Nexus 5 makes appearance in Carphone Warehouse inventory, just like Nexus 4 did almost a year ago


Nexus 4 Carphone Warehouse


The Nexus 4’s appearance in a Carphone Warehouse inventory screen last year

It was almost a year ago we were tipped off to the Nexus 4’s impending release after the device made a quick appearance in Carphone Warehouse’s inventory. Offering a little more than confirmation of the device’s retail name (at that point we still didn’t know what the phone would be officially called), the Nexus 4 wasn’t made official until October 29th.

Nexus 5 white Carphone Warehouse inventory

Today we are now seeing the Nexus 5 pop up in a Carphone Warehouse’s inventory screen, this time with the quantity of units the retailer currently has on hand. If the units being carried are any indication, Google could be planning a big release for the device… you know, once they can finally make it official.

The inventory screen shows 1,500 units in stock of the white version, with another 1,500 allegedly being housed in black (not shown). Perhaps Google is simply wanting to make sure stores are fully stocked before making the phone official. Anything to avoid last year’s Nexus 4 supply shortages.

As a refresher, Google first sent out invites for the Nexus 4’s “Android event” on October 17th, before the October 29th event was eventually cancelled due to a hurricane. Seems Google could be a bit behind schedule. Don’t forget @evleaks first leaked official renders of the Nexus 4 on October 24th (Nexus 5’s leaked on the 26th). The Nexus 4 and 10 were both officially available from the Google Play on November 13th.


via AndroidPolice

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  1. I think these Nexus 5 leaks/rumors/hype is gonna make the actual announcement lack-luster, because we’ve been seeing this for weeks now!
    I’m personally getting tired of it… Just release the damn thing already!

    1. I’ve said it before (and I’ll say it again ;-) ) but we can only hope they are building inventory levels to avoid launchageddon like the N4.

      1. Here’s hoping…

      2. Yeah, but their mickey mouse tea party order processing gateway- how’s that shore-up coming along? ;)

      3. I hope they are planning on bigger demand than the N4 launch. People have realized just how great of a deal these nexus phones are and also understand the advantages of the un-carrier plans that T-Mobile offers.

    2. If this were any other device, I woul’dve lost interest by now. I do think they they could at least announce when they will officially announce the nexus 5 and it’s release date.

    3. there is still Kitkat and we know what it looks like, but not what big changes merit the new name when it is just another 0.1 update. I have some hope :D

      1. I wish folks would stop getting hung up on Google’s choice of numbering schemes. Google can choose to number new versions as they choose, but it has no bearing on how much change is introduced in each version. Eclair to Gingerbread was only .3 in the numbering scheme, but huge changes were introduced. If Google is changing the name of the OS version there are likely significant changes. Whether they are user facing or not is a different story.

    4. Yeah, this release sucks. Google dragging ass.

  2. give me

    1. NOW

  3. it would be awesome if they announced and launched same day or like within a day. that would make the wait for official news a little more worth it

  4. I just wish they would announce something so I can stop refreshing all these damn blog sites and actually get some work done.

    1. Blog sites? play.google.com/store/devices is all you need to know.

      The blogs are for bragging later that you were able to order 14 without timeout issues and that they were delivered 42 minutes in the past.

  5. I really want them to just go f by the way the N5 and KitKat are available now. on g+ or something similar then make a press conference later.

  6. Release this already and then release 4.4 for the GES4.

  7. Well, in 5 minutes it’ll be noon California time, maybe they’re waiting for lunchtime.

  8. Likely to go for this. Is odd that it’s been reported to support all 3 Sprint LTE bands (25, 26, 41) but doesn’t support VZW LTE at all.


    1. Why is that odd?
      VZW will not let Google update phones. The Galaxy “Nexus” is still at 4.2.2 and likely will be even after 4.4 is released.

    2. It supports VZW’s Band 4, which you can clearly see on that list. However, VZW hasn’t rolled out band 4 fully yet.

      1. Sounds like VZW will use band 4 for capacity where needed, not deployed everywhere.

    3. Considering how badly Verizon bungled the Galaxy Nexus, and how Google has to keep going back and forth with a war of words with them regarding open access for unlocked devices on Verizon’s LTE network (as mandated by the FCC), I wouldn’t be surprised that they wouldn’t support Verizon LTE.

  9. At this point, it’s anyone’s game and any date is up for speculation. But I think we’ll hear something either in a couple of hours or more likely tomorrow (maybe Wednesday) leading up to a November 5th (N5, get it?) announcement and a mid-November release to Google Play with a mid-to-late November release to carriers in time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

    Personally I think we were supposed to hear of invites at least a week ago, but things were delayed a week or so for whatever reason.

  10. They better use all this time to get the hardware playstore (section where you can buy android devices) ready in the Netherlands and other new countries and pack em full with N5’s!!!!

  11. I’m happy to see this. Should be the first Nexus that can keep up with the competition. If it comes even close to the LG G2 it will be a bargain at that price.

    1. nexus 4 kept up with the competition

    2. LOL, the Nexus 4 had THE fastest processor and one of the best screens available at the time of its release. That’s not even considering that it debuted a new version of Android (like usual). Keep up with the competition my ass….the Nexus 4 was arguably the best phone money could buy at release. The only thing that held it back at all was very limited availability for a long time and small internal storage choices (with no expansion option).

      1. wow, fan boy much? Best screen? Fastest processor? Thats it for your credibility. Next.

        1. Fanboy nothing. I’ve worked in the mobile phone industry for many years. The only screen better than the N4 at release was the One X. The N4 also debuted the S4 Pro, which was better than the A5X, Tegra 3, Exynos 4, and the S4 Plus that was in the US GS3 and One X. If you don’t know what you are talking about just hush and learn. You obviously don’t know crap about phones.

  12. Well, hopefully that means there will be plenty of N5s for everyone. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

    Hopefully we’re only a few days away from the release. Yay.

  13. So bored! Nexus5, Nexus6, Nexus 100. So many pointless articles. Posted via my White Nexus 5…Already had mine, awaiting for Nexus 6

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