Would you buy an iPhone if it ran CyanogenMod? [POLL]


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The CyanogenMod team caused quite a stir when they announced that they’d be taking their hobby of providing custom Android ROMs to the community, and going full time as Cyanogen Inc.. This was all made possible by Cyanogen and his cohorts raising a whopping $7 million in funding from investors, and revealing plans to introduce a user-friendly installer for the PC that would help streamline the normally difficult installation process.

This sounded like an awful lot of money for a group of developers making custom software for Android devices. We know the “official story” but I couldn’t shake the feeling that there could be more to the story.

Cid CM

Pre-Cyanogen Inc, the team was teasing a project known as “Nemesis.” At first, no one knew exactly what they planned to unveil, but CM further hyped up the project in a teaser video dropping hints like, “Nothing can be perfect,” “A new challenger appears,” and even, “Something wicked this way comes.” It was extremely mysterious (almost a little spooky) and again, we figured it would be something big. Whisperings of CyanogenMod coming to the iPhone could be found in the teaser’s comment section, but sounded too far fetched to be taken seriously. In a Google+ post, Cyanogen’s Steve Kondik talked more about Nemesis saying,

“My goal for CM has always been to break open these mostly proprietary mobile devices so we can turn them into the product we really want.”

We began toying with the idea of an iPhone running CyanogenMod in our heads.

Project Nemesis and CM Installer

As we now know, the Nemesis project — part 1 of it anyway — as eventually revealed and many were surprised to find that it was little more than Focal, a 3rd party camera app (later removed from CyanogenMod). Cyanogen promised even bigger things to come and during the Cyanogen Inc. announcement, CM n’ friends revealed their upcoming installer, used to streamline the entire process of taking a phone’s stock software and throwing AOSP-based CyanogenMod onto it. This would finally make installing custom ROM on Android devices as easy as…. well, easy as jailbreaking an iPhone.

CyanogenMod Installer iPhone

We were excited as anyone else to learn more about the CM Installer and after taking a look at a screenshot from its splashscreen, my buddy, John Staton, pointed out something interesting. The devices pictured in the screenshot seemed to be images of real life smartphones and tablets. On the far left you can make out the Nexus 4, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S3, and Samsung Galaxy S4 (and the middle appears to be an HTC One). The Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 also appear to make appearances in the back.

What was odd was to the right, plain as day, simplified vector graphics of the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and even iPads were present. I shrugged it off as unintentional move by the designer, but then my buddy asked me a question: “How cool would it be if CyanogenMod’s new installer supported iOS devices?” I belted out a laugh. As I began wiping away the tears, I thought to myself, “Huh, that’s actually not such a bad idea.”


It was 3 years ago that Cyanogen’s Steve Kondik tweeted a proof on concept video where a young fella was able to get Android up and running on the iPhone. So what happened? Well, a few developers from the iDroid Project reported last year that progress had officially stagnated. This was due mostly in part to the massive amount of time required in continuing the project and let’s face it, not everyone has the funds to work full time on hacking Android to work on the iPhone.

When it comes to CyanogenMod developing on the iPhone, it’s become a sort of running gag with the team. Ever since the above video first went live back in 2010, “Team Douche” was tweeting Rick Rolls for CM5 running on the iPhone. You can even find Cyanogen trolling Apple development on Github.

A worthy 4-inch Android phone

In my travels around the net I’ve seen countless conversations between friends and acquaintances about the shear lack of higher-end, premium Android devices packing a smaller 4-inch form factor. Overall, it’s a market filled with low-end, bargain bin Android hardware. In many ways the Moto X was able to successfully target this market but it’s lackluster camera and limited storage left us wanting. Now picture this: a new challenger appears featuring premium build quality, extremely pocketable size, and high-end specs — the iPhone would stand alone.

iPhone 5s Android CyanogenMod

I know, “Boo! Hiss! Apple? Gross!” — all the things that come with mentioning the phone on our site. But I know there are some of you who have been enticed by the iPhone 5s and its hardware, the only thing holding you back is Apple’s severely limited iOS software. Let’s play a game. Let’s pretend CyanogenMod was able to pull a magic iPhone from their top hat and it’s running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Better yet, how about Android 4.4 KitKat? Would you, or wouldn’t you consider picking up an iPhone? The (completely anonymous) polls are open.

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Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I’d never touch it 1. Because its apple and 2. Because they are severely lacking in screen size and specs.

    1. Yeah, personally I think 4-inches is just far too small. It’s impossible to target all the tiny little buttons with my thumbs. The 5s’ camera though is really nice.

      1. That’s what she said.

          1. lol

      2. Yea, I’d take the iPhone’s camera any day. I’m kind of excited/hopeful for the quality of the N5’s camera. The G2 takes great pics imho.

      3. Even my 12 year old little girl laughs at the size of iPhone. LOL! It’s ridiculously tiny.

      4. Lol a widget will take up like half of that 4 inch screen

    2. except its more powerful than the GS4 and note 3

      sorry bro

      keep pedaling that fandroid logic

  2. 3 years ago I would have. iPhone was the phone to beat back then. Now all the hardware is equivalent and it boils down to consumer preference.

  3. iPad makes more sense

    1. Eh, not quite. Android has come a long way the past year or so on tabs, but it’s still nowhere near iOS in terms of tablet-optimized apps, unfortunately. I hate it too, but I’m not ignorant. Plus, the Nexus 10 has better specs/hardware, IMO.

      1. I only have an iPad because of the game selection, I love infinity blade lol

    2. Concur, the iPhone is minuscule compared to the Android options and its become apparent that people do like bigger phones. But tablets are another matter, most hover around the 7-10 mark so its not like you are getting an Android tablet because its bigger than the iPad.

  4. I would in a heartbeat because I love android software to much to give into iOS. Hardware though..well the iPhone is
    Amazing hardware. So the answer is yes

  5. Never, no way I can support their profit margin.

    1. Buy used. ;-)

      1. Even by buying used you’re supporting someone else’s purchase of a new iPhone, so no..

        1. No you’re not. They would have bought one anyways without your influence whatsoever, so Apple already had their money. If you buy it from them, Apple doesn’t see any of it.

          1. Buying one supports the resale value, which means the ROI for buying an iPhone goes up, which makes it make more fiscal sense for consumers to buy iPhones, which gives Apple more money. If you spend any money on an Apple product of any kind: new, used, damaged, parts, ANYTHING, it increases the value of such devices and therefore helps Apple. I’m not sure the Dan was trying to go this far, but I know I am. I don’t buy anything Apple, help any Apple users, even refuse to borrow them if the need arises. I do everything I can to devalue anything they make.

          2. You can spin it that way if you like, but buying a used iPhone doesn’t directly (key word) give Apple money in any way. 99% of iPhone sales are due to consumers just wanting an iPhone, not for resale value or because it makes fiscal sense. The number one driver of high resale is high demand and/or low supply. This coupled with the fact that there’s no direct alternative to the iPhone (other than the iPhone 5C or older iPhones), means that there’s no substitute for people who want a phone that runs iOS, thus driving resale value much higher. So yeah, in a convoluted way, buying a used iPhone has a (exponentially) small influence on Apple’s profits, but the difference it makes to Apple is such that even I wouldn’t notice the profit should I somehow see it show up in my own bank account.

            Also, your hate for Apple is pretty impressive. I thought I was bad, lol.

          3. I like your thinking

      2. Which still encourages others to buy Apple products, since they have a very buoyant resale market.

  6. Depends on the smoothness the screen gives when running cyanogenmod , but the 4 inch screen ruins it tough.

  7. Maybe if the screen was bigger…

  8. A few years ago, maybe. Today? Nope. Prefer my GS4’s screen to the iPhone’s screen.

  9. If iPhone ran Cyanogenmod would it even still be an iPhone, except in name only ?

    1. good point…probably the idroid haha

    2. it would be call the igoophone…..isn’t that the name of a kirf phone?

