The Nexus 4 and 10 are now officially available in the Google Play Store [UPDATE: Still trickling in]


It’s here, folks. That moment you’ve all been waiting for. After hours of persistently jamming the F5 button on your computer, the time is finally upon us — the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 are now officially available for purchase from the Google Play Store. That is, if you hurry. They only went live moments ago and just like our Android brothers in Australia, we expect the Nexus 4 16GB to be the first to sell out of stock. Here’s some quick links for those that haven’t been glued to their comp all night.

Nexus 48GB | 16GB

Nexus 1016GB | 32GB

Nexus 4 Bumper

I can only hope you were quick enough to squeeze in an order before the shark frenzy gobbled ’em all up. For those that were able to snag a Nexus for themselves, congrats! And if you’re new to the Nexus program, welcome! We have cake. Okay, maybe not cake but we’re definitely guaranteed pie, or another tasty dessert at some point down the road.

Don’t forget to check out our newly opened Nexus 4 Forums where potential and new Nexus 4 owners such as yourself can chat it up and discuss everything from apps, to switching plans, to general technical issues. Now comes the hard part of waiting for the delivery man. Gaaaah…

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Got ONE! YES!!!

  2. Got a 32gb 10!

  3. An error occurred while processing your purchase. Please try again later.

  4. w00t…. ordered just now. nexus4 16gb

  5. just ordered N4 in Vancouver, Canada

  6. Just ordered N4 from Vancouver, Canada

  7. “Sorry technical issue…”

    1. In my cart, cannot buy…both 4 devices keep toggling between “Notify Me” and “Add to Cart”. I add one and it can’t get past the “Proceed” screen. :(

  8. I keep getting error messages. Everyone, stop buying the phone for a minute so that I can order one. Thank you.

  9. Damn i’m stuck with it in my cart and can’t checkout!!

    1. I got to checkout, but when I hit the buy button it sat there with a spinning wheel for a while then the wheel disappeared but the buy screen was still there. I clicked on the X and tried it again and my cart was empty.

      1. Same here. Checked my account and saw the pending transaction…hopefully this means I got it. However when I go to Google Wallet, it is not there, and I didn’t get a receipt.

  10. Their damn site is borked.

  11. 16GB is gone already :/

  12. Will not let me add to cart and now says site is down… ; (

  13. The Play store in the UK is showing that both versions of the Nexus 10 are now out of stock.

  14. I think i got one! Order placed an said it will email shortly with details

  15. In my cart, put an order through, keeps giving me error messages. Play site is going crazy!

    1. It wa sin my cart, and when I went to pay for it, it came up that it was sold out.

    2. that would because the 16gb is sold out

    3. check your google wallet page, it may have gone through like mine did.

  16. Did anyone also buy the bumper?

    1. I did. 2 of ’em actually. :p

  17. error in processing once added to shopping cart. hmph.

    1. same thing happened to me.

  18. Got one!

  19. Tried and tried and tried again. Hit all different sorts of errors along the way. Eventually, the bumper sold out, then the 16 GB Nexus 4. I got nothing.

    Not a big deal. I’ll have another chance to spend my $400, But yeah, poor engineering, Google.

  20. Got a 16gb one:-) seems sold out now already in Canada. it says notify me again on the 16gb version. that was quick not even 3 minutes

  21. It says there was a problem processing my order, but I have an order number? No confirmation email though…

  22. I got mine, but now the phones are back to “Notify Me” status… anyone else seeing that?

    1. Yes that was only available for 3 minutes, happy I got one.

    2. Had the same happen, seems to be back up, cannot get past “Proceed” though…

  23. It showed “Add to Cart” then back to “Notify Me” then back to “Add to Cart” and now back to “Notify Me” again for the 10… are they trying to take orders in shifts or something?

  24. order placed email confirmation 16gb cant wait

  25. I’m on the checkout screen, site is definitely getting rocked

  26. It pains me to not buy one right now.

  27. I just got one, don’t give up hope!

    1. ya weird, i just refreshed the 8GB and it was there and could add it to cart. then it disappeared so i’m not sure if there are more to be sold or not.

