The LG G Flex can flex… no, seriously [VIDEO]

lg g flex flexible

When LG first announced the LG G Flex, we were made privy to the fact that it has a flexible display. This made the display virtually indestructible according to LG’s claims, though we figured the curved smartphone itself could still be susceptible to broken glass if it were actually flexed. Thankfully, and surprisingly, that isn’t the case.

Reviewers took an LG G Flex and literally pressed down on it as if to give it CPR. The phone flexed, alright — and it looked good doing it. The LG G Flex didn’t budge, with the phone bouncing back into form as if nothing had happened to it. This bodes well for LG’s claims about durability, and could be the perfect device for people who tend to put their phones in their back pocket (and forgot to take it out while before sitting down).

The LG G Flex’s curvaceous nature is matched by a set of specs that should excite any power user out there. The G Flex features Qualcomm’s 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 13-megapixel camera, and a 3,500 mAh battery.

The 6-inch display’s 720p resolution doesn’t quite stack up to the rest of the device’s lofty silicon, but it remains to be seen if that will be a deal breaker. One thing definitely isn’t going to be broken easily, though, and that’s the very phone you see in the video at the source link.

[via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This sounds pretty good, too bad the display is on the weak side. The flex aspect wouldn’t be enough to have me buy the phone since I’ve never actually broken a phone.

    Would be cool to see this technology implemented in other phones though.

    1. can you really tell difference between 1080 p and 720 on a smart phone ?

      1. If you have special eyes (like Chris) then yes, yes you can.

        1. It’s both a blessing, and a curse :/

      2. When watching HD video on a device 5” or larger, I like to think so yes :)

      3. If I put two phones side by side I can see the differences. Otherwise, I don’t really care because 720 looks fine even if its not better than 1080.

      4. On a 6″ device, yes! On anything bigger than 4.7″ I can notice a difference. On the Note 2 vs 3 I can tell a big difference.

      5. Resolution matters less than PPI and distance at which you hold the device. My phones and tablet are often a foot or more distance, so 300 PPI is what matters for me(1080p on a 6+ inch device, or 720p on 5 inch or less). If you’re keeping it under 8 inches it matters more for higher PPI.

    2. I knocked on wood for you.

  2. There’s my new phone! Wait ,only if vzw says so. Jerkz! ;(

  3. Finally, a phone that can be put in the rear pocket of a huge a55 jeans, and survive a lunch break in it. Beat that, Apple!

    1. All Apple has to do is say it’s Apple and people will still buy it. :/

      1. sad but true

      2. Wrong again. Apple will immediately sue LG claiming they invented flexable phones and screens.

    2. i love how on a fandroid site you cant keep apple out of your head

      sad really

      1. What’s sad is that on the site loved by technically inclined people, who most of the time have better sense of humor, I would have to end my posts with [SARCASM], so people like yourself could understand what they just read. So, here it goes – it was a sarcasm, mockery of LG actually and a little bit of fat people, and in place of Apple there could have been any other LG rival’s name, like Samsung.
        Sad really.

  4. here’s another video of it flexing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H56j16OhvbM

  5. ok you win LG… when is samsung going to show their phone flex like that

  6. That makes me cringe for some reason, even though it’s apparent that it can handle it the stress.

  7. Your move Samsung

  8. That is so AWESOME! I’m kinda regretting buying my N5 a little bit. Hope it comes to T-Mobile soon so I can try it out.

  9. I’m starting to believe that the LG FLEX 2 will be my smartphone of choice for 2014.

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