  10. I say no. Not because of Apple hardware but because it is Cyanogen. I guess I am in the minority on that point but I never did like it.

    1. You aren’t the only one.

  11. Why would anyone go back to a 4″ screen?

    1. Portability.

      1. My note 3 fits in my pockets just fine. Are you a leprechaun?

        1. No but some of us prefer not to carry bricks. Plus I have 20/20 and am more comfortable with a small phone.

          1. You mean you’re very used to dealing with small things. Gotcha.

          2. 20/20 has nothing to do with it. My word size is the same as an apples o my s3. Just more per screeen and less scrolling. I find the iphones easier to drop because of there size.

          3. A brick, how is the Note 3 a brick o_0

        2. your pockets must be able to fit about 2-3 wrists very easily.

  12. Great camera, speaker, build quality, and perfect 4 inch screen? Hell yeah i would buy it in a heartbeat and install CM on the spot at the Apple store lol. Hate all the giant bricks Android OEMs are shitting out every week.

  13. I’d consider one, if it’d have a 5 inch screen and a massive battery, yet keeping it stylish, slim and with the great hardware Apple makes. That’s a lot of factors though…

  14. I *might* if the screen were bigger. And I’m a fan of software keys so I’m not too sure how happy I’d be with that big dumb home button. As much as I don’t like apple and iOS, I do appreciate their hardware.

  15. I don’t want a phone that I need to put a case on so I don’t mistake it for everyone else’s phone.

    1. Oh, don’t forget. Putting a case of any kind decreases your chances of breaking the iPhone’s screen when dropped to, like, 90%.

      1. No case is perfect and most protect the back. Ive rocked naked phones for years now (only putting them in cases when doing some high risk activity) without nary a crack. This includes my Nexus 4 with its glass back.

        Of course I have probably cursed myself but Ive said it for years and still not been bitten.

        1. Ha! I guess I failed at my attempt at a joke. Everyone I’ve known with an iPhone has cracked at least one screen. One friend has owned every iteration of the iPhone and she has cracked at least one screen per iteration, some while doing pretty much nothing.

  16. Truly impressive article Chris. Nice to see you in the zone again.

  17. Maybe a couple of years back yeah but not now.

  18. Im happy with my note 2 touch wiz and nova prime.

  19. I voted no. Honestly, while the Apple hardware is generally pretty nice, there are just too many reasons why I think the experience would not be up to par with some of the best Android devices currently on the market. Things like the iPhone’s smaller screen size and funky weird screen resolution (640×1136) as well as the proprietary charging interface are detrimental in my humble opinion. The camera hardware on the phone tends to be pretty good, but without Apple’s proprietary device drivers, who knows how well it would work with CM. Add the unsubsidized phone price on top of all of this, and it becomes very clear that there are clearly better options out there for someone wanting to run CyanogenMod.

  20. What is that Clock/Weather Widget?

      1. Thanks

  21. Another device for google play

  22. I currently have a 4S sitting on my desk that I use as an iPod touch (and keep on craigslist for sale just in case someone gets antsy and can’t get approved for a new device with Verizon). It’d be nice to play around with android on the iPhone, if for no other reason than to piss off my iSheep friends.

  23. Yes, with some caveats. I would try it, live with it as my daily driver for a few weeks, but until I see the end product, it’s hard to give a resounding answer.

  24. there IS one thing holding back the iphone, its the midget screen. I could never go back to a screen that size

  25. I be clear, I don’t hate the iPhone, I think its a great piece of hardware–too small for my taste but still a decent phone.

    Now, to answer the question: no. The reason? It’s made and sold by Apple. I wouldn’t give that company a penny if I had a choice and since I do, I don’t. That company is run by greedy, selfish, lying hypocrites. People that buy Apple products then to be the most pompous, ‘holier than thou’ people I’ve ever met and its even worse when that person is already a rich snob.

  26. Good lord, no. Apple is a disgusting company and I would rather set my eyelids on fire than own an “i”-anything.

  27. The issue with this would definitely be battery life. The iPhone 5S has a tiny battery, but the iOS kernel is optimized very well. It’d be interesting to see the difference in responsiveness though.

    1. Yeah, plus it doesn’t have any apps running in the background like Android (and I guess Android’s Java and VM stuff also makes things heavy on the battery, though that’s just a guess), so not sure the 5s would be very good with battery running Android.

  28. I just want an Android phone with a spectacular camera and no crapware (a.k.a. Touchwiz, sense, etc.) that doesn’t have a gigantic screen. 4.3″ 720p for me, please.

    1. I love my 4.5″ 720p screen.

      1. What phone? Windows? There are only two I know of that run Android that have 720p 4.3″ screens: HTC Rezound and Sony Xperia Z1f …

        1. The Xperia ZR, same camera and guts as the Z and ZL minus the screen

        2. Galaxy Nexus is 4.65″ at 720p. Lol. That counts, right? ;-)

          1. Not quite. I had a Galaxy Nexus. Upgraded to the Nexus 4. Both are just a bit wide for my taste.

        3. RAZR M?

          1. qHD. (960×480) No thanks.

          2. Droid Mini!

    2. Droid Mini has what you want, minus the spectacular camera. I’m pretty happy with mine.

    3. Sony is releasing exactly what you’re looking for.

  29. Would depend on a lot of things. One main thing the iphone has that droid doesnt is battery life when browsing on 4g and lots of talk time. Maybe its due to the 4″ screen vs my S4 5″ screen? Maybe its the way the sw interacts with the hw? If android ran smooth and had the same battery life as iphone and same camera then yes I would def do it. I dont want a hacked version of android on iphone that runs “ok” just to be the guy that has it.

    1. The second you start multi-tasking with the iPhone, the battery will go down quicker than a Samsung Moment’s. Just a prognostication.

  30. If they made an iPhone 5″ or bigger that ran Cyanogen, yes… hell yes.

  31. iPhones are way overpriced for the hardware specs they have. If you want CM, why would you pay that premium? Get a Nexus or some other Android phone with an unlockable bootloader.

    1. Which nexus phone has an equivalent camera as the iPhone again?

      1. I really don’t care about the camera. If you do, like I said, find another Android phone that’s unlockable and has a camera that meets your needs.

        Heck you could also buy a Nexus and a real camera for the price of the iPhone.

      2. Who is to say that CM wouldn’t make the camera worse? Software is part of the equation.

  32. i have said this since 2010:Give me an iPhone running Stock Android

  33. It seems that most of the commenters have said they would consider it, because of the smaller form factor. Doesn’t the Android market have that already covered with newer offerings, such as HTC One mini and S4 mini? I’m not sure how it would be an improvement!

    1. The iPhone packs powerful hardware, unlike the HTC and Samsung mini phones which are simply mid-range devices. That’s the draw here: beautiful display, great build, powerful chipset, and overall nice hardware. The minis don’t come anywhere close.

  34. Nope. I dropped the iPhone due to non-removable battery, no microSD slot, and I like the bigger screens on Android devices. I actually use a QWERTY phone right now because I can type faster on it than any screen device.

    The only thing that is appealing about the iPhone 5s is the combination of battery life and performance and the camera/flash.

  35. I wouldn’t buy it, because I despise the rotten company for it’s tactics and strategies. And I’ve had these feelings for long time. Closed PC’s that won’t allow for 3party upgrades, stolen technologies and ideas in iPod, now closed and big-dad-controlled phones and tablets… the list goes on. By not buying their products, even for further use with Android (or Windows in case of laptops), I am not giving them my money, one way or another.

