Don’t worry, the wooden Moto X devices are still coming



We haven’t heard much of those sweet wooden Moto X devices we fell in love with during the announcement (at least I did). Many of us have been wondering what’s exactly going on with these options. Are they even coming? According to leak Guru @evleaks they are.

wood-moto-xOur favorite tipster got a leaked image that proves the wooden Moto X options are still in the works. The Moto Maker screenshot shows us the 4 options – Teak, Ebony, Rosewood and Bamboo. These all show as “Coming Soon”, except for the Bamboo version, which seems to be a bit delayed.

We are still not sure about the exact release date, but at the very least we know the plans to release these unique designs haven’t been axed yet. With some luck, we should be seeing them soon! I am really liking the Ebony one, which one are you thinking of getting?


Edgar Cervantes

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  1. did anyone else forget about the wooden variants until this article?

    1. I forgot about the Moto X until this article ;)

  2. Nope. Hoping that they’re available next Monday, the 11th, when Moto Maker is said to go live for Verizon. Since my hopes for a Nexus 5 were dashed to bits, this is just about the next best thing on VZW.

  3. Been waiting for a while. My wife and I both have been holding out for MotoMaker on verizon. If they had launched with wooden backs and motomaker on VZW in August, they would have clocked a couple more sales.

  4. I wonder about heat dissipation with this

    It looks totally sweet though

    1. No worries – it’s only a mid-range phone /s

      1. The N4 had issues and it has the same hardware…

        1. No it doesn’t

      2. No dude, it’s a wonder phone.

  5. I’d get the Rosewood like my favorite guitar wood.

  6. I’ve got wood just thinking about wood. Wait, what?

    1. Win^

  7. I think it may be too little too late for the Moto x. Time for Motorola to rethink the plan. If they didn’t have Google money they would be in the same boat as BlackBerry.

    1. I would tend to agree. Not sure why they just couldn’t release all available options at launch. And the ATT Moto Maker exclusive is killing sales as well.

    2. I bought the Moto X for my daughter and it’s a pretty nice device. Motorola completely botched this opportunity IMO. This phone would have sold a lot more units if all options were available with all carriers from day one.

  8. …talking about poor execution…come up with something original, and deliver it in 12 months when everybody forgot about you, especially in the smartphone arena where that’s a life time

  9. Don’t worry, no one cares anymore.

  10. Sorry Motorola, its way too late. Who’s seriously gonna buy the X now that Nexus 5 is out?

    1. Exactly. I would have purchased one of these, actually was eager to get my hands on a rosewood one but they waited too long. Now the Nexus 5 is out I’ll be purchasing one of those.

    2. I was really hoping the Nexus 5 had the touchless controls like the Moto X or active notifications. There are some things the Moto X does better than the Nexus 5. Also if you’re on Verizon the Nexus 5 is not a choice.

      1. Download dynamic notifications. Closest thing to active notifications for non Moto X users

    3. Probably me.

      1. i guess you’re a Verizon user then. I understand your case,

        1. I am, but contract’s almost up, and may jump ship. Haven’t decided yet, but still don’t find the Nexus 5 exciting, unfortunately. I like the features and design of the Moto X better. And everyone I know who has used it, loves it.

        2. T-mobile user here, and I’m waiting on the wood backing. Currently N4 with an N5 arriving tomorrow to hold me over until Moto Maker is open for all carriers.

    4. I’m getting one, and so is my wife. Been waiting for wood backs. Touchless controls, active notifications, and “assembled in USA”.

  11. Wood Backed, black front, 32gb, Android 4.4, Verizon…for $99.99…(got a $50 giftcard for a phone via best buy) and I’m sold. Amazing phone and with Google behind it I’m sure it’ll get timely updates…and like the other person said…as close to nexus as I’m gonna get on Verizon

  12. I’d like one with mahogany/okanvol with a bubinga/wenge stripe,topped with rosewood, down the middle. Abalone inlays on the back.

  13. I’d be scared of water causing the wood to expand warp or crack.

    1. I am pretty sure the wood is sealed by a plastic sealant layer.

  14. I wish they would open up moto maker for tmobile.

  15. wood insects would destroy the fone

  16. Same company behind the Bionic debacle…….

  17. Hubby and I own an Eastern Red Cedar sawmill in Central Oklahoma … that would be AWESOME if they would offer that wood option!!

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