Dec 19th, 2013


I can’t be alone in saying that Google could offer up a better way to manage song uploads in Google Play Music. The desktop client is decent and all, but the dated interface and slow upload speeds leave a lot to be desired up against many other Google services.

Thankfully it sounds like we won’t have to put up with that for much longer. A sleuthing soul went through the Google Play Music source code one day, and happened to find the following string not being used on the site itself:

Drag songs or folders here to add music to your library. Or, if you prefer, select from your computer.

That makes it sound like Google is readying a feature that will allow you to upload your music using a web browser instead of a desktop client. While the desktop client may be more suitable for large uploads, having a browser alternative would allow Google to have one consistent interface for uploading music no matter which platform you’re on.

There’s no indication as to when they’ll look to introduce these new features, but if they’re reading the website’s source code we can’t imagine it’ll take long to see them go live.