  28. Woot. I just got my first Nexus (32g 10). I’m an apple family (2 ipads, 2 iphones, 1 itouch, and 1 macbook pro). Google FTW!

  29. Man… if google is getting completely rocked by all this traffic.. who’s maintaining the internet?! oh no….


  31. “Your purchase will complete momentarily” is taking an eternity. This is the second time I’ve gotten this far; first time, it bombed out and canceled the order within 30 seconds. Hoping this time is different…

  32. just got mine! sweet!

  33. it says I can add to cart, that is mean if they are sold out! lol

    1. nevermind, now they emptied my cart!

  34. And… officially sold out of the 16GB…

  35. Got my 32gb Nexus 10 after many errors with the website

  36. Ok minor freak out… I’m in my google wallet account and my purchase isn’t coming up in pending? shouldnt that happen immediately? i got the order in 5-10min ago

    1. annnnd crisis adverted… my bank account online is showing it come up

  37. Sold out, and it’s not even 9am yet.><

  38. son of a.. had it stuck loading after submitting my updated cc info, took about 10 minutes, clicked buy and there was an error. twice when clicking buy. now of course i can’t even make it that far in the check out.

  39. The 8GB is there but the 16GB is already gone! The site is completely overwhelmed, I am getting server error messages

  40. 16 GB Nexus 4 SOLD OUT!!!!! In exactly 14 minutes

  41. Sold out in minutes. They really should have pre-ordered. I need a new phone badly, and they limited their supply.

  42. F U Google if you f ing say 9:00 pst I expect 9:00 Im pretty disapointed in Google right now

    1. seemed to open at 12:00pm EST time for me, which is 9:00pst last i checked… or am i missing something? i didn’t buy: had my finger over the mouse button for minutes, but decided not to take the opportunity away from my wife who knows that i really want this for xmas :)

  43. i think i was one of the first 5 to get it lol i was clicking refresh many times and boom add to cart did it right away no problems. now i hear everyone having problems, you guys have to understand that the site is getting massive traffic all at once and everyone is trying to perform the same task the site is obviously going to go nuts and not work properly. happens in every highly anticipated launch where one minute late could determine weather you get it or not.

  44. The Samsung Chromebook is now in stock!

  45. Got nothing but 4 pending charges on my credit card. Site kept erroring out during checkout and then it just sold out. It’s like winning a freaking lottery. I guess I’m stuck with the Amaze.

  46. i wish they had one day shipping though instead of 3-5, atleast two day shipping !

  47. Sucks the carrier choices are ATT or Tmobile… BLEH

    1. I think it depends on where you live. I’ve used both before and never had a problem. Tmobile doesn’t have LTE, but still faster then anyone really needs.

  48. Imposible to get a 16gb nexus 4. The 8gb one (who would want that…) is still available

  49. got one after refreshing about 20 – 30 times for checkout

  50. Someone didn’t plan right for this kind of volume.

  51. f the play site :/ sold out

  52. This is a FUCKING abortion!!!!!

  53. so i guess the million dollar question is… how long till restock? -____-

    1. yes, yes, please do tell us

  54. you guys have to understand the site is getting massive traffic all at once, everyone is trying to perform the same task. It is bound to go nuts and crash. it happens to every single website when theres a much anticipated launch and seconds could determine weather you get it or not.

  55. does Nexus 10 have micro SD card slot? please answer fast!

    1. No, no nexus device has an SD card slot.

    2. Google’s Matias Duarte stated that they don’t use SD Cards because for the average user it is confusing. Which I’m sad to say is true. My average non-tech-savvy friends don’t understand how SD Cards work in a phone. They seem to think that by adding the card it magically creates one big pool of storage and then they can never figure out where their pictures and files are saved, or where their apps are because they don’t get the concept of system storage and external storage being two separate entities. In retrospect… maybe I just need smarter friends.

