Oct 15th, 2013


HTC’s constant fall into its abyss of quarterly losses calls for some major moves to keep the company alive. A recent rumor suggest the Taiwanese smartphone giant is up for sale, with Lenovo being the favorite bidder, but is that really necessary? Can HTC and it’s outstanding experience stay afloat on its own? We are not sure, but a rumored deal with Amazon might make things a bit better.

The latest report states HTC is making the highly rumored Amazon smartphones. This wouldn’t be a bad idea. HTC needs the support and Amazon has a powerful name and market behind it. We are not sure if this is enough to save HTC, though.


Amazon devices are affordable and popular, but they tend to be very affordable. Not to mention, these Amazon devices probably won’t give much honor to the original manufacturer. All the glory of HTC’s amazing build quality would be granted to Amazon – at least in the eyes of the consumer.

Meanwhile, HTC is said to be almost done with one out of three models it has designed for Amazon. No details on the phones were given, but we have heard rumors of a couple phones before. One of them would have a glasses-free 3D display, which HTC does have experience with.

Neither company will comment on this rumor and Amazon keeps denying the fact that there will even be a smartphone coming this year. We all know how PR talk works, though. We will simply have to wait and see. As for me – I would be much more enticed to get an Amazon phone if made by HTC. Especially considering the rumors of it being free or very affordable.

[The Financial Times]

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