Reminder: Dead Zebra’s Android ornaments go back on sale at 11pm Eastern tonight



Missed out on those Android ornaments we told you about yesterday? Dead Zebra’s initial stock went out quick, but they held a few back for folks to get another chance to hang the adorable mascot up on their Christmas trees this holiday season. Each ornament — available in either red or blue — includes a metallic finish, and glitter (because glitter + Christmas = love, warmth and fuzziness). They’re available individually for $10 a pop.

As they were earlier this morning, Dead Zebra is limiting this opportunity to a maximum of two units per customer. They are also offering a “tree pack” that includes 5 red and 5 blue ornaments for $90. Note that if you opt for the tree pack, you can’t order the individual ornaments, or vice versa. You could try, but you might not like the fact that your order will likely be cancelled.

That said, if you’ve made your mind up about which route you want to take and you have your wallet ready, be sure to circle back around 11pm Eastern tonight for the second chance to get in on this unique opportunity. US orders are guaranteed by Christmas, but those of you across international waters and borders will have to keep your fingers crossed that your postal service is fast enough to deliver it in time for the festivities.

[Dead Zebra Android ornament Tree Pack | Individual]

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  2. out of stock aready 4 min past the hour :( couldn’t find my wallet as my kid was playing with it earlier

    1. Yeah they sold out really fast, I was literally sitting there hitting refresh or I would have missed it

    2. And I thought I could get one, too. Just… sad.

  3. got mine!

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