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HTC can’t seem to find the formula for success in the mobile market, reporting losses quarter over quarter. There is no easy formula for a market in which the top 3 manufacturer is doing bad. Samsung and Apple are pretty much the only ones doing well and something has to be done. Could an acquisition be the best solution for HTC?

Recent rumors assure that HTC has been meeting with Lenovo for a possible acquisition that would conclude during the first half of 2014. It’s said these meetings have been held since August, 2013. What exactly could be happening here?


We know HTC is not at its best, but we didn’t think they could be that hurt yet. Also, Lenovo is no renowned brand in the smartphone/tablet market. Lenovo does have a large presence in Asia, though. Their computers are also very popular in the rest of the world. Could it be Lenovo wants to improve its lackluster mobile department by bringing in HTC’s expertise?

Seems to make sense. And though we hate to see HTC going somewhere else, it’s a great brand and we also wouldn’t like to see it completely die. Let’s wait until we hear more on this, because none of it is official just yet. We should be hearing more if this rumor is true – in which case, you will be the first we tell!

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