“Hurrying Troll Champagne,” and other crazy names from the HTC Generator


htc generator

So HTC released this word generator for everyone to play with. It’s simple: click a button, and you’ll get three words, each starting with the three letters which make up HTC’s name. Since the company’s letters don’t really mean anything anymore (well… it used to stand for “High Tech Computer Corporation,” but they don’t want you to know that) they thought it’d be cool to let imaginations run wild. Here are just a few we’ve come across during our time of mindless fun with the thing:

  • Herculean Toasted Carnivore — So Hercules finally adopted his father’s power and learned how to cook a good steak with lightning. Not bad.
  • Hungry Ticking Competition — It could work… maybe. Clocks tick, and in order to tick they need gears. And those gears are hungry for power (because how else are they going to move?) And life is one big competition. Totally works.
  • Hyperactive Technician Cubical — OK, this one makes too much sense.
  • Happy Tourist Catapult — Something tells me tourists won’t be happy to be catapulted anywhere.
  • Humorous Teenager Coffee — Because there’s nothing funnier than a coffee made for the same baristas who are usually hired to make it.
  • Helicopter Truck Cosmonaut — Sounds like Apollo 13 and Knight Rider had a baby.

What kind of crazy names have you come across with this thing? Give it a whirl over at HTC’s site, and be sure to post your own (with a little commentary, if you don’t mind) in the comments section below. Have fun, and keep it classy!

PS: after a decent amount of tries, you’ll come across this video:

… which is pretty much a longer version of the Vine HTC posted yesterday. The HTC One Max is definitely on the horizon.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Hipster telephone competition

  2. Handmade Telescope Cookie

  3. Hovering technological car

  4. Honorable Targeting Cactus.

  5. hefty teenage cantaloupe

    1. These names though. I got Hero Touching Cactus. Like WTF? LoL!!

      1. Okay Superman, show us on the doll where the cactus touched you.

  6. Using these as ideas for my upcoming band name. Thanks, Happy Telephone Company! :D

  7. hefty tatertot coconut …. :P

  8. Her Tasty Clitoris

    1. WINNER!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hottub Tatoo Cowboy

  10. Hot Tourist Cruisliner.! Legit. Makes sense.

    1. Makes (HTC) Sense.

  11. Happy Telephone company they used in the end of the last promo was waful

  12. Hottub Taxidermist Carnivore

  13. High Telephone Crab. LOL, too much weed… : D

  14. Hillbilly Telephone Company

  15. Hyper Throwing Contest – I only ask one thing – what I have to eat to be able to compete?

  16. Holy turtle crap. Hot toasted coconut.

  17. Hefty tuba competition. Honourable troll company

  18. Helicopter

    …HTC must be fans of Lauren Faust’s work.

  19. Slow news day?

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      Using these as ideas for my upcoming band name. Thanks, Happy Telephone Company! :D

  20. Hungry Tarantula Contest

  21. Hot Things Coming…That was what I wanted.
    Hungry Troll Championship…That’s what I got.

  22. Handsome Tiger Cactus

  23. Hyenas

    …because we all know the dingo ate yo bay bee!

  24. HTC – Pot for dyslexics

  25. Huge Trotting Cheese

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