  36. There is also a windows phone next to the iPhone which would be better think a Nokia lumia running cyanogen

    1. This.

  37. What would be the point of that? I mean if you already had an iPhone, and wanted to put CyanogenMod on it, then ok. However why would you BUY an overpriced, gimped piece of hardware just to install CyanogenMod.

  38. The only non-android phone that i would buy if CM supports it would be the lumia 1020…

    1. It looks like there is a lumia next to the HTC One between that and the iphone

  39. No. It’s my understanding that their specs aren’t nearly high enough to run anything other than iOS. And at the price Apple wants for an iPhone, you might as well go with an Android phone. Other than the nerdy “Look what I did to this iPhone” aspect, it’s pretty pointless.

  40. No way. Screen is way too small.

  41. After using larger screens for about a year now, iPhone feels like a toy.

  42. I don’t play with toys.

  43. I’d consider, if the iPhone dropped the physical home button.

  44. iPhone 5S specs with a 5″ 1080p screen running Android 4.3. I would buy it :)

    1. Battery life would SUCK. Dual core processor at 1.3Ghz and 1GB of RAM it’ll run a bit like the GNex.

      1. No. An iPhone 4S crushes the GNex, especially in GPU power. iPhone 5S is 4 times as powerfull. RAM would be an issue though, for Android is such a chubby assed babe.

        1. Anyone that quotes cores and clock speed in reference to performance unless it’s identical architecture clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

    2. Its not 1080 :/

  45. I’ve gone for no, simply because it’s over priced IMO

  46. Where is the “heck yes” button? I don’t particularly care for the small screen on the iPhone, but CyanogenMod on the iPhone would be awesome. It’s like taking a insanely high power Chevy engine and transplanting it into a Civic, It doesn’t make sense to impart that much awesome into such a lame car but it’s still freaking cool.

  47. hmmm.
    the thing is, I don’t use cyanogenmod.
    not on my current device anyway, I simply don’t feel the need anymore, my Butterfly S runs the stock 4.2.2 rom, rooted, with Nova Launcher, that’s all I need.
    I have a couple of older devices though, that do run cm.
    because they aren’t supported anymore by their manufacturers, so they’re stuck on old(er) versions of Android, installing cm on them makes them more usable.
    I would never spend that much money on a device that was never intended to run android and might never run a stable and reliable version of android.
    I don’t find the specs of the iphone, including the 5s, that impressive anyway, they might even be too slow to run android…

    1. Huh? I don’t think it’s about “needing” it, just if it was there would you use it. I mean, I don’t mind using it. I just don’t because the builds for my devices have always been pretty bad. I never had a stable build unless I had a Nexus device.

      I don’t need it, either. I just wouldn’t mind it if it came on my phone already, instead of stock Android.

  48. I think there are plenty of people who would give android a try, so long as they didn’t have to buy a brand new phone. They could keep the same phone or even buy an old phone while escaping the iShackles of the iTunes universe.

  49. I don’t want a smaller screen, and from what I’ve read, iOS screen latency advantage is due to the UI, not the hardware. I’m not enchanted by the “jewel cuts” of iPhones, and they actually lag in specs these days.

    If screen latency is a problem that CyanogenMod fixes, wouldn’t it be better to just run it on something like the HTC One instead? Better screen, better speakers, etc etc.

    Edit: I might consider using it just to turn heads when people expect iOS and see me rocking my Android. But probably not.

    1. +1 for the shock vaule, agreed.

      1. I’d have to put an android sticker over the Apple on the back, just for good measure.

        1. My bother did that when he had the 3gs and saw how cool my HTC Incredible was. I gave hi the sticker.

  50. wouldnt it eventually maybe run into some problems as apple products arent packed with top of the line specs because iOS doesnt need them whereas android may

    1. ? Ever seen any benchmarks ? I know they’re meaningless but seriously, when every each one of them places the iPhone on the very top of the mountain, there seems to be a kind a truth behind…

      1. Every one of them with it at the top. Idk about that. Just saying that android and ios have different system requirements maybe. Ios runs smooth with less. Whereas android has hiccups with 3gb of ram. Benchmarks don’t mean anything in regards to opening up an email with 10 other apps running.

        1. Well I guess further versions of Android will feature better RAM management. I heard it would be the case soon.

  51. Well let’s think about it. The iphone has great battery life, great podcast and imessage apps, and great camera. Well if it had CM the apps would be gone, the camera would be missing the software, and I suspect the battery life would be worse also. The iphone isn’t a great piece of hardware so why would I want it to run android?

    1. Android is not that bad !

      1. But its more about optimization, proper drivers, libs, etc. CM would be missing a lot of this if I’m not mistaken. It would be tough to build a rom without this

      2. I know it’s not, that’s why I use Nexus devices. The point is that why would I use an iphone when it would be worse to use, even if it did run android.

  52. iPhone is arguably the best built, thinnest, lightest, fastest, best camera devices with some of the best battery life there is.

    The screen is a tad small, but yea, I’d probably get it if it ran Android. Especially if it was able to get timely updates like an iPhone or Nexus does.

    1. Hardly the lightest. For as small as it is, the 5s feels about as heavy as the Nexus 4 does in my hand, and the N4 was already a brick of a phone.

      1. Still, 112g vs 139g is an obvious difference.

    2. OH SHUT UP!

      1. Did I state one thing that wasn’t a fact? You’re clueless.

  53. Now that I own the note 3 with S pen and all the rest of the goodies it comes with, I’d never be satisfied with an iphone, especially how small the screen is. Even if it got bigger, apple will never do a stylus and I don’t want that damned fingerprint crap on my phone.

  54. The screen is too small for an smartphone, the specs sucks and I will never buy an apple product.

    1. What a thoughtful point.

    2. Here’s a honest question on the specs front… Do you consider specs as just numbers on paper or do you consider performance as well? I guess I just don’t get most peoples arguments or perception about specs… I mean I have an N4 and I have an iPhone 5S and I’ll tell you the 5S really blazes. When I think of quad core android phones and stacked against the dual corecore 5 or 5S its akin to what I would think of a Pentium 4 @3.2GHz vs a core I5 @ 2.4 GHz. Sure GHz wise the P4 certainly looks appealing that is if you truly don’t understand technology and how this stuff works. And don’t understand that the I5 is a far more efficient architecture and has an updated and enhanced instruction set meaning that when combining the two it makes for far more impressive “speeds” at lower click rates and lost click rates mean less power consumption. In real world performance as well as bench marks the core I5 mops the floor with the P4. Mainly because the I5 had much higher “performance post clock cycle”. Essentially it can do more or execute more instructions every click cycle so it doesn’t need to be clicked as high to achieve the same or even better performance. I dunno maybe I’m too much of a “techie” to get wooed by click speeds and core count when they prove to be futile when another chipset and another chip out performs it because it was designed more efficiently. I guess I’ll leave that to the consumers who don’t understand this stuff on a technical level… Back to my question though do you consider specs as higher cliclockck numbers or does the actual architecture and chipset come in to play? This is a question for anyone on here; I’m genuinely curious…

      1. I don’t understand where you’re going with this. Imho, the reason why the iPhone pulls ahead in some benchmarks is because it has a relatively low resolution, meaning the gpu doesn’t have to fill as many pixels as something like the LG G2 (for example). I’m guessing those benchmarks base how well the hardware can throw pixels at their ideal resolution instead of really being fair and basing everything off of the same resolution. That being said, if I had a choice of a 4″ screen or a 5″ screen with the same pixel density, I’d take the 5″ every day. I think that inherently means that the 5″ phone would “struggle” to push the many extra pixels it has to push (especially if you were comparing 2 phones with the same hardware except for screen resolution).