  56. i thought I got one because it gave me an order number but no email for confirmation and transaction history in wallet shows nothing. i think i’m screwed…

    i was stupid to get the bumper which stalled my purchase ugh! i see it as pending on my amex but my gut says this thing is gonna end up bad lol

    1. Same thing happened to me. I also got an error on finalizing saying my card wasn’t charged due to an error and they would send me an error explaining what happened. Didn’t get that either. I contacted Google support and they told me my order was processed and will be shipping out on the 15th. After contacting support my purchase showed up in my Wallet account without listing any errors.

      1. ya mine just showed up but still no email. for some reason it looked like my CVC security code in wallet was blank so i filled it in. not sure if the CVC is always blank or not but seems like it with the other cards on file. thanks for the reply!

        1. CVC is always blank when you go in to edit it. If you cancel the edit the information remains the same, but they re-blank it when you edit the information as a way to “authorize” the changes (that way you can’t change the address on the card or something without showing you actually do have that card I assume). I finally got my confirmation e-mail. The server overload just has them behind apparently.

  57. They will always have plenty of the 8GB versions. 8GB really? Who was honestly thinking that a phone with 2GB of memory only needs 8GB of storage? Just saying that any user that needs 2GB of memory will most likely have a lot of apps with need for storage. Most high end video games on my 16GB galaxy nexus I uninstall because they just take up so much space. Should have been a 16/32GB.

    1. Yeah, even with the 8GB about 5GB something is available for use.

    2. i have had the galaxy nexus 32gb since launch. only used 4 gb of storage. google drive / music makes anything over 8 gb unneeded….

      1. I stand corrected! They’ve sold out of the 8GB model. Most people could get by with the 8GB as long as they don’t get on planes and don’t do road trips. I often download movies from google play and take my music offline. Very limited if I only have 8GB of space. Actually an 8GB is brilliant if you have a tablet for all those things.

  58. The Nexus 4 (16GB) is already sold out… sigh..

  59. That was frustrating.

  60. Got a Nexus 10(16gb)…Checkout was a b@tch and I didn’t know I got it until i refreshed the transactions listing in Google Wallet.

  61. was able to snag an 8GB version. scary. time to venture into the clouds for storage.

    1. just got another email from google.. apparently one of my previous attempts went through and i have a 16gb nexus 4, as well.

      1. woops

      2. if you don’t want it, can i please buy it from you?

        1. possibly. i got a couple friends that were interested in the nexus 4. i’m not sure the 16gb will ship. correct cc info was used, but wrong expiration date was stored in google wallet. 8gb version i manually typed it in with correct info and my google wallet was updated. tried calling to ensure google corrects it for the 16GB, but can’t get through to support right now. Have an email confirmation for both orders though.

  62. no sd card kills it for me 16gb is not enough but great price ATT T-MOBILE NO THANKS

  63. No worries, they’ll have a new batch of 16GBs before Xmas…

  64. Keep on trying gents, the window crashed about a dozen times but it finally went through! (the nexus 10 that is)

  65. That really sucked. Had the phone in my cart and it wouldn’t ever process. Oh, and google’s plan to notify via email when the phones were available didn’t work. No emails were received.

    1. yeah lack of notification sucked

  66. Got a N7 with att mobile, no one seems to be reporting that this is available!

      1. The N4 is also non-LTE…

  67. I ordered a Nexus 10 16gb, but the site lists it as “Preordered”

  68. Have my 16GB 4 with the conformation email! Was a lucky one thanks to twitter giving me the heads up!

  69. *Sigh* I guess I will wait for a phone with a large battery AND timely updates.

  70. 8GB one is gone, too!

  71. I managed to snag one right when it opened up for sale, apparently that was just in the knick of time. It was not without errors though. Can not wait for this to get here since I’ve been running on a 2 year old HTC Aria with 2.1.

  72. If anyone wants to sell a 16gb model to Diztronic so we can start making our cases hit us up, we’ll make it worth your while.

  73. They handled this horribly. Never said when it’d go on sale and then when they did they did it half an hour earlier than that, and then the site crashed repeatedly and it doesn’t look like my order went through. C’mon people.

    1. RIght. It was crappy. And ‘notify me’ is just very useless…

      1. Ok now it shows that my order went through from the Google Wallet page and I have an order number. Quit playin’ games with my heart Google!

