Spigen lists screen protectors for “Nexus 5” on Amazon; could it be launching October 30th?


nexus 5 spigen amazon

The Nexus 5 hasn’t been officially unveiled yet, but we have tons of reasons to believe it’ll be on its way shortly. From FCC leaks to Googlers accidentally using the device in the public eye, we have no doubt Google is looking to bring us another Nexus handset within the next month (likely manufactured by LG). Now, another bit of confirmation has hit the web.

Spigen, the third-party accessories maker known for screen protectors and cases, has published a listing for Nexus 5 screen protectors on Amazon. It joins screen protectors from this year’s most popular devices, such as the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

The image for the listing shows a rather blank, black slate, though you can tell where the screen separates from the bezel. It doesn’t look much different from the Nexus 4 at first, though the front-facing camera is pictured on the left (whereas the Nexus 4’s is on the right).

Another interesting thing to take away from this listing is the date that it’s expected to be available. That’ll happen October 30th, apparently — does this mean anything? It’s tough to say. The Nexus 4 was launched mid-November, so a late October release for the sequel isn’t out of the question. It could just be a placeholder date, but there’s nothing to give us any indication either way.

We’ll be patiently awaiting official details from Google  in the weeks to come, but in the meantime this is about as much as we have to go on in terms of a possible release date. What do you think?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaseeeeeee be true.

  2. i think they will make more money if they can get this thing into the hands of people before christmas that are going to make people jealous and then the go out and buy one

  3. Looking forward to the announcement of the phone along with Kitkat then the actual launch/release date of the phone.

    But nice leakage never the less :D

    1. Nice leakage, LOL :)

  4. They also listed a case for the Nexus 5 a few weeks ago and Android Police got a response from Spigen that they had no information about a release and that they were just getting the Amazon listing prepared for when it does come out. They said the 10/30 date was just based on the same rumors everyone else was hearing.

    1. The probably know more than they are allowed to say.

  5. Please be available for Sprint!!!

    1. who would down-vote this? do we not want the nexus on all carriers? i know it didn’t go so great last time but at least they were available, that’s better than not at all.

      1. I think the ignorant folk were just down voting Sprint, not the Nexus 5.

        1. not ignorant.. we know it’s Sprint. That’s the biggest joke of them all.

          1. If that’s your reasoning, it still doesn’t justify a downed vote.

  6. It’s just Spigen creating a placeholder for SEO purposes. All the accessories manufacturers do this when a new phone is about to be released.

    Do I think the Nexus 5 will be out in time for October? Totes. I’m just that Spigen’s listing has nothing to do with that guess.

  7. The Nano glass screen protector is awesome. Have in on my S4GE.

  8. Wow that’s a pretty great price. If it’s this price point and no glass back I’ll be throwing a bumper on it to show off ‘NEXUS’ back.

    Edit: can you guys post a link to the listing so I can add it to my wish list???

  9. Congrats Spigen on creating hype, buzz, and SEO for your brand. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  10. This could be nothing more than a simple render based off all the leaks. I wouldn’t read into this too much. Brilliant marketing by Spigen.

  11. I’m hoping that I can actually get one for myself for “Christmas” this year. Minus all of the stress of trying to get it in my cart the second time it showed up on the store (which I did end up doing).

  12. I have been told from my friend@google that the earpiece is circular and the location was closer to where it is on the G2. Also he claims the bezels are a tad bigger than the G2 where as the Spigen pic is closer to the N4

    1. Yes, and there is a circular cutout centered at the top of the phone in the FCC documents.

    2. The bezels are probably in GS4 territory – which I am fine with. They will supposedly have a similar screen size too so expect something between N4 and GS4 size. Google went for a more traditional size and layout as opposed to the G2 with a smaller screen and side buttons. Probably a good thing. Nexus devices are usually more restrained in design. And who really cares as long as the rest of the hardware is the same. Snapdragon 800 here we come!

  13. They better make a case with cut-out at the back to show off the nexus, like what apple case had.

  14. Nexus devices are horrible, With all the malware and lagging in them . I just rather buy another iphone to enjoy the little things in life. Much easier and faster than any smartphone. iphone is the best.

    1. You suck at trolling.

      1. You considered this trolling? what are you 5?

        1. No. But your grammar indicates you might be about 12. Get a life. If you’re going to troll, please troll with some class and intelligence.

          1. From all that rant in your comment. Seems to me you’re the only kid on this site. Get a life? You don’t even have one for even replying to me! it just makes me laugh you think I’m trolling! We apple users think this way! you don’t even know what trolling is, if you even know the definition , at least have the time to investigate what it means!

      2. Careful, this guy seems to be a professional.

    2. Hahahaha, I can’t stop laughing. Malware! lol. Lag? On a Nexus? AHHAHAHA. Yeah, you enjoy your “iOS 7”. More like iOS 3.4. I think they almost have all the features on Android 4.0 now for iPhone. I love obligatory iSheep comments! Thanks for trolling, I needed a laugh after just getting off the phone with Net10, the WORST MVNO ever created.

      1. I do Enjoy thank you very much. The OS that everyone is trying to copy, the magnificent IOS7, nothing come close to it. And everyone that says that they copied IOS7 from Android don’t have valid points of as why IOS7 is far superior. You call me all you want fandroid but Keep buying devices that will eventually break the minute you buy. Enjoy.

        1. lol, I expected more of a troll-by, but you are one that responds! Even better! You really have a way with words: “devices that will eventually break the minute you buy.” I don’t even know what that means! Who is your dealer? And how much does he charge? I need some of that!