        As for clock for clock performance, I think anyone that owns a high end pc would generally pay attention. There’s just no comparison between a high end Intel processor and an AMD processor. Call me a fanboy, but an Intel processor at 4.8Ghz dumps on an AMD processor at 4.8Ghz all day long.

        How that relates to this article exactly, I’m not sure.

        1. It relates to the article because even if you are able to load android on an iphone, it will be a waste of time. The iPhone hardware will not meet the new OS requirements. If the iPhone have a decent performance is because is running a lighter low resolution (1136-by-640) OS.

      2. We all know that specs numbers are not directly proportional to performance.
        Try play a game on  your PC at lower resolution then at high resolution, you  will see better performance at low resolution than at high resolution. To do an acurate hardware performance comparison between a Galaxy Note 3 and an iPhone 5s for example, we may need to setup both device to the same software and resolution and that’s something we can’t do.. I think.
        When you get a true HD smartphone, believe me that you wouldn’t like to go back.
        Enjoy you phone and have fun. :)

  55. It would be great to see the response you would get inside an Apple store. It would range from envy to pencils being jammed in eyes.

  56. I’d go for this if it doesn’t require the use of iTunes.

    1. You do know that iOS devices don’t have to be plugged to a computer anymore ?

      1. No but you still have to use itunes and their cloud solution is absolute garbage.

        1. No. You can ditch iTunes if you want. NOTHING forces you to use it. I use Google Music on my Android and iOS devices for example.

  57. Hell No!! I have a 5s and a Note 2 and a Nexus 7 and i wouldn’t run CM on my Note 2 or Nexus 7 even if you paid me to. CM is the biggest hyped piece of crap i’m sorry to say (Yes, i’m in the minority apparently). Nothing ever works right, battery life is crap, 3G/4G data issues, you name it. I don’t get what the fascination is really. A nice rooted de-bloated stock ROM runs circles in (every category) around any CM ROM i’ve ever tried.
    Something must be wrong with me…

    1. Quality varies from device to device. On some devices, it is great. On others, well… not so much :P

      1. I’ve played with CM over the years with devices as far back as the Nexus S 4G and onwards and never been impressed much. AOKP was a bit more tolerable but still. I get your point.

        1. AOKP was always rock-solid on my Gnex. Never tried it on my Nexus 4. Last time I tried CM was on my Droid Incredible – 7.0 was kind of iffy (for reasons I don’t recall), but 7.1 was fine, and it’s still running 7.1 to this day. I use it for an alarm clock now, and it has never crashed :)

  58. The only reason I might consider it is the plethora of LTE bands supported on the iPhone 5s/5c, but the price would quickly make me rethink the decision and the screen would be too difficult to deal with. I’ve been using a G2x and Nexus s for the last month and man is that hard, coming from the GNex(sold while I could still get a good price).

  59. I’d be fine with buying an iPhone that ran stock Android, but would only buy it if it was the best option hardware-wise. For example, I don’t want a 4″ phone, I want a 4.3″ or (maximum) 4.7″ phone. If Apple was the only one to offer that form factor, along with a good camera, I might be inclined to buy one.

    Would I do it for the Apple name? No. I’m happy as hell with my HTC One, and if HTC goes under, I’d be more than happy with Galaxy phone, or a Nexus. But I value well-made hardware, and as Apple is at the forefront of hardware tech, I’d certainly at least give them a look. But I wouldn’t buy it unless it was Android out of the box.

  60. 100 comment woot
    Ok I would love the way the iphone feels. I love the screen and the camrea is amazing! The size isnt the biggest issue for me bc its now over 3″5 in :)

  61. Proud owner of a Galaxy S4, no reason exists to buy an Iphone, or ANY Apple product for that matter!

    1. Size. Period.

      1. you can get tiny phones on android too. It doesn’t benefit anything – it’s harder to read and it’s impossible to use the touchscreen accurately. This is even for people with small hands/tiny fingers.

        1. I want a small phone + I want a powerfull one -> I HAVE to buy an iOS phone.
          I would definitely put CM Android on top of it though !

  62. Why would I buy a overpriced Hardware that run on a ROM that I don’t use.
    There are much more choices already in Android market.

    1. True, why would anyone buy overpriced hardware… But some people do seem to like Samsung phones so to each his own.

  63. so lets get this straight. Phandroid, an ANDROID website, is asking if people would get an iphone? Is this hubris or idiocy?

    I’d buy a cyanogenmod android phone without hesitation. I’d never even consider an iphone.

  64. I would certainly consider it, BUT only if they can preserve the battery life and the camera performance. Pity the poor “not the USA” guys like me who can’t even buy a Moto X!

  65. I would not buy a brand new iPhone just to put Android on it… iOS is not the only reason I don’t like the iPhone, I also don’t like the price-point they sell it at.

  66. Nope, the iPhone form factor seemed beautiful to me when Android was still a pretty new baby, but now there are so many options for better phones than the iPhone. It’s so…tiny. I wouldn’t want it. Nor would I appreciate the Apple logo in the back, but that’s the least of my concerns. I like the feel of my GS3, I love the HTC One, but anything smaller than that is out of the question for me, I consume entirely too much media via my phone for it to be practical.
    But cool that they were able to do it. :)

  67. No the screen is too small

  68. I really don’t understand your beef with the Moto X. The screen was a concession made to serve up the uncontested battery life, the camera has been dramatically improved in the latest update, and you get a substantially larger screen size in an extremely small package considering. This isn’t even going into the X8 computing system or the always listening functionality. I would gladly take the X over the iPhone. The only real benefits the iPhone has over it are more premium materials and a higher resolution screen (which is a hit on the battery life anyways).

  69. skip the screen size…

    it’s still 2 cores, then core count means absolutely nothing these days (for the most part).

    this thing: PowerVR G6430, apparently is REALLY fast. I don’t know if it’s customization of apple’s product set or just the fact of ‘it is’ but if that’s the case, I still wouldn’t put myself in a position to buy it.


    I have the note II. I love my dock. I love my keyboard, and the fact that I can attach
    it to a monitor. I CANNOT DO THAT WITH the iphone hardware.

    1. You can most definitely use a dock, keyboard and monitor with an iPhone.

  70. Yeah sure I would want a device with a small non-HD screen with 1GB of RAM instead of one of the 12 other phones I can get that I can run CM on with much much better hardware and at a better price. Where do I sign up?

  71. There would be problems as the hardware is not designed for the software. This is why windows does not run well on a Mac.

    1. windows runs great on my MBP…

  72. i’d rather a Lumia 1020 or any future Nokia (err… microsoft?) PureView device with android on it…

  73. no but i would buy an iphone with a 5 inch screen I dont gots no gurly hands!!!

  74. I would try it for the simple fact that there are a TON of accessories for the i*hone

  75. The main benefit of the iPhone is its design. The iPhone (and most other Apple products) have a very high build quality that most Android phones have not been able to meet. Spec wise, the iPhone is still a half step behind (even with the 64 bit).
    What they need to do is make a way for Android phones and iPhones to dual boot Android and iOS (kinda how Mac can emulate Windows). If they found a way to do this, everyone would be happy.

  76. No, because I don’t agree with Apple’s business practices.

  77. Or get a low end to mid range android put cm on it ant you have a better device for less

  78. Do you guys just want hits on the site?

    Why would we purchase hardware from the manufacturer that HATES the product that we currently use? Let’s not make Apple’s pockets even deeper. You want build quality? HTC and Sony have some beautiful devices. I don’t just dislike iOS, I dislike Apple the company due to their business practices.

