Mobile Roar Podcast 20: Nexus 5 thoughts, iPad Air review, and more!


This week on the Mobile Roar Podcast we celebrate our 20th episode with some great mobile news. Kevin talks about his iPad Air review, and then we get sidetracked by how awesome Star Wars Tiny Tower is. Chris shares his thoughts on the Nexus 5 and specifically the camera. Of course we also have your usual off-topic banter and Sprint bashing. Won’t you join us!?

Show Notes

Wins and Fails of the Week

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Joe Fedewa (@jayzeroeee) – WinSource.com
Chris Chavez (@GamerCore) – Phandroid.com
Kevin Krause (@youdontknowkev) – iSource.com
Edgar Cervantes (@Tech_Sasquatch) – Phandroid.com

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Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. You lose me anytime you’re going to talk about anything apple

    1. Maybe you should write a letter to Tim Cook. See if he will shut down the company so we don’t have to talk about them anymore.

    2. Honest question: do you love Android more than you hate Apple or vice versa?

      1. I love to hate apple.

  2. We all know that guy who is constantly checking his phone at lunch. Drives me nuts. Glass is for those guys.

    1. CEOs, business men trading stocks, small business owners, and celebrities. That’s who Glass is for. Busy people, running around all day who can’t be bothered with pulling out their phones to check every message.

  3. Is Chris the only one who feels the need to look presentable in front of the camera? Seriously, guys.

    1. Next time I’ll rent a tuxedo.

      1. Or, you know, shave, brush your hair and put on a decent looking shirt. Don’t care what’s below the belt as that never gets in the picture. Actually Joe, you came in second, with Kevin bringing up the rear. And the sasquatch, well, he’s in a league of his own ;)

        You guys are representing your company, do you want everyone to think that you just rolled out of bed? Not a rhetorical question.

        1. Hahaha! I like being in a league of my own. We work hard to bring you guys good content. It doesn’t matter if I happen to have long hair and a beard.

          We are just 4 mobile dudes talking tech. :D

          1. Don’t get me wrong, guys. I’m a big fan of casual dress code, and have worked at tech companies most of my life (although not in a tech role). But, casual doesn’t equate to sloppy, and getting on camera is a whole different deal.

            And no, Kevin, I’m not being a bully. I’m providing feedback. No personal attacks here. I’m talking about your attire, not your person, if that makes sense. I enjoy the content on the site, you guys do good work.

        2. The thing with Edgar is… he’s just always in beast mode. Most people have to be hyped up and make the switch, but not Edgar. No, beast mode isn’t a mode for him… It’s a state of being.

          1. They don’t call me the Tech Sasquatch for nothing! lol

    2. Been telling the guys we need to start wearing suits, but they never listen…

  4. Edgar’s Blue Waffle reaction was hilarious!

    1. That is some serious stuff in there, man.

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