Google Holding Android Event For October 29th In New York – Nexus 4 Unveiling?


Here we go, folks. The hype officially begins. We’ve just received an invite (above) from Google asking us to attend an Android event set for October 29th. We have a good idea what they have in store for the world, or at least a piece of the puzzle. The LG Nexus 4 has been Google’s worst kept secret, showing up in more leaked images than a Kardashian. But could that really be all Google has up their sleeves?

It’s interesting to note that there was no mention of a specific manufacturer. Last year’s invite (below) had a Google/Samsung logos branded on it. In fact, there’s not even a hint that this will be a device. Maybe this is Google’s way of announcing a change to the Nexus program, no way to be sure. We’ll keep racking our brains looking for clues. In the meantime, what do you guys think will be announced? What do you hope will be announced?

UPDATE: Google first used the term “The playground is open” in their post announcing Android 4.2 Jellybean from Google IO with a “play” on words regarding the wide world of wonders in the Google Play Store. It was later seen by a (much) wider audience when they slapped it as the tagline for an ad on (seen below) promoting the $199 Nexus 7 Tablet. Does this change your opinion at all on what the event could unveil?

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  1. The playground is open alludes to the nexus program being opened, maybe? Android is already open, and maybe they really will be announcing more than one nexus. Can’t wait either way.

  2. With the phrase, “The playground is open” it does make me think multiple devices.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Perhaps the Nexus “playground” is open for multiple manufacturers to jump into, providing they follow specific guidelines set forth by the almighty Google

  3. What do I hope for? I think it’s generally accepted that HTC did a magnificent job with the Nexus One, and people that owned that phone have been craving for something more with each subsequent Nexus phone release. A Nexus 2, or Nexus X, with a beautiful unibody using the materials HTC uses, with bleeding edge processing, 2 gigs of RAM, great camera, and maybe one of those new 1080p displays may be too much for me to handle. I can only hope that the multiple manufacturer rumors are true.

    1. HTC make good hardware and then DESTROY it with HTC Sense.

      1. My post was based on the assumption that we’re talking Nexus devices. Much like the uhh…Nexus One.

      2. will there be a 3rd series of Homeland ?

        1. I hope so buddy

        2. Series? Like a spinoff? You must mean season.

          1. I’m from UK – you from USA ! We say Series – You say Season :–)

      3. No no no, HTC makes good hardware then destroys it with Small capacity batteries that last us power users 2 hours till it’s dead…

        …but of course you’re right, sense is dreadful too

        1. As awful as many may believe Sense to be, I would take Sense over any of the other OEM UI’s.

      4. I think I can muster Sense. It’s the sub-standard battery life that’s killing it for most people.

      5. You got it all wrong. HTC makes AWESOME hardware, they just destroy it with HORRIBLE battery.

        1. I couldnt agree more.

    2. HTC Nexus J.

  4. 4 high rises = nexus 4?!

  5. No…its the HTC Butterfly Nexus!

    1. Sweet, geebus.. I wish. xD

      1. Me too :(. I’ll be getting this nexus they announce regardless though. Hopefully that sony was real.

        1. Yeah, I would opt for a Sony Nexus over LG. Not liking the front of the LG leaked Nexus =/

          1. Too much bezel…

          2. Its the same as the G’nex. Too much bezel. Thats why I always thought it was ugly.

    2. HTC Nexus J.

    3. HTC Butterfly Nexus… Maxx. >:D

  6. I think they’ll be introducing Android 4.2 and the LG Nexus… Maybe that rumor about there being 5 Nexus phones is fake… cause usually, there will be AT LEAST SOME info leaked about the device, the only thing other than LG’s Nexus is Sony’s proposed Nexus, which I am sure is a fake..
    If Google does announce all 5 phones, then I’ll be damn… That would be the best kept secret in phone releases so far in Android history!

    1. The rumor originally said 5 nexus devices, not necessarily phones…we’ve already seen some of those come out (nexus 7, nexusq)…although I do hope you are correct and we will see many Nexus phones…all sold through the Play store at good prices :)

  7. The invitation you posted mentions the 19th, not the 29th.

    For the sake of my sanity I hope it’s correct and the headline is wrong :]

    1. That’s an invite for last year’s event.

      1. Jeremy is right: we included last year’s invitation to illustrate the combined Samsung/Google branding. Look at the top pic for this year’s event invite.

    2. Yes, Google got the year wrong or want attendees to travel back in time to the event.

      1. O.o what they are announcing a time machine ?

  8. Haven’t they already been using the tagline “The playground is open”? I swear I’ve seen it at the end of that Nexus 7 commercial with the little girl.

  9. At a minimum:
    Probably a ton of new content, New Nexus 4 and updated Nexus 7

  10. 32 GB Nexus 7?

  11. Hopefully also a Motorola and a Sony Nexus phone

  12. 4.2 Jelly Bean?
    My hope is that they’re gonna announce several OEMs for the nexus program and it’s up to them whether to include SD slots and removable batteries, with no pressure either way from Google.
    I’m sure I’ll disappointed though.