    1. Google and Samsung are just as shady.

      1. I’m so deep in the Google ecosystem that I have no choice. TV, Chromebook, phone, etc along with the future devices I plan on buying. I have no choice but to blindly follow.

        1. We always have a choice.

        2. I have both ios and android devices. Google will always include ios compatibility.

    2. Think you missed the point.

  79. It has good hardware specs but I hate the odd shaped overall small screen size, so no..

  80. There is NO iPHONE that will ever come close to my Note 3. Sickest phone I’ve ever used.

    1. Could not agree more.

    2. Note 3=best phone.

  81. Guys, what weather widget is that?

  82. It’s not just the OS but the styling, size included, I don’t like about the iPhone. So, even running my preferred OS there is nothing that would get me to buy a current iPhone.

  83. Hell to the no. I’ve never even thought about it.

  84. I won’t run it on my Android devices, so I definitely wouldn’t run it on an Apple device.

  85. The iPhone is way too small for my gorilla hands. And way too fragile to even consider using without a case, which pretty much destroys the user experience for me.

    So, no…

  86. No because of the tiny screen. But i would buy an iphone running IOS if it had a 5 inch screen.

  87. I think I MIGHT have said yes about 3 years ago, when the iPhone 4 came out. Back then, that was better hardware than you could really get in an Android phone, and screens weren’t that much bigger/better. But these days, I think Samsung, HTC and LG have equaled or surpassed Apple in the hardware department. The Apple ecosystem is still too closed, which is the only reason anybody buys an iPhone anymore. Well, maybe not the only reason, but the main one.

    1. Samsung and lg usually make the technologies that go into them

      1. Meaning CM wouldn’t be that hard to implement into an iOS device.

      2. making the hardware doesnt change the fact that its outdated and the main reason besides being 4.0 android that its smooth now is the hardware.

  88. I’m a little surprised by the results so far.

    1. Me too. Is it just the small screen?

  89. Still can’t stand the iphone hardware. The hard corners on the top and bottom, the tiny size, the stupid button setup. No no no.

  90. 1st gen iPhone 2G, running Android… because I couldn’t find anything better to do with it at that time

    1. No? What about throwing it on the wall and watching it explode? That would’ve been better. LOL

      1. No. I like their idea better. I even like their Android toy. I want that Android toy. =.3

        Where do you get those? I don’t think I ever knew.

  91. I still wouldn’t switch to iPhone, but I’d love to see this happen.

    It might open up a lot of iPhone owners to Android as many are just stuck in the idea that Android is sub-par software, plus this would help Android developers as they’d be able to support the only top selling smartphone that isn’t running Android.

  92. I have never liked the iPhone or Apple for that matter, but what I have always said, I wish half the accessories that are made for the iPhone would be made for android phones. If I could get the open source goodness of android and the accessory perks of an iPhone and have it all function fluidly I would grab an iphone. car audio is a big one for me. I would love to have my head unit control the phone I could easily play netflix or games for the kids through the system.

  93. You’re right, it is mostly iOS that I hate, not the iPhone itself. I think the iPhones are well constructed. BUT they are too small with too much wasted space eaten up by unnecessary bezel. I much preferred my Nexus 4 to the iPhone 5, and from the early leaks of the Nexus 5, I prefer it to the iPhone 5S. I also prefer the GS4 to the iPhone 5 and 5S. The hardware is just superior in the top Android phones.

  94. iOS sure as hell isn’t for me, but after looking at my mom’s iPhone the other day, it’s even tinier than I remember, and this is the huge new 4 inch screen. Nah, the iPhone would just be another option that I would look over. It has a powerful processor, but I don’t much like the look. Google needs to hurry up and release the Kraken. I mean the Nexus 5.

  95. Too small. The hardware is seriously nice but its just way too small for how I use my phone (GPS, texting/keyboard, interwebs and video chat/hangouts).

    1. Yea. I got to used to a larger screen. 4 inch screens are just too small nowadays.

  96. But why? O_o

  97. It is interesting but I still want to be able to change my battery, have functional NFC, larger screen, glass that doesn’t break when I look at it wrong.

  98. If it had a bigger screen with 1080p I surely would consider it.

    1. Why? Just so you could be stuck with 1GB RAM on a $700 phone?
      Even with a large 1080p display, it would still suck. People buy it because they love the software, or because they want a small phone. A large iPhone running Android has no purpose.

      1. You’re right, it would need a stronger processor and made ram as well. Basically an android phone in an iPhone shell, but bigger. So kind of, no.

  99. everything about the iPhone is optimized to work in unison. If you put any other OS on it, it will run like absolute garbage. Even if you’re a fan of both Android and iOS, you’d have to be a complete, total, undeniable moron to think it would be even a decent experience.

    1. i agree although that picture looks bad ass

  100. Screen too small
    No SD Card expansion
    No Removable battery.

    All 3 deal breakers.

  101. I would. I’d pay 80 bucks for it.

  102. The hardware is years behind, screen is tiny, still have to have that stupid proprietary cable. Lack of Micro SD is a big deal to me, and it’s nice to have removable batteries, especially if it’s one as small as the iphone’s 1500mah. The iphone is only “good” when it’s an iphone running it’s software which is optimized to work with the hardware.

    1. I think the iPhone is only “good” when hell freezes over.

    2. This is true. The memory in the iPhone and the battery does NOT support Android. Android would eat through all that. I didn’t think about that. That’s an interesting point.


  104. Lol Nice try but no

  105. You know what here is the real question. Would you still use CM if they started supporting iPhone? No I would not. Supporting iPhone is a sell out in a major way.

    1. What? How is it a sell out? If iOS devices ran Android, it would be no different than buying an Android phone. They won’t have their apps or anything. Heck, I don’t even think there would be a way to go back.

  106. No. It still comes down to the little things. On stock Android it’s ALL about the extra hardware, and HTC wins with that. Only because of the speakers. =.3

    But the iPhone is too small for me anyways. 4 inches? My gosh!! What is that? A Nexus 1? LoL!! I’m kidding. Though, that Android screen is looking sexy on that iPhone. =.P

    1. HTC One Max does have a LOT of extra hardware. That thing is almost as big as a Nexus 7.

  107. I’d mess around with one. But it would be weird. Phones mad small. And how would itunes work? Would it be like samsung apps no longer being accessible because of CM? I doubt it could be my daily. Im used to multiple buttons too lol. And the iPhone is so fast because its software is hand and hand with the hardware. Optimized and all that. If Android is on it..itll be like going back two years to the S2 but with a better camera….. Nah ill pass lol.

  108. OK, lets think like this: would you mess around with the ugliest girl of the party just because she has suddenly become intelligent? Me neither.

    1. How does “an ugly girl” suddenly become “intelligent”? Your analogy seems to be mistaken. Didn’t you mean an ugly girl who suddenly became beautiful? I’m sorry, but to superficial guys, tomboys do that all the time. All it takes is a nice dress, a new hairstyle, and a little makeup.

      Perhaps more accurately, would you, presumably as a heterosexual male, have sex with a guy who had a sex change operation?

      1. No, I meant intelligent because the software is the intangible part, the mind. And the hardware is the tangible part, the body. Of course, in the real world someone cant just suddenly become intelligent, however in the smartphone world you can trade the devices mind (the OS) very quickly, making it much more intelligent. My point was that, even with the iPhone having brighter mind, it still would have all the hardware/body flaws.

