LG Nexus pictured again, shows up in Carphone Warehouse inventory


The unveiling of the LG Nexus phone is less than a month away, according to rumors, and with the way the leaks are picking up I’m inclined to believe we will be seeing the device officially by the end of October. Another set of images has made its way online, this time by way of an XDA Forums member, and they were accompanied by a fairly detailed list of specs.

For starters, the device pictured here only houses 8GB of internal storage. It also carrier an 8MP camera. The processor is said to be a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro clocked at 1.5GHz and backed by 2GB of RAM, while the screen is pegged with a 768×1184 resolution.

In related news, the phone has appeared in Carphone Warehouse’s inventory as the LG Nexus 4, available in both white and black. We’re guessing this is a placeholder name and not the actual final branding of the device. But it does make us wonder, what do you think Google and LG will call the phone? I’m still leaning toward LG Optimus Nexus, but LG Nexus G might not be out of the question.

[via XDA, TheVerge]

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  1. I’m sure the storage space will increase? Man I want this.

    1. We HOPE the storage space will increase. If it doesn’t, I really hope this isn’t the only Nexus coming out.

  2. am I the only one that thinks this phone looks well crappy? All that wasted space on the bottom, oh well, still love you nexus!

    1. Yeah ikr… Plus only 8gb of storage… Not an option for me

    2. it has the same amount the galaxy nexus has, it basicly looks like a Gnex modified. I like it

      1. Nah. Definitely bigger bottom bezel on the lg. I hate how it looks. I guess I’ll be holding on to my gnex a while longer

        1. Would you buy the rumored Galaxy Nexus 2 (GT-i9260)?

          1. ABSOLUTELY!

        2. I agree, looks like a gnex. Nothing to get all excited about. 5 in screen may be to big but I’m interested in the HTC Droid Inc X. If that’s a nexus device, I will consider it. I still really love my Gnex with exception to the camera.

    3. I agree…Chris’ post about the Optimus G shows what I think a much slicker looking delivery, albeit the specs seem to be the same as the nexus

      1. Who is to say this is even an nexus though? The back doesn’t just say “google”, it says “with Google”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Nexus phones only say Google

        1. you’re wrong

        2. That proves nothing, it’s not the final product.
          The Nexus 7’s back doesn’t say “Google,” nor did that Nexus One prototype’s…

        3. Agreed. And no, it’s not the final product, but why the speculation of this being a Nexus device? They went through all the trouble of printing something on the back and could’ve very well left “with” off. I used to have a phone that had “with Google” printed on the back. Samsung Moment. Just meant that it was stock Android. FAR from being a Nexus device, as support was abysmal.

          1. The O2X had “With Google” and it was far from a stock Android experience…
            Why the speculation? It’s explained in the article.
            It’s also been said by trustworthy people: http://www.modaco.com/page/news/_/android/exclusive-more-details-on-lgs-forthcoming-nexus-r788

    4. I think it’s horrendous

    5. Yeah, looks like a Gnex, appears similarly spec’d to a Gnex, and yet ends up looking worse than a Gnex. If I wanted last year’s Nexus then I’d go buy a Gnex.

      Oh well, all I can do is hope that the multiple Nexus rumors turn out to be true and we’ll get other options besides this lunk.

      1. Specs are nothing like the Galaxy Nexus!

        1. Maybe a boost in RAM, a boost in processing power. But most of the specs seem similar. I guess it will have an 8 MP camera as well (I forget that the Gnex was rocking a 5MP). I will admit that after looking at the 360 leaked pics that I’m more impressed with it. But the bezel design is still driving me crazy.


  3. To me, that looks better than the previous pics we have seen. Doesn’t seem quite as curved on the corners like the gs3.

  4. I think it looks sexy

  5. If there is no micro SD there better be a 64GB option or else Google is crazy. Yeah the cloud is great but when good Android games are taking up 1.5-2GB of storage the space is needed. I can’t store my apps in the cloud. Honestly I don’t see the point of a powerful phone with HD out capabilities that doesn’t have enough storage to keep a few movies on.

  6. Again 8gig storage – that’s gone the day I get the phone. Music, pics, then a Titanium & Nandroid backup. Completely useless.

    1. music?
      if the storage is used in any way similar to how it’s done on my galaxy note 2 it will be all used up on apps and games alone(it would be for me)

  7. LG? 8GB internal storage? 1184×768? The Galaxy Nexus, a phone that was released a year ago has better specs? Are you fing kidding me?

    1. You over looked the S4 Pro, better graphic chip, and 2 gig of RAM. I do hope it has a screen clarity to battle apple’s.

  8. I have been waiting for this phone for the longest time. Anyone care to guess the price?

    1. If it REALLY launces with an 8GB option, I’d say that one starts at $350, with the price increasing in $50 increments for the 16gb and 32gb.