    1. i like the optimism :D

  13. For what it is worth…. I know a Chrome Rep that works in a Best Buy store. You should notice very soon that the Chrome displays are being reworked as simply a Google display. They will still support Chrome sales but also Android devices. From the sound of it, we should see a few new devices very soon!

  14. why does it have a picture of ice cream sandwhich and not jelly bean?

    1. Note the date. October 19th, 2011

      Probably just a stock picture they(phandroid) had around.

    2. That was last year’s invite, as a refresher/comparison (read post). :p

    3. It says that was last years invite.

    4. Was wondering the same…..
      Nvm, that’s last years invite.

  15. 4 Blue: 4 Nexus Devices
    2 Red: 3G / 32 GB Nexus 7 & Refreshed Nexus Q?

  16. it could be multiple nexus devices… like at i/o they launched the 7 and the Q… maybe they will launch a tv a phone maybe a new project glass design or whatever under the nexus name

  17. I think it will be to announce the official support / backing of ……Mitt Romney
    haha someone voted this comment down – it was a joke – I’m English I so don’t know who M R is :–)

    1. lucky you.

    2. He’s going to save america from the anti-colonialist!

  18. I dont have 4.1, but someone who does- try saying “the playground is open” in Google Now. I wonder if there are any teasers (look at the invite)

    1. Pretty much just the blog that’s linked in the article.
      Other stuff is mostly news hits, including this page :D
      Nice thought though.

      1. Oh well. I guess it was worth a try!

    2. It does nothing but a google browser search for “the playground is open”.

  19. Will purchase the Q if announced.

  20. 32gb Nexus 7 and a new Nexus phone probably….

    Hopefully something more surprising.

  21. That sucks that we cant know where it is taking place.

      1. Ill be knocking on all auditorium, theaters, and halls all over Manhattan.

      2. Could you share the Time Zone?

  22. god i want that HTC butterfly nexus too guys.
    damn you HTC. make it happen now !

  23. 32gb n7 and multiple nexus phones!

  24. Did it have to be on a Monday >.> Mondays suck

    1. Then this should make that Monday less-sucky!

      1. partially, i have a Calc 2 exam at the exact time this event will start

  25. Google TV

  26. 4 prominent buildings 2 peaks of the bridge…Android 4.2

    1. Interesting observation sir

    2. Well done. Highlighting 4 iconic buildings and the Bk bridge is perfect for this. 4.2 it is.

      1. Pretty sure that is the Golden Gate bridge

        1. Nope — absolutely not the Golden Gate bridge (the supports on GG bridge look like 4 stacked squares) — google Brooklyn Bridge and be amazed :p

        2. It’s definitely the Brooklyn Bridge… it’s clear from the arch shape, not to mention the event is held in NYC.

    3. Excellent observation!
      4 blue buildings and 2 red bridge supports.

  27. It’s gonna have Sergey bouncing onto the stage screaming:
    While wearing Google glasses to catch the looks of hysterics mixed with shock on the audience faces :D

  28. I think the tagline, as the post says, is just used in reference to the Play store…sooooo, let’s hope that means they are announcing new Nexii available from the Play store on that date! :-P

  29. Finally I have been waiting for them to announce this. Can’t wait to see what’s next

  30. Brooklyn?

  31. Can’t wait! Hoping for Nexus 4 (including Verizon Wireless) and Android 4.2. If Google is consistent with the last couple years most of this should be no problem.

    Now that I live in NYC, I wish I could attend this…

  32. All Ready to poop on the iPad Mini event :)

  33. I see a Chrysler building and Brooklyn Bridge. Don’t recognize the other buildings.

  34. Can anyone say which time zone this is? I need to plan my UK livestream!

    1. It should be 3 pm for you, if it’s 10 am NYC time.

      1. Thanks, wouldn’t NYC be +4 though (so 2pm)? Our clocks go back the day before.

        1. Sorry, you’re right. Didn’t take that into consideration. So, it’s 3 pm for me in Germany.

  35. I was gonna post this somewhere else but phandroid is my favorite android website.
    Call me idiot or genius but! They said they will update Google now adding more features later and by looking at the invitation that’s like a hint I guess? I think one of the things that they’re showing in the event is an updated Google now…

  36. They said they would improve Google now right? And by looking at the invitation it looks like they’re gonna announce an improved google now during the event, I don’t know if no1 said this already because it was obvious or no1 thought about this but I hope this helps :)

  37. Nexus 7 3g

  38. Nexus 10 (fingers crossed)

    1. Too soon… but I wish!

  39. I hope they’re announcing ICS on Bionic. ~

  40. So, the Google+ page of the galaxy nexus posted: “Happy birthday +Galaxy Nexus, you were born one year ago, on October 19th. Soon you are going to meet your younger brother(s) ;)”
    …to me this means more than one device. But just the LG and the 32gb Nexus 7?

  41. Oh, an announcement on my birthday! I’m hoping for at least one non-crap keyboard Nexus phone. I mean they own Motorola now. Droid Nexus anyone? Please? With sugar and Jellybeans on top?

  42. This is great, I wonder if The Missing Sync for Android that I use will be updated for this new device – usually they are pretty good about getting the updates ASAP and their Android sync (plus backup, store, transfer, copy features) I think is the best of all Android sync programs, esp. since it works with PC and Mac.

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