HTC signs Robert Downey Jr. for $12 million marketing deal



Blooomberg is reporting today that Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. has just been signed into a marketing deal with none other than HTC. We can’t be sure exactly what HTC has in store for Mr. Jr., but the fine print involves Downey in a variety of television, print, and billboard advertising.  Our minds are already running wild Iron Man color schemed, limited edition HTC Ones.

Okay, so the deal doesn’t exactly involve Downey’s Iron Man film persona, but we’ll continue dreaming anyway. Looks like the HTC One was a big enough success for HTC to feel like they could splurge a little on a big name endorsement. If you can’t sign Jay-Hova, I guess Tony Stark is the next best thing.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. This is a much better move than Jay-Z. Well played HTC, well played.

    1. What planet do you live on where Robert Downey, Jr. is more famous, more relevant, and carries fewer drug arrests than Jay-Z? I think if anything it shows how out of touch HTC is, and I’m a big HTC fan.

      1. sadly, I agree. I relate with Hova way more than I do with Downey…

        but we’ll have to see what Iron Man and HTC come up with first

        1. They are about the same age, so unless it’s just the culture of hip hop how do you relate to either?

          1. definitely the hip hop culture

      2. Robert Downey Jr > jay z

        1. Without a doubt. Even before IM.

        2. 100%. Jay-Z?! Not even close.

          1. Jay-Z and technology do NOT got together but RDJ and cutting edge tech go together better than Samsung & Nexus phones…it just makes sense. Jay-Z is cool and all, I like him and his music, but seeing him push a cell phone would in NO WAY make me want to buy to more but Robert Downey Jr. using the NEW HTC Nexus device would get me really exciteded to spend some money.

      3. Earth. Right now, everyone, young and old, has at least some familiarity with and interest in RDJ. Not so much with Mr. Z.

        1. Robert Downey Jr has been on the cover of every major magazine from Forbes to GQ?

          People are familiar with Tony Starks, not RDJ.

          Jay-Z is a brand and has a history or marketing himself and products. In addition to his numerous businesses from Rocafella to now Roc Nation Sports.

          1. RDJ has famous long before the Iron Man movies. Jay-Z isn’t well known to who aren’t into hip-hop and rap (the majority of us).

        2. In just one of his recent accomplishments, Jay-Z was an executive producer on ‘The Great Gatsby’ soundtrack. I don’t know how you correlate The Great Gatsby and one of hip-hop’s biggest stars… but it happened. Also, his wife is the most famous woman in the world. Shoot yourself.

          1. but not everybody likes hip-hop….however who doesn’t like IronMan movies or the Avengers? I’d say HTC should take the mainstream approach here and not the hiphop-beatsbyDre-approach which didn’t work out before.

            Also. the Great Gatsby (the movie) is mediocre….to much fuzz about nothing interesting

          2. Wow. A stupid person. They really exist.

            The biggest problem I see with many of you morons commenting is that you want Android to be accepted amongst the mainstream communities… after all, that’s the only way the companies producing them will ultimately survive… but for some reason you seem to think that anyone gives two damns about things like your musical fancies or your haughty movie reviews. Now, please sit down for this, just in case… No one f**king cares.


            The last time I checked, The Great Gatsby 2013 remake had pulled in over three hundred million dollars, on a one hundred million dollar budget. Do you know what that means? It means nobody gives a f**k what you thought about it. Two hundred million f**ks were not given about your assessment of the movie!


            If you didn’t know…… actually, I won’t give you more credit than you’re worth…… I know you didn’t know this, but The Great Gatsby soundtrack debuted at number two on the Billboard Top 200, and managed to sit in the top ten for a number of weeks afterwards. As the executive producer of the album, that looks really well on Jay-Z’s resume.

            You know… if he has a resume, since I’d think being worth over six hundred million dollars kind of negates you from needing a resume. But what do I know my name’s not RitishOemsafasjnoonegivesaflyingfuckdfasjdf?