          1. Don’t worry. Let your brain process that information a minute. If it doesn’t , you should see a doctor then.

          2. Like John Zampier said, IOS7 has copied so much from Android, and still looks like IOS3.4 lol. You obviously haven’t use a Nexus phone, so know where you stand before you make erroneous claims

          3. The problem is that Google doesn’t market their Nexus line like Apple does the iPhone. They’re a hidden gem. My wife’s Nexus 4 is a year old and less laggy than the One, the GS4, the G2, and the Z1. Those phones are great too, but they have an overlay to them that slows them down because they are packed with even more features. I prefer the stock Android experience, personally. I had a GNex, then went to a RAZR HD, because I couldn’t get the battery life I wanted, but everything else about the GNex was better. Samsung has problems with power management on their devices, which is why they have larger batteries and less battery life. The Nexus 4 lasts as long or longer than my RAZR HD. I’d still rather have the lag on my RAZR HD though in exchange for the function I would lose on an iPhone. iPhone’s aren’t about function. They’re just a status symbol with a user behind it, trapped in their ecosystem. Once you go Nexus, you never go back. Or in my case, you never make the mistake again!

          4. agreed, the problem is people compare what is a smartphone(iphone) to what is essential a desktop computer(android) in your pocket.

            People are too lazy to take the time to learn it, but just like anything that has a lot of power and capabilities, it takes time to learn all the ins and outs, but once you do, you realize their is no better smartphone platform.

          5. I am not making any erroneous claims here. I had a nexus 4 myseld. crappy had to return it , then again had the same issue. Returned it for good. Now with my Iphone 5s, no lag, no freezing and fingerprint scanner. Everything is innovation with apple .

          6. obviously your brain shuts down with any operating system that goes beyond a row of icons.

          7. I used many OS in my life. The fact that you only use Android doesn’t make you an expert in any way . Good try fandroid.

          8. Talk about making assumptions.

            My wife has an ipad mini i don’t have a tablet so I use hers often, ive used both ios 6 and 7 and it looks nice and the animations are pretty but beyond that its very very limited and really no different than ios 3.

            Oh also I use Apple computers, their computers are a different story and much better products and no where as limited as ios. As others have stated ios is great for simple social networking, calls, texts ect. but for real power android is far superior.

          9. assumptions? you said it in your comment! you must have alzheimers !

          10. HUH? LOL. wow you clearly missed what I meant by assumptions.

            ios is for winners said – ” The fact that you only use Android doesn’t make you an expert in any way ”

            Which i clearly have used ios, as I stated, he was making assumptions i am actually own an ipad mini that i purchased for my wife, although she uses a Galaxy S4 as I do, she uses the ipad mini, for various reasons. I have used it just as much as she has to give ios a fair chance, and I have used it a lot and it’s fine for basic use but feels like being trapped in a prison and rather dull and boring and cluttered with no way to optimize the homescreen beyond moving apps and creating folders.

          11. oops, I did, sorry about that brother, Just let him speak. He clearly never had a nexus device in his life.

        2. apple makes a beautiful app drawer…too bad your stuck inside it, I can come and go from my app drawer anytime i want.

      2. John my HTC Evo with 2.3 can do what ios7 can. It came out 3.5 yrs ago

        1. Lol, yeah, when I heard iOS 6 had turn-by-turn directions now, I thought, my Optimus V can could that, and it was only $130 off contract and running Android 2.2!

      3. actually ios is just now catching up to froyo 2.0

        1. you must be joking. Froyo 2.0 is a joke. There is no smoothness nor any good apps in that version. Go drink some tea to get your brain cells back.

          1. im talking about in capabilities thats where ios real issues are, oh also go look at the news many people reporting ios 7 lag issues, so my statement is not as far fetched as you might think.

          2. whats the point of having those capabilities if it is unstable? Might as well Apple borrow those capabilities and have both of best worlds!

    3. The second I read “Malware, and lagging” I realized why people called you troll. lol

    4. Hey, I fùcked your mum.
      What’s up?

      1. The originality in your comment is fascinating. just like android. Your comment is so inmature .I’ll be the bigger man here/.

    5. ah the sign of a true isheep and their typical ignorant false claims.

    6. This guy is just ranting . He probably doesn’t even know what a nexus device is.. I have one and No lags whatsoever!

  15. Just sold my retina iPad. Buying a Nexus 5 the moment it comes out. Just hope Google play has been improved…

    1. butters you are grounded!

  16. October 30th…. Halloween…. Halloween=candy…. Kit Kat is candy….. Mind f*****g blown…

  17. I’ve used the Nexus 4 for almost a year and just bought the iPhone 5S. I can say that while i enjoyed the large screen and vast customizable features on the Nexus 4, there’s something about the iPhone and iOS 7 that makes the whole phone experience work. I think first off that camera is better on the iPhone, and the apps feel more responsive and better designed. I’ll definitely give the Nexus 5 when it comes out and compare with the iPhone 5S.

    1. Well to each his own. Sorry to hear that. There is a lot to love in Apple land. The camera is pretty darn good. The apps are getting there and depends on the user. Here’s hoping you come back. :-)

    2. Your name is Anonymous Opinion, yet you buy a phone that for all intents and purposes sends your name/fingerprint directly to the NSA? haha

  18. I’m laughing at you guys feeding this troll. Make sure it’s laced with arsenic..
    Yes talking to you IOS is for winners…

  19. really? again?.. apparently we didn’t learn from last time when they posted a case and the internet freaked out. after checking with them they said it was a placeholder image and date, move along. Though I do like @frunkrizzo88:disqus’s theory of a Halloween launch for KitKat! :)

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