Spigen updates site with new Nexus 5 accessories, still clinging to “End of October” ship date



Spigen has been quite the bold accessory manufacturer as of late. The company had no problems leaking some early screen protectors for the Nexus 5 on Amazon, and now they’ve updated their site with more official case accessories ahead of launch. New additions include “Infinity White,” “Champagne Gold,” and “Smooth Black” colors for the Slim Armor case, Black and Gray for the Ultra Hybrid case, and “Champagne Gold,” “Metal Slate,” and “Satin Silver” colors for the Neo Hybrid (though we’d already gotten a decent sneak peek at the latter in an earlier leak).

A couple of these cases were already listed on Amazon before, but Spigen’s latest listings include photos of the cases applied onto actual Nexus 5 renders (something we hadn’t seen before). Even more interesting is that Spigen’s “end of October” ship date is still being plastered on all these accessories, giving us hope that the actual device will be hear at some point within the next few days.

The latest rumors point to November 1st, with @evleaks posting that information alongside a crystal clear press shot of the white version of the phone this past weekend. It was just earlier this morning that Vic Gundotra and Android/Chrome lead Sundar Pichai teased that they were too excited to sleep.

vic gundotra google post


We’re not sure what that meant, of course — the vagueness of the Google+ posts led many to let their imagination run wild, with folks assuming this meant some sort of announcement would be made today. We’d love for that to happen, but we’re going to go ahead and concede that they are just playing with our emotions for now (you know, to save ourselves from heartbreak in the event that we’re reading way too much into the posts).

Quite frankly, we’re just about tired of chasing rumors at this point — we’re ready to see the damn thing, Google! Let’s hope this week brings us the sweet announcement we’ve all been waiting for.

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  1. release the damn thing already!!!!!!!!!

  2. That Neo Hybrid looks slick! Can’t wait for this phone to drop…. >_>

    1. It *IS* slick – literally – and you’ll drop it (see what I did there?). I returned mine (for the Note3), because the NeoHybrid is wayyy too slippery, and the plastic buttons wobble around. Looks nice though.

      I’m rockin’ the Incipio DualPro instead. Much better texture. Not too slippery, and not grippy (like pure silicone is).

      1. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. You can pre-order Nexus 5 from The Netherlands. It will be available starting this Wednesday. But the asking price is ridiculous!

  4. Those have all been on their site for days.

    1. Yes, we are aware. Didn’t learn about them until today.

      1. The ringke slim cases on amazon have a ton of HD nexus 5 pictures showing all the different angles. I preordered my a while back and it already shipped. Due to be delivered on Wednesday.

    2. If there is something that Phandroid did not cover… Please always send it our way. Sometimes we skip topics and sometimes we simply did not know. …so I encourage everyone to help us out! Get a nice plug to your AF profile or whatnot. ;)

      1. It’s more the point that the post insinuates Spigen updated their site at the same time Vic posted about not being able to sleep. Which isn’t the case at all. Adding fuel to the fire when it isn’t needed, etc.

  5. Spigen Amazon web store have more accessories, for example the Ultra Slim Fit case.

    I don’t understand why it is not available from the official store.


    My body is ready for this…

    1. I never get old of this phrase

    2. You’ve been violated girly man!

      1. *grisly

  7. Maybe, just maybe, if I order a case I can feel what the Nexus 5 will be like to hold within a month of it coming out.

  8. some people already have one. someone has a side by side with a note 3

  9. I went ahead and ordered the clear-backed case and the Neo Hybrid for the phone I don’t really need that I won’t be able to buy for an unknown period of time.


  10. Spigen + Gundotra + evleaks = 3
    Half life 3 confirmed!

    1. nope sorry! (Translation into spanish) Spigen is (Left) + Gundotra is (4) + evleaks (dead)= Left for Dead. Also there is 3 words to translate which leads us to Left4Dead 3!!!

  11. The slim armor case is junk. Your phone will fall out of the case if you drop it. It did on me anyway, from about 2 feet off the ground.

  12. Dang it! Say my review was helpful (if you agree) and support satire. Some people just don’t get it. “The Higgs Boson of Nexus 5 cases, September 24, 2013”

  13. This ( tab has been up for days on my laptop constantly refreshing. I hope i see something soon

  14. These aren’t just on Amazon, these are out already. USPS has mine listed for delivery today.

    edit: Just checked, USPS has confirmed delivery.

  15. Not sure if I’ll have a case for this phone. If I do, it’ll only be for the comic book cases I make.. even then not sure if I’ll put them on? Decisions… wait.. I need the god D@MN phone first!

  16. Something is definitely weird here. All things point to an earlier announcement/release and we somehow missed it. I think we can pretty much figure this phone (and/or Kit Kat) has been delayed from an original release date. I bet there was supposed to be a big event, but that has either been delayed or cancelled. This has progressed from hype into “oops”.

  17. Sums up the whole case release date rumor mill quite nicely:

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