      1. If it launches with 8 Gig it should be a disruptive price like $300 for full purchase. Emmc memory is cheap as hell especially in quantity. To skimp on the storage and still charge $350 would be a slap in the face.

  9. Love the phone, I’m just praying that the battery like is decent and please Google; give up a 32 gig of space!

  10. Pretty disappointing specs if they are factual. Looks like I’ll be waiting for the next best thing.

  11. If it’s 8 gig the price should be disruptive, like $300 disruptive.

    I hope it supports T-Mobile DC-HSPA+42 so I can switch to StraightTalk T-Mobile unlimited everything.

    EDIT: HELL YES! It does! It’s here on page 31 in part 1 of the FCC SAR Report! https://apps.fcc.gov/oetcf/eas/reports/ViewExhibitReport.cfm?mode=Exhibits&RequestTimeout=500&calledFromFrame=N&application_id=278241&fcc_id='ZNFE960

    It’s decided, I’m buying it!

    1. Nice, I’m in if they can get it above 16GB….

      1. I’m really hoping that the reason it’s an 8 gig version is that it will be dirt cheap. I don’t really need any more storage than that because I mainly use my phone for streaming. My Evo 3D still only has an 8 gig MicroSD.

        1. Oh, I definitely understand the draw, if that is the case. Low price, AOSP supported, yeah…it’ll be a beautiful thing.

          …for some. ;-)

    2. be careful about calling Straight Talk unlimited everything…they don’t allow streaming at all and once you pass the 2 gig data mark they tell you to stop using the internet. that’s what happened to me :

      1. That is with the AT&T based sim. The T-Mobile Straight Talk SIM has true unlimited, never throttled.

      2. With a tmobile based sim they do.

  12. I think Google does this for kicks

  13. looks an awful lot like my gnex…

    1. Well, apart from the buttonless front and the curved top and bottom (details probably required by Google) it looks nothing like the Galaxy Nexus.

      Flat screen with rounded edges a la O2X, flat and glossy back, off-centered camera and speaker on the back, headphone jack on the top, metal(-like) ring around the screen, very discreet front speaker…

      People who think that this phone looks a lot like the Galaxy Nexus certainly think that Apple is right in saying that Samsung has cloned the iPhone.

      1. Please, it looks like a Gnex and apple still sucks! Go ahead and go waist your money and help the economy.

        1. Yes, like I said, it looks a little like the Galaxy Nexus because of two details.
          It doesn’t look “an awful lot” like it.

          1. meant taking a quick glance at the first picture, rounded edges no buttons front camera location. and guessit’s hard to sense the tone on the interwebz

          2. It is, for sure.
            Ok, I think that we agree then.
            I’m sure that to see it live or in a video would leave a completely different impression.

  14. Is that glass on the back?? God I hope not!

    1. I saw someone comment on one of these articles saying it is glass and LG does something to it that makes it sparkle.

      1. Its not a coincidence this phone is releasing while the next twilight is in theatre’s you know.

  15. I can already see this nexus following the same pattern as the Nexus 7, first 8 and 16 gig and then by next year end of January or February they announce a 32 gig and then everybody will have a b*tch fit…

  16. So you wanna give me 8 gigs on mem. And use the stupid cloud on the rest with my 2 gig limit????

    1. lol, I didn’t even think of that.

      If you buy this phone the only carrier you should use it on is Straight Talk or T-Mobile prepaid so you don’t have to worry about that.

      1. Straight talk has soft caps and custs your service off if you use more than like 2-3 GB. T-mobile’s cheap prepaid options also limit you. Best option would be sprint or an old unlimited plan on verizon, but that assumes the cdma carriers even get the phone, and that you can get good enough speeds for the cloud to even be worth it.

        1. The T-Mobile based Straight Talk has no caps or throttling whatsoever. Users have pushed the limit to well past 7 gigs and I heard one instance of 20 gigs (don’t do that you’ll ruin it for everyone else).

  17. You guys realize that their plan is to make this phone cheap since carriers wont subsidies it with a contract…

  18. The back is not glass. From reviews of the device it is plastic but feels more high quality than a Samsung type plastic.

  19. What I don’t like is the shot of the XDA app right in front. Reason is it makes me think, is this real or not.

  20. I’m almost certain that either A) this test device only has 8gb’s of storage only because it’s a test unit or B) 8gb will be the baseline. Hoping for A, but B isn’t out of the question.

    1. Is it also ugly because it’s a test device? Man I hope so….

  21. And if there’s no AT&T LTE, I don’t think I would get it. As is, I’m not sure if it’s enough to get me to upgrade. Not a big fan of skinned devices either, so my alternative plan is to check out the Lumia 920 with my upgrade if this device isn’t up to snuff.