        1. Consider the iPhone a “butter face”

  109. As look as they have death factories in China and have this year’s tech I say a resounding HELL NO!!!!!

  110. As long

  111. The screen is too small! I don’tlike the hardware or the software.

  112. No f*****g way! The tiny postage stamp sized screen will drive me nuts.

    1. The tiny screen would drive me nuts too but not as nuts as trying to carry a massive phone in my pocket or trying to use a massive phone one handed. Bezel size is a huge deal on bigger phones. Less than 5″ tall and maybe 2.6″ wide or it’s too big. That size could still fit a 4.7″ screen and even a 5″ screen.

  113. Really? This is what CyaNOgenmuppets are doing these days? Luckily other groups are out there concentrating on real devices. Oh how the mighty have fallen…

  114. Actually yeah, if it had a bigger screen. I love android for the customization, but as a former iPhone owner, I do miss the build quality. Doesn’t really matter, I doubt it will happen.

  115. I like how the 5c feels in the hand, but its much much too small. I would need one at least the size of the s4.

  116. It’s too small, but it’s pretty interesting lol.

  117. The G2 screen size and battery life has me spoiled. Plus, kill it with fire.

    1. The G2 is too big and the software sucks. Battery life is good though. It’s not fantastic. Just good. Still, better than most phones.

  118. You can’t polish a turd!

    1. Actually, the mythbusters proved that you can.

      1. :) I take that back!

  119. Honestly the screen is really small for what i have to do on a daily basis, a 4.7″ screen is good but i do prefer my note 3. multitasking heaven :)

    1. I don’t blame ya.

  120. No. The hardware isn’t good enough for the price. What’s the point?

  121. Been a few hours since I read the article and I’ve been thinking, it’s probably far more underwhelming than this. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced its something stupid like official Goophone support.

    Anyways, how would possibly make the lightning connector work with android?


    1. You look like you’d enjoy doing that……

      1. Mine is 5.7″ haha

        1. I wouldn’t brag about that

          1. Lol, msg was intended to be for techguy22 because he was bragging about his 4.7″ screen. Sowy.

          2. lol, couldn’t resist….

        2. Note 3 hey?

    2. HTC One is the sweet spot. I wouldnt get that laggy touchwiz garbage aka note 3 or downgrade to an iphone either

    3. The HTC One is HUGE!! 5.41″ x 2.69″!!! That’s ridiculous!!! No reason the One couldn’t be like 4.6 x 2.6″. The screen size is perfect. The overall dimensions SUCK. Top and both bezel are HUGE. Even with the speakers it could be smaller.

  123. Way to under powered

  124. Honest question (just thought this up), will this count as an Android activation or an Apple activation?

  125. lol sorry, but no. The hardware is part of the reason I left iPhone after the iPhone 4. Android has more options, better options, better hardware, better software. No contest.

  126. i use only motorola hardware

  127. The insane amount of iPhone accessories has always made me jealous. I would seriously consider an android iPhone.

  128. I like iphones hardware for the most part, but what they dont have is a big issue with me. Hate the small screen size, need to add more ram, removable battery and SD card slot are a few of the things that keep me in Samsung’s corner.

    My wife has an iphone 5 and while it looks great, the build quality has some flaws, such as the silver trim bezel bends incredibly easy near the volume buttons and hers has a random small protrusion from the inside out on the back, which just seems odd. Kept it in a otterbox defender since day 1, and otherwise in flawless shape and really have no idea how either flaw happened.

  129. tiny screen equals a big fat no

  130. I do not think it is worth considering. Apple hardware is designed to pull another type of OS therefore it might be slow. The small screen is a huge deal breaker.

  131. put a yes coz i think its a good idea. there’s a possibility that i might get myself one, but then again, its not so simple.
    will be be underclocked? overclocked?
    then there’s also the other things like the lack of external storage, etc……
    but if the OS is stable enough and we can get some connectors that allows us to plug in a card reader, etc…… yea, i think it might be cool.
    but having said all that, hardware on android isn’t all that bad. to each, his own. i absolutely love my note 2.

  132. That 4.0″ screen sure is appealing…….not.

    1. I can’t stand Apple of iOS but the 4.87″ x 2.31″ dimensions sure are appealing.

  133. I don’t like the sharp edges. Love how my SGN rests in my hand, never felt good with the newer iphones, and other phones like the HTC One. Yeah and -1 on the screen too, i’m more a 4,5 – 5″ screen guy.

    1. 4.5 – 5″ would be fine if they got the bezel size down. No reason a phone with a 5″ screen can’t be less than 5″ tall.

  134. I don’t buy Apple-products because they are not good (quite the opposite), but because I don’t support their smug, arrogant attitude and dubious ethics. Buying and iPhone with CM would still be giving Apple my money.

    1. Nail, Head, nuff said.

    2. Well said. I wouldn’t either. Although
      a phone with similar dimensions and high end internals running Android would be
      pretty awesome. These 5″+ tall phones really suck. I mean even the Galaxy
      S4, which is considered SMALL by today’s standards, is 5.38″ x 2.75″ which makes easy, one handed use and
      comfortable pocketability pretty much impossible.

  135. Well maybe if it was priced accordingly like $350 or $400, TBH that thing needs iOs to sell as an Android device that thing is crapola

  136. Way to heavy compared to way to small screen size. Top it up with way to pricy, and there you go: No way!

  137. Smaller screen, worse resolution, no nfc and more expensive.

    Not for me I’m afraid.

    1. Same here. I’m all-phablets now, and iPhone’s puny screen size doesn’t cut it.

  138. I hope these boys are ready for the law suite Apple will surely file for using their hardware without that God awful iOS.

  139. The only thing I would like is the same oleophobic coating they use on the iPhone screen on my Note 3.

  140. I’d put Android on my iPod if possible.

  141. No Scotty.

  142. Yes. That would be very interesting.

  143. I wouldn’t buy an Apple product just for CM, but I would definitely talk my girlfriend into letting me try installing it on her old iPhone 4 (if possible).

  144. It appears you’ve opened up a can of worms with this one Chris.

  145. I’d give some good money to be able to dual boot my iPhone 5 with Android. I have an iPhone 5 and a Nexus 4. I like both devices they both have their pros and cons.

  146. They probably wouldn’t be able to re-sell it and call it an iPhone.

  147. Just need a follow up article now….Would you still buy an iphone if ios could be run on other smartphones…?

  148. This is a truly idiotic suggestion. People buy iPhones because they want iOS and iTunes, it’s not because of the hardware which is nothing special. You might as well suggest that Jack Daniels build a special distillery to serve the Saudi market. Anyone who places a high priority on hacking their phone is going to buy a Nexus device because it’s designed to make that easy, the iPhone is designed to make that nearly impossible. The best bet for a market for Cyanogen is older Android devices that have been abandoned by their manufacturers, that’s where they should be putting their very limited resources, they certainly shouldn’t waste as much as a millisecond thinking about hacking the iPhone.

  149. I just want to now what weather app widget the is on the home screen, looks sleek, that’s all I care about lol.

  150. No way. I do not support Apple for their patent shenanigans.

  151. If it ran CM and Android wouldn’t it be just another Android device then?
    Would have to pre-installed to keep from having to see iOS7 ever.

  152. Um, no. I don’t like the physical iPhone form with the ridiculously narrow screen. If Apple releases a decent size screen, this might be worthwhile.

    1. The size of the iPhone is the only reason I would even consider it. This over 5″+ tall and over 2.7″ wide crap on current Android phones sucks. I want a phone that is comfortable and easy to use with one hand and comfortably fits in a pocket. That just isn’t possible with phones like the Galaxy S4, One, G2, Z1, etc. If Android phone manufactures would start making phones with small bezels it would be different. Why no 4.9″ x 2.65″ Android phones with a 4.7-5″ screen. It’s not like it can’t be done.