  74. Got two on accident. My 16GB order went through without me knowing. Now I need to cancel the 8gb order that went through.

    1. Just let me buy it from you lol

  75. Well, looks like Windows Phone for me. F U Google.

    1. #nexus4trolledbygoogle pretty messed up move

  76. This is messed up. I kept getting errors that my order didn’t go through so I kept trying again. Now I start getting email and it looks like I bought three of them. All three are showing up in the pending section of my google wallet as well. Tried calling google play support and they are refusing to take any calls at the moment. Wow…!

    1. So? you got extra Nexii?

    2. May I have them please?

    3. Who knows exactly what happened there. All my order attempt got an error message eventually telling me that my order was cancelled due to problems but now it looks like 3 attempts actually went through – I even have 3 pending charges on my credit card. Somehow I’m not completely sure if any of these orders will actually get processed. Can’t even verify with Google since they are not taking phone calls “due to unexpected circumstances” – seriously that’s what their message says.

  77. Thanks for the heads up, guys. My daughter’s birthday present and my troubleshooting device (you know, so I can help her with any issues she might come across) are en route.

  78. So you told us the wrong time (really 830PST) and you bought two.

    1. What? That’s the time GOOGLE told us. It went live early and we were the first to let everyone know about it. But yes, I bought 2.

      1. Yeah, I know it is not your fault. That wasn’t fair.

        1. never depend on people, depend on browser refreshes lol

      2. Two? … I honestly don’t understand the appeal of this phone, even if it is a Nexus.

    2. Technically what they said was “You’ll still want to be back well before that time to prepare for the feeding frenzy that’s sure to go down because there’s no telling what’s going to happen when these go live. For starters, Google might very well release it a few minutes earlier than scheduled, and you certainly won’t want to be even a second late.” … For me, it didn’t come up as live until 11:45 EST … so that was 15 minutes early. I was hitting refresh starting at 11 EST.

    3. I know everybody is angry but are you seriously blaming Chris for this? 9PST is what Google’s PR told everybody.

      1. No, I’m not blaming Chris. Read my other comment.

  79. Safe to say, I am absolutely Furious. Let’s see how long until we get word of re-stock. I bet Google will fail to communicate that as well.

  80. Nerd rage!

  81. lol it sold out in 5 min in the U.S take that U.K

  82. It really shouldn’t have sold out that quickly… Google is messing up.

  83. It’s back up, people hurrry!

    1. Aaaaaaaaand its gone. Again

  84. Don’t give up guys, I just got a 16gb model from the play store at 11:50 central time

  85. So, was this a limited release or did Google sell their entire stock in a matter of minutes? I wonder if this was poor planning on what would be needed for the demand, or if the stock was limited so that Google could announce that the phone sold out all over the world in just a few minutes. I really hope it was poor planning, and not that Google would jerk people around for publicity or to show it sells faster than the stupid iPhone.

    1. the play store crashed >.> i think it was just a huge traffic of people trying to buy it at one time. in other places around the world it took over an hour to sell out and the U.K around 30 min, only in the U.S it sold in 2-5 min.

  86. The cake was a lie :'(

  87. Guys – both the 8gb and 16gb come back for several seconds and then go back to “coming soon” again. Keep trying – people that accidentally orderd 4 are cancelling them now. I just grabbed a bumper after it came back into to stock.

  88. Would you guys be kind enough to ship me a couple? Chris? Rob? Anybody? I’ve worked so hard for you all.

    1. But, what have you done for us LATELY? (Seriously, what happened with you? What did I miss?)

      1. I’ve been working behind the scenes on some stuff, will still write but with very little frequency for a while

  89. had to buy 8GB nexus since 16GB sold out. Anyone willing to trade + $40???

  90. The title is a little misleading. I’m in the united states and just bought a nexus 10 32gb one minute ago..

    1. i think he means the Nexus 4 is sold out lol

    2. No some people are getting through the mess.

  91. Seriously keep refreshing or download the extension Page Monitor, which tells you everytime they change the page. It made all the difference and I was able to put my order in at 12:49 EST. Keep fighting people, keep fighting!

