Google Nexus event won’t be rescheduled


Hurricane Sandy pretty much ruined any chance for us to get our hands on the new Nexus devices Google has coming. As you may have already noticed Google has gone ahead and announced the devices anyway. Our first question was whether or not they’d be rescheduling the event following the hurricane — after all, despite the horror of mother nature we still want to take an early look at these at some point.

The unfortunate answer is no — the Nexus event that would have been will no longer be, and that’s that. There’s no telling what to expect in terms of product demos from Google. We imagine they’ll want to release quick video promos for the new tablets and smartphones, and an Android 4.2 walkthrough wouldn’t go unappreciated.

The most important thing is that everyone on the east coast threatened by this storm do everything they can to remain safe, though, so we know Google has a very, VERY good reason and we aren’t too bummed as a result. Stay tuned to Phandroid as we look to bring you continued coverage on all things Nexus. Be sure to read the announcement posts for the 32GB Nexus 7, the new Nexus 4, and the new Nexus 10 tablet. As for Android 4.2, you can read more about that here.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Google details Android 4.2: Photo Sphere, Gesture Typing, and multiple users included

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  1. no free nexuses/nexi for attendees. that also means no early reviews/hands-on. :(

    1. They never gave out free devices on any other occasions than Google I/O, just hands on time.

      Also it seems the Verge got the big scoop with hands on time, being allowed to break the story and everything.

  2. I wonder if this means that Nexus Devices should be expecting the 4.2 update today

  3. So this is it? My only choice for a Nexus this year is LG :-(

    1. Oh shush you! You will take LG and you will love it!
      Just like all those #neveragain people when Samsung made their Nexus debut.

      1. For $349 you just may be right!

      2. I am worried about the camera. The LG Optimus G is pretty much the same phone, and I’ve read the camera isn’t impressive. Also I didn’t read where there is an available expandable memory slot.

        1. There isn’t an expandable microSD slot. And I’m wondering the same thing about the camera too.

          1. Oh just get an OTG cable and some thumb drives.. if you really need more space its likely for movies or other things that you really don’t need to keep on the device at all times.

            I do that with my Galaxy Nexus and it works great.. plus, we all love the questions and odd looks when people see a thumb drive being plugged into a smartphone. It may be fun for you to tell them no, you can’t do that with yours because yours does not support powered host mode, since they usually ask that too.

    2. Check out the Note 2. I think it is a better phone than this “Nexus.”

  4. So what about the nexus 10 dag-nabit?!

    1. Read the previous blog posts.

  5. NO MORE EVENTS IN NYC!!! Keep the events closer to home, Googs!

    On another note, can you believe this?


    They had the gall to say that “Like Apple,” Google now has a phone, 7 inch device and a 10 inch device….

    1. Apple has neither.

    2. … until an earthquake knocks the Moscone down. *knocks on wood*

  6. What dumbasses werent first seven inch tablets released to the public really hacked ereaders. Nook color bandn and kindle fire amazon . Wasnt google or apple. But 7 inch kindle fire outsold ipad for a little while. Shame on apple, even if only temporarilly beating the pants of of their overpriced stinkpad. So much that they felt a needed to create an ipad mini which hypocrite Steve Jobs said hed never do. Can the closer to home anti Newyork Sentiments. Im from New York, Namely Astoria Queens. New York is a great City. We are big Android and Google customers. Its unfortunate that were experiencing a hurracaine today.lts disappointing the events were cancelled. As a computer contractor I probably wont get paid today or tomorrow. Hopefully the events will be resheduled. Reguardless of where only invited can attend. But it makes a good news item. Stuck inside with my wife enjoying a bottle of red wine.

  7. google nexus events are jinked. Last year they postponed because steve jobs died. This year its sandy.

  8. Well Sandys legitimate. Steve Jobs send hed spend every last penny to destroy android. I have no respect for him after that. God only knows why in heavens sake Larry Page defended. Him. Cancel an event for the death of a competitor? What the hell were they smoking?

  9. Should of had it in Chicago, 50 and sunny

  10. These launch events are pointless. They should work on just getting the devices in consumer’s hands and launch the devices when the devices are ready to be shipped no more than a week from the time the announcement is made.

    Consumers already know about most of these products. They are better off presenting a live Webcast launching the product so EVERYONE interested can watch it, not just a select few. They can follow that up with sending review/demo units to the press.

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