Hold on, could Vic Gundotra’s Google+ posts be pointing to some announcements TODAY?


vic gundotra google post

Just when we thought that we finally have a date for the Nexus 5 release, thanks to @evleaks, Google’s Vic Gundotra couldn’t help but tease us with a couple of posts that makes it difficult not to read too much into it.

Vic took to Google+ late on Sunday night, Pacific time, to say “Can’t sleep. Always happens to me on Sunday nights. Yes working at Google is that exciting”. Doesn’t sound like too much, but an hour later he adds another post, this time asking Android, Chrome and Google Apps SVP Sundar Pichai if he was struggling, too. That has got to mean something, right?

Remember, the first post states “always happens to me on Sunday nights”, so this could just be a very casual post. But the timing certainly has me suspicious. Or maybe just hopeful. Remember, with a possible SMS-integration into Hangouts, we should probably see Vic as part of the announcement too since he leads the Google+ efforts.

Hurry up already, Google!

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Doubt it means anything.

    1. Vic doesn’t just message a senior VP at Google at 3am in the morning asking him if he is having a hard time sleeping, publicly.

      Somethings up, show some optimism!

      1. Becaaaaause you know Vic…oh ok, thanks for the confirmation… /s

    2. He is just trolling us :P

    3. i’d hate to say it again but i said announcement on Monday, order tomorrow, delivers IN HAND by Friday.

  2. Well the 28th was one of the original roumered dates for the announcement so maybe it was right?

    But he could just be trolling us. I remember seeing a post from Matias Duarte saying something along the lines of “I should make random posts and see how people take that as hinting about the next version of Android”. (edit: Now with a link – https://plus.google.com/114892667463719782631/posts/Wjn3tnJZ2sV)

    1. Sure, senior VPs of google love trolling like this. Also notice how Duarte hasn’t posted anything like this for weeks.

      At some point meaningless posts become sources of confusion and bad marketing. Notice how the october 24th event rumors were quickly and completely debunked, while this speculation is allowed to go on…

  3. I don’t understand whats the secret about an announcement? If no one knows when the date and time is, how can we watch the event?? would they even make one? or just have the phone posted on the play store?

    1. Remember, the Nexus 4 didn’t have an event last year, with the one in New York cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. A significant portion of the tech press already had time with the device and were embargoed to write about it. They could very well be following a similar strategy this time.

      1. Minus the hurricane obviously.

        1. That’s what they want you to think! (DUN DUN DUN!)

        2. The greatest storm in the UK for many years is happening today so perhaps it was supposed to be announced on this side of the pond instead.

  4. notice the picture is black and white…he’s referring to the release of the nexus in those choices!! or it just makes the photo more dramatic…

    1. Orrr, it could mean nothing and it’s to keep people engaged.

    2. Or it can mean that Nexus is coming with extra babies!

  5. Sometimes I think you guys(aka tech bloggers) are like the government and try read between the lines way to much. Lol

    1. We’re optimists.

      1. You know that guy that gets dumped by his high school sweetheart before the prom? The one who spends years after thinking about her, and even when she’s happily married with three kids he still believes that one day she’ll come to her senses and crawl back to him?

        That’s optimistic.

        This is Nexus rumour season in full on crazy mode.

        1. “You know that guy that gets dumped by his high school sweetheart before the prom? The one who spends years after thinking about her, and even when she’s happily married with three kids he still believes that one day she’ll come to her senses and crawl back to him?”

          That’s not optimistic, that’s just crazy.

          1. Yeah, that’s what my restraining orders say too. Nexus Rumour season is still my favourite time of year, though. :)

    2. With Google you always have to read between the lines. That’s part of the fun. They are always dropping little easter eggs. I mean they used the new nexus 5 as an icon in the new nexus camera software.

  6. I know a guy who took a business trip to San Jose, which I’m sure you know is a short drive from Google’s headquarters. He said met a googler in line at a coffee shop yesterday, and while the guy was paying for his coffee the barista asked “what’s new,” to which the googler replied, “not much.” BUT, he then smiled and tipped $1.25.

    This is an obvious leak that the Nexus will be released at 1:25pm today.

    1. OBVIOUSLY!!!

    2. If that was not a blatantly obvious tip off, I don’t know what is!

    3. That was clearly a tip off. It also sounds like he just confirmed Half Life 3!!! WOOT!

    4. 1:25 PM. 5 – 2 * 1 = 3.

