Spigen is already showing off their Nexus 5 Neo Hybrid case, more to follow


Spigen Nexus 5 case

A few weeks back we saw a listing pop up on Amazon from case manufacturer Spigen where they were advertising screen protectors for the upcoming Nexus 5. Little more than a placeholder, the listing featured a generic image of a device that would later be updated with an actual render of the Nexus 5 — you know, once it was officially announced. Today, Spigen is back, this time teasing their Neo Hybrid case for the Nexus 5, renders and all.

It’s not uncommon for case manufacturers to receive dummy units or “CAD files” for upcoming devices prior to launch. We’ve been told this is typically done roughly 2-4 weeks in advance of a device’s release (sometimes even 6). After talking to another popular case manufacturer, they’ve also completed their own cases for the Nexus 5 and will be available to ship shortly.

Really, this teaser doesn’t give us any real clues as to when the Nexus 5 might release. Just know that before it does, you’ll already have plenty of 3rd party case options lined up.


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  1. My question is the earpiece. Doesn’t match with the one from the leaks or service manual, unless what we’ve seen before was an earlier prototype.

    1. When case manufacturers received the CAD data, it’s simply a generic shape of what the actual phone will look like, along with ports. Branding, earpiece, etc, aren’t shown in those files because they’re unrelated to the case. Of course, I’ve been told the leaks are about 99% of what the final design looks like, so who knows. :P

      1. Yes sir, that makes sense. I think I’m just holding out for any kind of surprise after all of these leaks lol

      2. Some cases like the Otterbox that have the screen protector built in know where the placement is for the earpiece. Though I am not sure if their cases are available at the time most phones are released. If they are, how do they know?

      3. Don’t you mean “CAD data”? ;)

  2. I’m a big fan of Spigen’s Neo Hybrid cases, as they’re very thin. I wanted something that wouldn’t builk up my SGS4, and the NH case fit the bill just fine.

    And yeah, I’m salivating over the Nexus 5, since it should be available for Sprint users.

    1. i gotta say that if this nexus is not on sprint… I will be ending the 8 year relationship i have had with them…. I refuse to hold on to this galaxy nexus anymore

  3. This looks phenomenal

  4. Glad to hear this. With the N4 I had to settle for a Chinese case when I first got it. I later upgraded to CruzerLite

  5. Of course Spigen is already showing off cases for an unreleased phone. The whores always do that. Just don’t expect to get it delivered any faster.

    1. They know people anticipate the latest phones and they cater to it, just like a tech blog.

      You can call them whores all you want, but anyone that does ANYTHING for money is a whore.

  6. Can I place my preorder? Oh that’s right, Google is just trying to drive us all crazy again. I forgot.

  7. Cases are for pussies*

    (* = and Nexus 4 owners ;-))

    1. Hey just because Chris needs a case isn’t the case for the rest of us I’ve gone without a case numerous times but I love kickstand cases

    2. cases are for people who want to protect their phones, period

      and want the maximum resale value when they upgrade.
      a cheap $5 tpu case and screen protector easily makes me 15 – 25% more
      when I sell my mint condition phone 6 months later when I’m upgrading.

      Go caseless if you want and enjoy, your scuffs and broken screens etc.
      I use cases and my phones are never scuffed and I’ve never broken a screen.
      To do so simply to use the phone caseless would be even more financially irresponsible than the frequency with which I upgrade :)

      I specifically look for thin cases, and I barely notice they are their and save a lot of damage from my phone.

      1. i like the idea of a good case, especially for mother, spouse, daughter, etc who i may buy n5 for. i have not used cases (only screen protectors) because i make frequent use of the pogo pins on the outside of GN (and previously N1).

        1. spigen is actually the case that’s currently on my S4, a very thin light case that matches the phone, you don’t really notice it.

          and it eases my mind, knowing I don’t have to be super careful all of the time, without a case I treat phones like eggs.

      2. I don’t need a case. I just don’t drop or scratch my phones.

        1. Enjoy then, for us mere mortals who are clumsy and don’t want to have to be constantly being extra careful not to drop or phones, cases exist

      3. The resale value depends largely on the model, and THEN the condition. Case in point, the iDevices hold their value much better than 99% of Android phones.

        If you need a case to “protect” the phone, the design of the phone is defective IMO.

    3. had a nexus 4 since day 1 they were available. havent used a case ever. Dropped it a ton of times. No broken glass.

  8. Is it just me or the camera just looks weird.

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