Nov 19th, 2013


Hell hasn’t frozen over just yet, but it’s definitely getting a little colder down there. According to Nintendo software engineer Nando Monterazo, Nintendo is has been hard at work on a new tablet, and it’s based on the best mobile OS on the planet: Android.

Monterazo spilled the beans on Twitter where he says he’s currently testing the “communication environment” of educational games kids will be playing on the new Nintendo tablet. Yes, you heard right. Looks like this will be an educational tablet aimed solely for children (think Leap Frog or Nabi Tablet).

It’s been one year since the Nintendo Wii U was released and there’s no question that the console has gotten off to a very slow start. But it seems Nintendo could be looking for new hardware avenues to help generate some additional revenue. We’re not sure how big of a market there is for educational kids tablets, but it’s nice to see Nintendo thinking outside their normally rigid box.

While it appears that this mystery Nintendo tablet is indeed in the works, whether or not it will ever see the light of day on these shores is another matter entirely. Would anyone be interested in picking up an Android-based Nintendo tablet for the kiddies? Do you think this would launch with KitKat or Gingerbread?

via WiiUDaily