Oct 28th, 2013

Nexus 4 Carphone Warehouse


The Nexus 4’s appearance in a Carphone Warehouse inventory screen last year

It was almost a year ago we were tipped off to the Nexus 4’s impending release after the device made a quick appearance in Carphone Warehouse’s inventory. Offering a little more than confirmation of the device’s retail name (at that point we still didn’t know what the phone would be officially called), the Nexus 4 wasn’t made official until October 29th.

Nexus 5 white Carphone Warehouse inventory

Today we are now seeing the Nexus 5 pop up in a Carphone Warehouse’s inventory screen, this time with the quantity of units the retailer currently has on hand. If the units being carried are any indication, Google could be planning a big release for the device… you know, once they can finally make it official.

The inventory screen shows 1,500 units in stock of the white version, with another 1,500 allegedly being housed in black (not shown). Perhaps Google is simply wanting to make sure stores are fully stocked before making the phone official. Anything to avoid last year’s Nexus 4 supply shortages.

As a refresher, Google first sent out invites for the Nexus 4’s “Android event” on October 17th, before the October 29th event was eventually cancelled due to a hurricane. Seems Google could be a bit behind schedule. Don’t forget @evleaks first leaked official renders of the Nexus 4 on October 24th (Nexus 5’s leaked on the 26th). The Nexus 4 and 10 were both officially available from the Google Play on November 13th.


via AndroidPolice

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