LG “Glasstic” trademark hints toward Google Glass-esque wearable


lg glasstics

Smart glasses are still a fairly new concept, so not a ton of companies have thrown their hat into the game just yet. A lot of them are thinking about it, though — especially after Google decided it wanted to make this thing mainstream. Korea-based LG seems to be working on their own smart glasses, with a new trademark being filed for a product called “Glasstic.”

Filed November 14th, the trademark specifically mentions that it could be used for areas of mobile phones and spectacles, as well as clocks. There’s not enough information to draw any meaningful conclusion right now, but no one says we aren’t allowed to dream a little.

So what could we be seeing from LG in the near future? Will the company be creating its smart glasses experience? If so, will they use Android or some proprietary piece of software? Or could they be looking to claim a spot as the first third-party OEM to adopt Google Glass and launch a product line out of it?

None of it is for certain, but we’re glad that they’re at least thinking about something. Wearable smart glasses probably won’t take off until well after Google successfully launches their own creation to retail early next year, but competitors will have to get started on the future of their portfolio now if they don’t want to miss a potentially big train.

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  1. Awful name. Sounds bad to the ear. Come on LG, lots of names you can use that are better than this. A few are LG sight, LG view, eye, lens etc.

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