International Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 rollout begins


Yesterday, a new test build for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s Android 4.3 upgrade leaked, giving folks a chance to flash the goodness ahead of an official rollout. We weren’t sure if this firmware would be considered final, but Samsung decided to answer that question for us no more than a day later.

SamMobile is reporting that Android 4.3 rollouts have started for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 and GT-N7105. These are the unlocked, international models of the devices, with the latter being the version outfitted with 4G LTE radios. Samsung is likely employing a staggered rollout process, so you might not be able to pull it down right away.


To add to that, you should also note that it may take a while for the upgrade to start going out to those with carrier-branded or issued devices after the obligatory rounds of testing. This upgrade brings a ton of improvements, both in terms of key bug fixes as well as Samsung’s latest features.

Stuff like Galaxy Gear support, Samsung Knox security, photo improvements and more will all be waiting for you. The full list can be found below, but if you want to jump right into it be sure to charge your phone up and turn your WiFi radios on to check for the upgrade over-the-air.

– TRIM Support (Makes the device much faster)
– Samsung KNOX
– Samsung Wallet (Pre-loaded)
– Better RAM management
– Core UI elements updated to the ones on the Galaxy S4 (Galaxy S4′s theme all over)
– New Samsung Keyboard
– GPU drivers have been updated (Higher GPU benchmark scores)
– New Lockscreen: Multiple Widgets, improved ripple effect than Android 4.1.2, ability to change clock size and set a personal message
– New screen modes (From S4): Adapt Display and Professional Photo
– Daydream
– Driving mode
– Actionable notifications
– Move-to-SD-card feature
– New Camera mode : Sound and Shot
– New Additions in Notification Centre
– Completely revamped Settings UI (Tabbed interface – Exactly like the Galaxy S4)
– Implementation of Voice controls (Let’s you control various parts of the phone using voice commands – Galaxy S4 feature)
– New Samsung Apps: Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Gallery, Music
– Full screen Samsung apps
– New S-Voice (from Galaxy S4)

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  1. Too late, the damage is already done. Waited way too long for a system update. Nexus 5 here I come. Your loss Samsung….Too bad for you

    1. I hear half day battery life is going to be a challenge.

    2. I heard that every exec at Samsung stopped what they were doing and came here to look at your post, and then cried. They gave everyone a half day off with pay to mourn the loss of you, their most sarcastic, negative customer, and the .00000000000000000000001 percent of income you represented to them.

  2. No Note 3 elements???

  3. I find it amusing that everytime an update comes out its always “Too late (insert manufacturer name here) Im getting the new Nexus(x)!!!!” So if everyone is getting the nexus that is tired of waiting, why are you all still commenting on other manufacturers updates? My last phone was the HTC Thunderbolt, if you didn’t have that phone, then you have NO idea how long an update can take. We waited over a YEAR for that update. Samsung has an excellent track record with updates IMO and they are still one of the (if not THE) best manufactures when it comes to 3rd party Android updates.

    Thank you Samsung, for actually providing what I consider a timely update to my Note II :)

  4. I’m on an international note 2 in the UK and no sign of it yet. Anyone actually received the update yet and what’s your opinion please?

  5. Damn you guys are hella dumb, you guys are dumb about the updates, I have the note3 and its running excellent. I’m not worried if this phone gets 4.4 or not.

  6. Feel better about yourself when you criticize others do you?

  7. Does anyone in Phandroid know how to use memes correctly?.. Because so far:

  8. People are unbelievable, “Oh I didn’t get the update, im’a buy a different phone” fucking dumb asses, lol

  9. No bells and whistles from the Note 3 or S4? fail

  10. Marcus, grow up eh!

  11. Mar-cuss,

    Oh yeah, learn to spell too.

  12. Why are you calling everyone names?

  13. note … updated to 4.3 yesterday …some cosmetic changes …muti window not opening … but major impact is battrey .. drining big time as compared to before.
    hope they fix this … battrey is one of the strong points of note 2 …

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