      Half-Life 3 confirmed. Oh, God, I promised myself I’d never do one of these.

  7. Funny, I think a lot of people are really grasping at straws as rumored, speculative and assumed dates have come and gone with no announcement. Too much but very entertaining seeing all the hit and misses then the same people get pissed because they were wrong and nothing’s been announced yet. I just sit back and laugh….

  8. As I said before…Nexus 5 announcement on Oct. 28th, and they’ll allow us to order the phone online TODAY with 2-day delivery. This way, it will be delivered on halloween with a trick or treat kit-kat bar.

  9. I don’t mind this being dragged out one bit (other than the fact that my Note II is already starting random lock-ups and reboots), because the next thing I have to look forward to after this is still several months out. All this hypebeasting nonsense is very entertaining. Most of you could derive a release date from the potency of a fart and the direction the wind carries said fart.

    1. +10 for fart potency reference.

  10. *yawn* gettin real sick of your “stuff”, Google.

  11. This is ridiculously stupid. They have over-hyped it to the point of causing people to lose interest. They think that is cute, but it really isn’t

    1. Awww…. internet causing you ADHD?

    2. unfortunately for you, others think its cute as well. Tech blogs dont repeatedly post what people arent reading.

      1. Unfortunately, they do.

    3. I am still highly interested.

      1. And that puts you in the sheep category.

        1. ‘Morning, sunshine! :-) You’re the yin to my yang. Can’t have the good without the grouchy.

        2. …or the category of someone who already knows what the next phone he’ll be buying is, and doesn’t mind some random hype and whatever else. Get over yourself.

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  13. Tell Vic to message me when HTC makes a new Nexus. Thats when i’ll get excited.

    1. Google Edition not good enough for you? I love the HTC One hardware.

      1. I think the price is what’s not good for him. “I WANT EVERYTHING BUT I WANT IT TO COST NOTHING!”

        1. Learn to read. I simply said i want the next Nexus to be made by HTC.

      2. Ive got the ONE, its great. Im just saying if im going to ever buy a Nexus, it has to be made by HTC.

        1. I think what is confusing us is that pure android is pure android GE = Nexus more or less. I am sure there is somethng you can further complain about. We just don’t know why.

          1. Apparently its only confusing you. I already have a ONE and I understand what the GE is. The only comment i made was i want the next Nexus to be made by HTC, not LG, or anyone else. I never was complaining but since you seem to be the village idiot i can see how that can be confusing.

          2. What is the difference between Nexus & GE? Both are about pure android. I want pure Android to be an option for every device. Trust me when I say I feel the same way about you. You just need NEXUS printed on the device? You can order some custom vinyl sticker you know! Hell I bet you could even talk Dbrand into making you a skin with it if that is what you heart so desperately seeks.

          3. I give up, you win. Im tired of going back and forth with someone so dense. The only true NEXUS are the ones with the title Nexus. Like the Nexus 5. If people didnt want nexus and could simply just get a GE phone they wouldnt be clamoring for a phone with the word Nexus “printed on the device” now would they ? Im not looking for a Nexus right now, im quite satisfied with my plain ol, regular HTC ONE with no GE. One more time for the cheap seats…..I will only purchase a Nexus with the word Nexus “printed on the device” when the company HTC makes one. Not a GE phone, a branded device called “Nexus” whatever. OK ?? Did this make it clear to you ? Btw im not sure how you got my name but its kinda creepy.

          4. You still have not explained why Nexus on the device is superior to another pure Android device. GE have been getting the update in a very fast timeframe. a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

    2. The next nexus will be made by Motorola a Google company

      1. Hopefully not. Motorolla hardware is crap. Just because Google bought them doesnt mean they passed into sainthood.

        1. But It would make since like it or not.Why pay somebody else when you can build it your self

          1. I dunno, i read somewhere that Google is underutilizing Motorolla hardware and some have speculated they may have just bought them for their patents. Given the DROID hardware and now the MOTO X i think Google will go elsewhere for the next NEXUS. Why do they keep using LG ? theres a reason the Nexus 5 isnt a Motorolla product.

  14. Damn I’ll be in computer class, but that’s not bad since I have a computer right in front of me. Assuming it’ll be later in the day since nothing was said yet I just might be comfortable at home when all is dropped.

  15. Very funny Vic

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