Playstation app for Android will be here in time for PS4’s November 15th launch


Like Microsoft is doing with the Xbox One and SmartGlass, Sony has promised a bevy of second screen experiences for their next generation gaming console. Thankfully, those experiences won’t require their home-grown PlayStation Vita. Sony is doing it all through smartphone apps, and you’ll be happy to know that they’ve officially announced the release date for the Android version.

The app will be coming to folks in North America on November 13th, which is a full two days ahead of the launch of the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately those in Europe will have to wait a tad longer, as Sony won’t be launching the app there until November 22nd.

Standard features for the official PlayStation app will include viewing your friends list, trophies, sending messages to your PlayStation friends, purchasing and remotely downloading content, using your phone as a remote for your PS4, and more. We have a while yet to see just how much of a factor the app will be in terms of enhancing games, but for now it’s nice to have an official app at all.

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Be sure to find more information about how you can enter at the link above, and mark your calendar for the release of not only this app, but for the console just a couple of days later. You can find a video demo of the app in action on the Xperia Z1 above, courtesy of the friendly folks over at IGN.

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  1. CANT WAIT!!!!

  2. PS4 FTW!!!

  3. YAWN

  4. This was a pretty frustrating video to watch…….

  5. Perfect. Already have my ps4 pre-ordered and paid for. Nice combination ps4 and white nexus 5.

  6. My xperia is ready

  7. Hmmm, I wonder, can you use this app even if you don’t have a PS4? It’d be cool to be able to watch and interact with friends who are rich enough to be able to afford one.

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