  92. Nexus 4 is back on sale on play store
    Edit: aaaaaaaaand its gone

  93. it went through!!!

  94. horrible launch, should of had more stock, hate to say it but work with the carriers to get bigger stock out there

  95. Accidentally bought two. With demand so high and supply so low, I wonder how much I could sell one for…

    1. ill trade you a 8GB+ $50 for a 16GB!

      1. I would imagine him not wanting 2 nexus devices as that would be the reason he’s one offing one.

        1. right. people are already on ebay selling their shipments as soon as they come in

  96. After the article was updated as sold out… I was able to get in and buy a nexus 10 16GB…


    1. The 16gb N10 wasn’t ever out it was the 32 gb N10

  97. Haha. How can a phone be twice as slow, heavier by a third, thicker by a quarter, come with a bulkier battery, and at the same time have twice as low battery life than an iPhone 5?http://www.anandtech.com/show/6425/google-nexus-4-and-nexus-10-review
    Oh and no LTE?

    1. At least try to hide your jealousy. Posting sour grapes isn’t a good look.

    2. The Nexus 4 isn’t meant to compete with the iPhone 5. The Nexus 4 is a budget device that costs half that of the iPhone 5. You get what you pay for, you can’t possibly compare a $299 device with a $600+ device. You need to be comparing the iPhone 5 to devices like the Galaxy S III, Note II, HTC One X+, etc.. not the Nexus 4.

      1. Nexus 4 is budget phone?
        It’s high end specs phone. And if the price lower it doesn’t mean that it’s low end or so ever.

        And stop feeding apple trolls

      2. While you are right on some points the nexus 4 is NOT intended to be a budget friendly device. Its intended for Pure Android experience and to be a Deveeloper device now google is doing these low price special for us because it promotes the use of their services, google has other means of making the money back from selling at nearly a loss

    3. iPhone 5 is twice the price off contract. On contract it’s close to the same price plus the 2 years of overpaying for service. Either way your at least paying double for a device that is only better in performance tests. In real life use it is an unnoticeable difference. So go ahead and pay your premium prices. Apple thanks you and so do their investors.

  98. The 32gb N10 is out of stock

  99. I just hit refresh @ 1:17 EST and it showed the 16gb back in stock. I ordered and everything went smoothly. 2-day shipping was standard and I already got the confirmation email!!!

    1. Oh good! Hopefully some of the folks who couldn’t get it to go through can grab one.

  100. I can’t believe the bumper sold out so fast as well

  101. I just got mine, Just keep refreshing guys!

  102. I finally managed to order 1 at 1338 ET after 2 hours of trying. All I can say is keep trying. Hopefully the Play store will give some sort of indication when they’re really out of stock rather than just experiencing store issues.

    Anybody up for a whitehouse.gov petition begging Google to outsource their e-commerce to amazon? Geez, I’ll never get those 2 hours of my life back.

  103. Haha sweet… 1:56pm EST Got a 16gb one ordered

  104. I got my Nexus 10

  105. Thanks for the email Google when it was Available. Assholes

  106. Why Google charging Tax?

    Amazon doesn’t……

  107. when is this piece of shiat going back on sale..

  108. I just managed to slip an order in for one 8gb unit at about 13:30CDT. The “buy” button appeared for a hot second, and it allowed me to add and process to completion. I should note that this was after three or four other attempts in which I was greeted with a cart error when trying to add to the cart.

  109. been trying quite few times since yesterday and keeps showing the nexus 10 32gb as will notify in the UK

  110. Here’s how you can still get a Nexus 4 from the Play store even though it’s “sold out”:

    While they have sold through their entire launch day inventory, many people ended up ordering two or more either by accident or just to make sure at least one of the orders made it through. After these people confirm both orders went through, they cancel one of them, which puts another nexus 4 on the market, very briefly.

    If you still want one, set up the order pages of either (or both) models on an auto-refresh using the chrome extension “auto-refresh plus”. I’d say put it on 2 seconds so you still have enough time to click on the add to cart button before the next refresh, but still fast enough that you have a decent chance of beating all the other people through the order process.