      1. Then the note 2 is definitely not for you. The HTC one is very comfortable in the hand. I don’t know how it wouldn’t be. Maybe you have really small hands which is ok. Just stick to the s3 or something similar. you can’t compare the size of the htc one to the s4 or g2 as they are both bigger for sure.

        1. I didn’t even mention the Note 2. The Galaxy S4, G2 and One are all over 5″ tall. It doesn’t matter which one is bigger. They are all too big. Easy and comfortable one handed use and comfortable pocketablilty are important to me and no high end phones have that anymore.

          And by the way, no, I don’t have small hands. I have average size hands for a 6 foot tall male.

      2. You’re entitled to your opinion. Personally, spending day after day working on different phone models, going back to the iPhone is painful. That keyboard is tough to type on. I prefer the 4.7″-4.9″ screens. The Galaxy Note series is too big for a person, but my S4 or Droid Maxx are just fine for one handed use.

  153. I do like the design of the iphone, i just don’t like ios but would it be worthwhile to run android on an iphone with less than 1GB of ram ?

    1. i think the os of iphone is good buy the screen size is too small.

  154. Unless the Iphone can make their screen as big as Galaxy S4, and maybe make use of LTE advanced, I would get it. But for now, Galaxy S4 with the latest Android is on my shopping list.

  155. look at this video and you will say no

  156. Screen too small. Battery too weak. I hate that home button. So no.

    1. For most people the screen is fine. Of course for those like me that have the note 2 its small. But battery is not weak. Most iphones my wife has owned have outlasted my note 2 sometimes. Also, samsung has a home button and I love it. Again, its what you prefer.

      1. My wife’s iPhone 5 barely lasts her till 2pm where my Nexus 4 lasts all day. When I had a Note 2, my battery ran circles around hers. But as always, everyone’s mileage will vary.
        Personally, I love the on-screen buttons and prefer them over physical buttons, but I can definitely understand why some people prefer the physical button.

        1. Your wife must be a heavy user while you must use it normally.
          both phones can last 8 hours with 4G LTE

      2. Your wife’s screen on time must be less that 15 minutes a day.

        1. I don’t think it was. Plus my Note 2 is running constantly and has 3 email addresses constantly syncing plus I use it for business all day. That could be a reason for the battery. Of course now I couldn’t tell you anymore since my wife no longer uses iphone. She used an s3 for a couple days and never went back to her iphone. Right now she is on the HTC One s after switching her to tmobile from sprint. She wants her s3 again so i’m looking for a good priced s3 LTE version. Either way the iphone 4 had great battery life but every next model that came after it got worse and worse due to it doing more. THat is why Iove my note 2. even after a full day of constant syncing and updating and lots of use I can get a full day on it.

  157. If you can think of it, China can make it :

  158. I’d like iOS on my note 3…Unfortunately, Apple’s Appstore is better :-( But I know all the apps wouldn’t scale to the 1080p from the little 640p screen’s they are made for

  159. I don’t buy no-removable battery, tiny display, little and expensive internal memory only, metal CRAP.

    1. So you stick to flimsy plastic crap?
      Got it.

      1. My Note II’s ” flimsy plastic” does NOT need a stupid cover like your “premium, quality material” scrap metal junk do.

        Got it?

        1. Calm down.

        2. i dunno where you got that rubbish from.
          calm down

    2. Last time i checked the iphone hardware is actually pretty good. Its the os that makes it not good. Size is a matter of preference. Metal is also a matter of preference. Of course I can’t go below 5″ anymore on screen size and a Note 2 with a metal body would be awesome.

  160. Sure why not?

  161. I’d consider it just because of the overall size of the phone. The iPhone is a bit small but current high end Android phones tend to be will over 5″ tall and getting close to 3″ wide. That makes one handed use and comfortable pocketability pretty much impossible.

  162. I think the whole reason people buy iPhones is because of the iOS and the reason why many don’t buy it is because of the housing (like non removable battery, smaller screen, etc). I have an iPhone (switched from Android) so i guess not. However, if you don’t mind that stuff I mentioned before iPhones are one of the best feeling phones (next to HTC), that metal really gets me.

    1. Not true. If google had its way, all android phones would not have sd slot. A non removable battery is not that bad. Look at the htc one and the nexus 4. Plus, not having a memory card is more secure if you ever loose your phone. As long as your backing up your phone on a regular basis it’s not a bad thing. Of course you need at least 32gb to make this worthwhile. The whole reason people buy iphone is not IOS. It is because their hardware is actually built strong although features are a little behind android and people are addicted to apple due to their marketing.

  163. I’m a lover of all things Apple AND Android. An iPhone running CM would be my perfect device if:
    1) The screen was larger,
    2) It had an SD card slot.

    1. Wouldn’t be a iphone than.

    2. buy an iphone counterfeit then lol. big screen is for sure next year, but SD is never gonna happen

  164. I still wouldn’t give a dime of my money to apple..

  165. No buy…screen is too small.

  166. What Nazi scientist came up with this abomination

  167. No. Apple is way too evil these days.

  168. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  169. Honestly, no. iPhones has been getting away with using far less powerful hardware than high-end Androids due to far better optimization between iOS and the hardware than you find in the vast and diverse Android ecosystem.

    When this advantage is removed, iPhone 5S would be at best a mid-range android phone with no real advantages.

    1. Well, iphone 5s raw performance is actually extreme (at least for a dual-core) :

      What are you taking about ?

      1. Woah performance, I never know that iPhones have good hardwares like that. If Apple put quad core processors for iPhones, it’ll be the best.

        1. They absolutely don’t need a quad core in the iPhone : this dual is already more powerfull than most quads AND consumes much less power.
          But they could make a quad-core beast to power the iPad, or even a MacBook.
          We’ll know that tuesday when they announce their new products.

          1. Absolutely correct. With the A7 processor, Apple is miles ahead in terms of pure performance advantage. When you instead look at the performace per watt of power usage, its light years ahead. The battery life that the iPhone 5s pulls with a 1560mAh battery is nothing short of amazing, considering the A7 is the most powerful mobile processor at the moment.

  170. I would consider it as one of the more serviceable options next upgrade. I don’t like the lack of SD/removable battery, but a lot of Android phones are going that way nowadays too. So that might not make a difference.

    I wouldn’t buy new, because… dear Lord, the price!!!… so no money in Apple’s pocket, which is a win.

    The screen size is perfect for me, so I’m not going to complain about that.

    Conclusion… yeah, it’d be a nice option. But if CM could get Android up and running on a Lumia? Hell yeah. There in a flash.

  171. iPhone specs maybe great on iOS but on Android it’s a very different story. I really don’t expect Apple A-x dual core chip can run Android smoothly

    1. The A7 chip is currently the most powerfull ARM SoC on the planet, be it CPU or GPU-wise.
      Couple it with 2Gb of RAM and this would totally fly with Android.

  172. How about Android on a Blackberry Playbook or BB10 device, or better yet a Nokia 1020 :) Iphone hardware is lacking many standard features of high end devices and low ammount of RAM make it equally crappy an option as say the HTC One mini or Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

    1. I would’ve loved if Nokia would’ve gone the Android route… A 41 Megapixel camera and Android… Windows Phone is.. not worth it and Blackberry their time is running out quick.

    2. i really want a BB9930 with Andorid inside. who can do me a favor to make one android BB9930 for me? i like the keyboard.

  173. I would take the iphone if I could put android on it without jailbreaking…but the chip apple uses would have to compatible with android

    1. Apple chips are totally compatible by design (full ARM ISA compliance). Nothing weird here dude.

  174. 4″ screen – no thanks. It’s a fine phone for people who like smaller screens and are ok without expandable storage / removable batteries, though, and it has a killer camera and very good screen.

