this gets patched soon,


    press upload in YOUR MOBILE and play, it worked for me

  21. Check 99GTAguides website for some cool cheats.

  22. I smell an Apple Rockstar backhander behind the scenes, seems to be way too regular with Rockstars Android apps not to be fishy

  23. Tempted to get this however the performance of GTA games is terrible, the Android ports feel rushed.

    I’ve upgraded my device four times since the first GTA game was released for Android and performance is exactly the same even though new devices are much faster now.

  24. Well as long as Rockstar hasn’t fixed all it’s issues, you guys can try to pass the time with this GTA V Cover Maker app:

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