Dead Zebra opens “The Vault,” offers classic figurines at great prices



Our friends at Dead Zebra have opened what they call “The Vault,” and no, it’s not quite as epic as the vaults featured in games like Borderlands or Fallout 3. This vault is more like an over-stock warehouse where they keep extra figurines to replace lost shipments and the like. Well, as it turns out, a ton of these figurines were never used, and they’re just taking up way too much space.

They want to get rid of all the excess baggage now as they begin to make room for new launches in the weeks and months to come. You can find figurines like Go Go China, the Werewolf and the Power Vampire and more for $10 – $20, which is a nice discount considering these rare specimens are often on sale for a bit more on eBay.

Dead Zebra also has a number of “damaged” products for a discount. The figurines themselves aren’t actually damaged, but the box they come in are. If you aren’t a sealed collector and you just want some new figurines to prop up on your desk, these will be a great option at just $6 a pop. Dead Zebra’s site has the full list of items, so whether you want to treat yourself to another toy or need a great gift for an Android lover this holiday season, head over there and get shopping.

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  1. why would they lock up androids in a VAULT! so terrifying….. poor lil guys everyone should buy some and help them out!

    1. To change.org! Release the Androids!

  2. Grr. I just had to go into work and miss out on this. They only have a Chinese one and two sets left.

  3. Sooo… how did the Zebra die?

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