  175. of course. The iphone hardware is good. Its the software that keeps me away. although good you can do more with android. An iphone 4s chassis with android 4.2? That would be great.

  176. What is the name of the Clock widget in these photos?

    1. I’d like to know this as well.

  177. Ha yeah right. i wouldn’t buy that phone in a million years. over price P.O.S.

  178. Depends on how it runs, iPhones have much lesser specs from less intense software, but seeing the moto X maybe a crazy Snapdragon 800 isnt necessary

  179. The answer would be simple for many… No. and not just because of the OS but simply because of the hardware specs inside the iPhone… even with the “64bit” processor now… Android phones currently on the market have so much better hardware specs than current and past iPhones it shouldn’t even be a question…

    1. You don’t seem to know that the iPhone 5s hardware is the most powerful available today. Just check any tech site : this A7 processor is a monster.
      Once again, it’ll take about a year to Android devices to have faster hardware than the last iPhone. By then, the iPhone 6 will be out.

      1. How is the iPhone 5S hardware most advanced out there? Snapdragon 800 is a beast. as for 64-Bit… Majority of apps are still written in 32 Bit and they’ll have to be rewritten for 64-Bit architecture.

        I assume you have not touched or used the LG G2 for example? A Galaxy Note 3?

        I do not go by reviews on any tech site I prefer personal hands on for any piece of hardware. I have never been impressed with iPhone at all.

        1. Personal hands… yeah, you got a point :-D

          1. I mean the iPhone 5s is a nice device. Apple has a good product. I personally would never purchase an iPhone because I am so used to Android, it’s widgets etc. having a little more control of the look and feel. My wife enjoyed her iPhone 4 for the longest time. It will be a lifetime discussion between iOS and Android..

  180. They would have to at least make the screen bigger. That’s just the start of what it would take

  181. That depends, will it be like a Note II, Note III or LG G2? Then, um, no.

  182. Nope. Screens to small and 1gb of RAM on android will not run smoothly. This isn’t iOS, android truly multitask and it needs the power since we can do a lot more at once.

    1. What? My Galaxy S II runs like a dream even with 1GB of RAM

    2. Android truly multitasks ? I’d rather say Android has no intelligent memory management. I just HATE having to deal with my opened apps on my Nexus devices whereas any iOS device does it quite well alone.
      This is one of the most misunderstood advantages iOS has : allowing the user not to bother with those things.

  183. personally, no, but I would be interested in benchmarking Android/Cyanogenmod against iOS

  184. an iphone with dual boot iOS and ANdroid would be a dream. Both worlds in one awsome device..

    1. The other way around is already here, any android phone can run ilauncher and run IOS like interface. Too bad you can’t run an android launcher on an iphone since Apple would never allow you to.

  185. Why would I ? The iphone as a device with out the iOS will not stand a chance against the Decepticons out there. What makes the iphone popular is that people got used to its OS.

  186. I wonder how smooth iOS would run on an Android device O.o

    1. Extremely smooth, if optimized to the hardware as well, not just ported. Just ask an iPhone 4/4S owner how iOS7 lags on their device. The only reason why iOS was smooth before 7 was because of the basic UI and minimal transitions.

      1. I dunno, no Android device has PowerVR graphics. PowerVR GPU’s are very powerful, and so far no Android based device has matched it.

        1. Your statement is incorrect.

          1. Ok, do tell us, which GPU is more capable? here is proof that PowerVR makes the best GPU’s

          2. No no no, that is not what I meant. I meant that your statement about no Android phone ever using a PowerVR GPU is wrong.

          3. Is it really that difficult for you to add a few extra words to that? I was not aware of an Android device with PowerVR. Which one?

          4. I didn’t have to. I thought you would ask. And the Galaxy Nexus O.O, and also many, if not most, of Android phones with TI OMAP processors. Plus, just a side note, I read somewhere in a technical paper that PowerVR’s only render the pixels that will be visible to the user, not the whole model.

          5. Oh the buggiest phone ever made? I had a G-Nex, it was a POS.

          6. Yeah…..still, my point is made.

          7. Obviously.

          8. Chill

          9. Slow Your Roll

          10. O.o

          11. o_O

          12. You started it you know? You were so defensive from the get go.

          13. The Galaxy S4 has PowerVR GPU (SGX544MP3) in its Exynos Octa version.

        2. The Adreno 320 was on par with the GPU in the iPhone 5 and ULP GeForce in Tegra 4 was more powerful. The Adreno 330 is a lot more powerful than both above mentioned and the last 5XT in the iPad 4 (554MP4 I believe).

          I believe the 330 is slightly more powerful than the new PowerVR 6 in the 5S as well. It’s GLBench results aren’t as impressive as everyone thought.

          That said, I know PowerVR is good. They powered some of the older devices with TI chipsets (Galaxy Nexus, Moto DEFY, Droid RAZR, etc). But I seriously think Adreno has caught upto it and even passed it by now. Not to mention what Tegra 5 will bring as Nvidia focuses on gaming.

  187. No way. Too little screen.

  188. What clock App/Skin is in the screenshot?

  189. Bigger is always better – Note 2

  190. Will the Cult of Apple allow this ?

  191. Worlds first phone to have an octa core processor announced, its UMI X2S

    1. Cortex A7 is crap.
      Eight times crap is still crap.

  192. The button layout wouldn’t make ANY sense.

  193. hell no. why would I want a 4 inch screen?

    1. Because it would actually fit comfortably in your front pocket and could be used easily with one hand. I really like that.

  194. nah, they are ugly phones, android can’t help that. I’ve never understood why apple get all this design love, especially after the releases of the super fugly 5 and 5s. I will say however, the original iPhone had style, class AND design chops, that can’t be said for anything coming out of cupertino since.

    1. I think the iPhone looks pretty nice actually and the newer ones look much better than the older ones. The original iPhone was pretty ugly. It terms ok looks I think the iPhone is one of the best on the market. Samsung, LG and Motorola makes ugly phones.

  195. Android will not improve its mediocre build quality, the purple haze cam, the terrible battery, and the tiny screen. So no thanks.

    1. The iPhone actually gets better battery life than most Android phones. It takes a 50% bigger battery(or more) on an Android phone to get the battery life that an iPhone gets. I don’t even like the iPhone(or Apple in general) but I’d be lying if I said they didn’t get pretty good battery life.

      1. Correct. But we have absolutely no idea what the battery performance of an iPhone would be with the Android OS. Much of the battery savings we see is from power management code embedded in an OS for specific target architectures.

        Since Apple doesn’t currently sell its CPU/SoC incantations, there’s no way for anyone to optimize their own OS code without documentation for their CSRs. Also, since they’re not distributing it, they can be much more flexible with which aspects of the ARM specification to not implement.

      2. Wrong. The Galaxy S2 from 2011 and the iPhone 5 have comparable specs. Both have around the same battery capacity, both run dual core CPUs that are roughly clocked at the same frequency, and yet the S2 has much better battery life.

        1. The Galaxy S2 has better battery life than the iPhone 5? Are you kidding? Everyone I have ever talked to says their iPhone 5 has pretty good battery life while the people I know with an SII(including ME) complain about battery life all the time.

  196. the iphone design is pretty dated in my eyes.

  197. no I wouldn’t buy an iphone with android even it would be an iphone 5s not because of android but because the iphone is too expensive and it’s screen is too small

  198. Humm…. Buy an overpriced phone, with smaller screen, dualcore processor and non removable battery….. erm NO

  199. High end specs? That iPhone runs specs from low end Android devices. Why would you want that?

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