    If you prefer the 16g, but would settle for the 8g, don’t be afraid to pounce on the 8g when it comes available then see if you can still get a 16g and cancel the 8.

    I’ve already ordered my 16g, but have both the 8 and 16 gig pages set up just cause it’s interesting. In the five-ish minutes I’ve been typing this, both models have come open multiple times, but it usually only lasts for about 3-5 seconds.

    Blame Google for not doing preorders and happy hunting!

    1. You, sir, are my hero. Tried like hell to get the 16gb for my wife for her birthday in a couple days… no dice at first so ended up settling on the 8gb. Sure, she will never notice the difference, but I WILL! Anyway, used your little trick and just got the 16gb secured and cancelled the 8. Thanks :)

  111. I squeezed one in on the last minute ;P lol

  112. I just got one as well. after hours of f5ing it went through finally

  113. I kept seeing the “Coming Soon” and “Notify Me” messages with intermittent “In Stock” pages. With a little persistence (a few unsuccessful ads to the Cart, errors, and about a thousand page refreshes), I was able to order a 16G at approx 2:30p EST. Confirmation email and all. Keep trying!

  114. Nothing but ‘comming soon’ for me for the last 4 hours.

  115. I know most one see this, I was able to get mine earlier and periodically I refresh the page and get add to cart. I finally tried to add just to see If I could and at first it wouldnt let me so I got quicker. I hovered my mouse over where it would say add to cart then I would hit f5 about every 3 seconds watching carefully. I got add to cart and was able to add to cart THE KEY TO GETTING THE PAYMENT PART TO GO TRHOUGH SMOOTH IS TO UNCHECK THE BOX THAT SAYS LINK THIS TO MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT. You have to be quick but it is not impossible its actually easier than you think

  116. For people who wasn’t able to get one.

    you are the only one…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLv97vGJv30

  117. Update, its live and available for purchase again 5:22PM Eastern Time 11/13/12

    1. 5:23pm………… and it’s gone………… and no i am not even joking…. after i typed my original message i checked back and not available anymore! this is crazy!

      1. It seems to depend on you refreshing the page repeatedly. That’s a trick that’s working for a lot of people.

  118. Got 3 8GB for my family.. want the 16, but I’m lucky I got them at all! Sold out the moment after I got them.

  119. Nexus 10 ordered :) looking forward to joining the Nexus family

  120. Tax is definitely reasonable, compared to how carriers charge tax from the retail value of phone ($700)

  121. Now saying SOLD OUT in red letters.

  122. Cool, let me know when it supports LTE and CDMA like the iPhone does.

  123. Yea I have to admit this was the worst launch of a phone product ever! I was on the computer right before 9 and could not get my order to go thru then i refreshed and when i refreshed it said not available. wtf google! I mean seriously what did they only have like 100 per country wtf who sells out of phones the first 10 minutes without having more? I was looking forward to my new nexus but by the time google gets more product in the nexus 5 will be popping up so i guess ill buy a samsung not instead! Thanks alot google for making this sooo hard!

  124. Whoever said to keep refreshing is a saint. I was able to get the N10 32GB, N4 16GB and the bumper case by spamming f5. It would frequently disappear from my cart but after about 2 hours I was able to make 3 purchases for the 3 different items. I was pretty livid up til that point, as I was one of the idiots who got up at 3am to purchase. It was sneaky that they opened the store at 845pst… I was 10 mins late on the draw at that point and as I added the items they one by one disappeared from my cart. Thanks again whoever said to refresh!

  125. Maybe tmobile new this was gonna happen… now I might end up paying more for it :'(

  126. Since I can’t buy one of these for the time being, how’s that Nexus 7 giveaway coming?

  127. Has anybodies shipped yet ?

  128. THE BEST NEWS EVER… This has never happened with anything ive ever ordered before lol i mean seriously and i didnt have to pay more to get it early? Pure awesomeness :)

    Scheduled For Early Delivery On:Friday, 11/16/2012, By End of Day
    Originally Scheduled For Delivery On:Monday, 11/19/2012, By End of Day

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