Oct 4th, 2013


Hipster trolls, Robert Downey Jr., top-ranked Android handsets — no matter what HTC does, the company just can’t seem to win. The report is in on the OEM’s 3rd quarter 2013 financials and HTC execs and analysts are once again seeing red. For the most recent quarter, HTC posted a net loss of NT$2.97 billion ($101 million), well over initial estimates that had the company losing NT$1.71 billion on average.

Overall operating loss for the quarter was NT$3.5 billion after NT$47 billion in sales. The loss was again over analyst projections, while total sales fell short of the expected mark. The mounting losses, which have seen HTC’s stock value drop by 80 percent over the past two years, are perplexing. More acutely, HTC’s inability to turn things around is what has most scratching their heads.

The manufacturer appears to be making many of the right moves on the surface, releasing quality devices, putting a hefty amount of advertising behind them, and reducing superfluous expenses. But the formula isn’t working, for whatever reason. While the HTC One was well received, its release was overshadowed by Samsung’s Galaxy S4. As the rival continues to increase its stranglehold on the Android market, HTC continues to lose value, and the Taiwanese company can only do that for so long before drastic actions will need to be taken.

[via Bloomberg]

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