  22. That back also doesnt really look like its removable.. removable battery?

    1. Doubtful

    2. So 8gb storage, no SD, no removable battery.. thats not a very compelling reason to buy this phone

      1. but $300 (my guess) off-contract and T-Mobile DC-HSPA+ compatibility on unlimited data is.

        1. With the current GNex at $350, I can’t see them undercutting those prices. I’m thinking $400 minimum and the current GNex goes to $250/300 making way for the GNex+ or whatever Samsung is going to call it

          1. The lower $300 price bracket would be the justification for reduced storage. This type of strategy could propel the nexus series to gangbuster sales. That must be the goal of this product if the specs are reduced as they are (lower MP camera, lower res, lower storage). The whole goal of the nexus 7 was to create a bad ass low-cost android tablet. Perhaps this was designed with the same idea in mind.

            Awesome processor, decent display, pure AOSP, high quality build, disruptive price, the Nexus 7 and Nexus G. I could see this.

          2. Lets hope so.. if it comes out too much higher than that this phone is going to be an instant flop with these specs

        2. How about future proof for t-mobile LTE. If it isn’t capable of LTE, then it isn’t worth it.

          1. H42 isn’t good enough?

  23. LG does not deserve to have the Nexus name behind it they shouldn’t even have the right to use the name nexus on their bullshit phone they need to learn how to make phones before they even start throwing out Nexus phones. After my horrible experience with the LG Optimus 2x I would never buy another Lg phone again.

  24. Looks like a GNEX, and while I love mine I was hoping for something more design wise. Why did Google choose LG?

  25. the 8gb better be for a tester, if they try to sell that it’s just abysmal.

  26. That is one fugly phone…

  27. My Galaxy Nexus has a beautiful notification light. Does this have one? If not, deal breaker for me. Plus, my friend had a G2X and had a terrible experience with the updating of it (or lack thereof). So I’m gonna have a wait and see approach to this. Hopefully the rumors of multiple Nexus devices is true. Because this option seems meh.

  28. LGs phone build quality gets an A+, LGs software and software support gets an F. I said I wouldn’t go with another LG phone, but if the software is taken care of by Google I’m with it.

  29. Man, 8g or 16g is not enough to make me leave my gnex. I was really hoping for a bit more storage, especially since there is no SD slot.

  30. I love lg and I love the nexus devices, I hope this comes to Sprint as well as the Optimus G

  31. I’m going to cry if it’s only 8GB.

  32. Before I think of purchasing this it has to have 32GB or more and maybe an sdcard. Now that these rumors are starting to gain ground I’m being turned off by the small amounts of memory. Its got a great design IMO, but Nexus’ need sdcards you have a huge base of android users who have sdcards and enjoy bringing them to any phone. Im just waiting for a full announcement to finally decide which phone I need to get….2 months phoneless and counting

  33. They fucked up

  34. Pretty disappointed lower resolution than the year old GNex. 8GB memory is way tool little, even for a developer test for phone, especially game developers.

    1. Looks to be the sane resolution to me. The are just not counting the pixels space occupied by the soft buttons.

  35. The only thing that bothers me is the camera(and flash) placement. If they change that so that it looks somewhat better. I’d happily trade in my S3 for this phone.

  36. Wow! Looks a lot better than I originally thought it would. Fingers crossed for a big battery and 64 gigs internal memory.

  37. I’d rather have an htc nexus device. Not to say that if this were the only nexus phone this year that I wouldn’t buy it.
    But with only 8gb of storage I think many nexus lovers would shy away.

  38. Just to much bezel for me. My One X looks better then that.

  39. No LG branding across the face. So far ,so good

  40. What kind of sound output is that crazy looking speaker going to put out.

  41. 8GB of storage is 3+ year old standards. Hopefully is low for demo purposes as large memory to test a phone is irrelevant Smartphones need to be a min 32GB internal. 64GB should be standard by now! My S3 is 32gb internal and 64 micro sd. Tablets and phones will soon replace laptops, time to step up the game

  42. This is probably a test device where they wouldn’t need more than 8GB of storage. Let’s hope anyway. I’m more concerned about the glass looking back on it. We don’t want more glass to break if it falls. What happened to ceramic that wion’t break if it’s dropped. Let’s do away with needing a case for your phone. I hope that’s an awesome speaker on the back.

  43. 768×1184 is nearly a 3:2 aspect ratio, similar to that of the old iphone. I have some real trouble believing that they are moving away from widescreen on phones, especially with a 4.7″ screen. This phone would be wider than a GS3.

    1. I think the resolution is 768×1280 or possibly 768×1366, but they state it as 768×1184 because they are not counting the pixelspace occupied by the software buttons.

  44. bottom bezel -__- why?

  45. Front of it is pretty much an exact copy of the Galaxy Nexus, rear looks nicer though, will be disappointed if this is the(only) new nexus phone.

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