Enjoy your holidays with Dead Zebra’s Android tree ornaments! (On sale tomorrow)



Dead Zebra is the king of Android figurines, and soon we will also be able to enjoy the Android robot craze with the whole family. Dead Zebra has been working on a couple Android tree ornaments that will look great on your Christmas tree.

Android_HolidayOrnamental_Blue_WithBox_800The ornaments will be available in blue and red for $10 each, starting December 10th. Sales start at 11 AM EST, followed by a second batch at 11 PM EST. These go fast, so Dead Zebra will be limiting sales to 2 ornaments per buyer. You can deck out your whole tree if you purchase their 10-piece “Tree Pack”, though, which includes 10 ornaments (5 of each) for $90.

Dead Zebra made sure to apologize for the delay, as only US residents are guaranteed to get these shipped by Christmas. But even within the US, they urge you to use Priority Mail instead of First Class mail. You may have luck with the latter, but there are no guarantees.

With all of that in mind, get your mouses and credit cards ready because these things always fly out of the shelves. They are quite adorable, if you ask me. I might get myself a blue one – how about you?

[Dead Zebra]

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  1. Dear Santa. WANT.

  2. I’d like a few too Santa. Been a good androidfanboy all year.

  3. Going to try and get a red. Matches my tree perfectly

  4. I really thought the title said “free ornaments”. Oh well. :)

  5. 10 bucks for an ornament? Are they HIGH?

    1. For Dead Zebra Android characters, no. They are always a little more.

  6. Going for the Blue one!!

  7. I can’t believe they don’t come in green.

    1. Good call!

    2. That’s what I was thinking

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