Dec 19th, 2013

san andreas

Last week, we were extremely excited to learn that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas would be entering the Google Play Store this week. Well, this week is here, and the game is, in fact, sitting in the Google Play Store (for a whopping $6.99, might I add). We thought we’d be greeted with tons of gleeful reviews from anxious customers waiting to relive the glory days of CJ and the Grove Street Family.

That didn’t happen. Instead, a ton of folks have left one-star reviews for varying issues. The most common issue seems to be with the game not recognizing that you have a legitimately purchased copy, informing folks that they may not have purchased the game and refusing to download the extra files needed to play.

With that, we have to recommend that you hold off on buying this until Rockstar can figure out what’s going on. We’ve dropped a line into the fine folks at the New York-based company to see if they’re aware about what’s going on, and to see if a fix will be on its way before too long. If you want to take the chance anyway then be sure to find it here in the Google Play Store.