            Just another pot ol’ gold (soundtrack production) for him to stir his hands in. That’s the point, his wealth and influence runs beyond solely people with darker skin that you show a ridiculously childish disdain for! And really, sweetheart, that’s all it’s about. Money and popularity… using each other’s brands to reach audiences that you may not have been able to reach before hand.

            Not what you like or don’t like, not what what you consider grand, or mediocre.


            Now go play Candy Crush or whatever the popular time-waster of the week is, while people smarter than you continue to make smart business deals.

          3. The F you smoking?

            “The biggest problem I see with many of you morons commenting is that you want Android to be accepted amongst the mainstream communities”

            Not really, I just want HTC to do well..be it by mainstream or not.

            And the Great Gatsby made a big profit…wooptiedoo…do you get anything of that? NO? Then why the F do you care?
            Last time I checked even crap like most shows on tv make a profit… and that does not mean they are any good (especially because being good or bad is an opinion, not something expressed in profit)

            But I guess stupid people like you don’t know that. Go back to your little hole in the ground hobbit!

          4. I think we should be best friends. A hundred times over.

      4. Jay-Z is only more famous among a certain demographic, if you catch my drift….

        1. Yeah, How racist of you.

          1. So pointing out the truth, makes me racist?

          2. If you think only a “certain demographic” is familiar with Jay-Z I suggest you leave your cave in Nebraska and join the rest of society.

            And exactly what demographic is Warren Buffet?

          3. If we go by your labels of racism, then you are a racist as well, according to you.

          4. Congress (the Republicans) was bitching about Jay-Z and his famous wife Beyonce going to Cuba. So to act like to of the biggest acts in music are only known by black folks, shows how stupid you and nightscout are. If that’s the case are you both black? I always laugh. Nobody black has wrote anything negative about RDJ, white folks love to hate Jay Z got paid though….he’s worth 6-700 million. So what’s another 20 million?

          5. You are aware that Abraham Lincoln, who freed the blacks was a Republican, right? And a LOT of democrats voted against the 13th Amendment.

            Same in the 1960’s, Democrats voted against desegregation.

            If only modern blacks knew the true history of this country.

          6. I’m aware he did it out of self interest. Yes. The greatest proponents for Jim Crow were Republicans. 1862 means not as much to me as Kennedy fighting and dying for desegregation. Black people weren’t truly emancipated until civil rights act of 1964. What good is living in a country if your rights aren’t the same of everyone else? By the way LBJ and JFK were Democrats….

            If only modern whites knew the true history of Amerikkka

          7. What does “knowing the true history of this country” have anything to do with how people vote today?

            You realize that the parties aren’t the same as they were back then, right? Asking people to base their vote on how a party USED to be instead of how they ARE would be asinine.

          8. After all the 237yrs of this countries history, here is what remains the same between the two parties. Democrats want YOU to be dependent on them, whether it’s slavery, or social programs, Democrats encourage being dependent on the government.
            Whereas the Republicans want you as an individual to be free and and not reliant on the government.
            All these years, that is what remains the same.

            If you ever care to learn the real world differences, just compare the states of Texas, and California, one state has businesses running to it, and the other state has businesses running away from it. One state is economically healthy, the other is not. Also, Texas legislature isn’t in session all year because they believe in limiting government.

            Both Chicago & Detroit have had Democratic mayors for a very, very long time, if you care to notice, Detroit has been bleeding population for 20yrs or so, there are parts of that city the police don’t even patrol anymore.
            People like to give Clinton credit for the economy in the 90’s, no matter who was president, the dot.com boom still would hav3 happened.

          9. The Republican platform in Lincoln’s day was centered entirely around a promise to EXPAND the Federal government.

            For the love of God they were promising to give out FREE LAND if he got elected. That’s not a hand up, that’s a hand out.

            Your entire opinion is based on a history that didn’t exist and cherry picked examples that support your bias.

            If the Republican party of today were even a shadow of what it was back then, I’d vote for them. Unfortunately today it’s full of self-interest and religious bigotry.

          10. Also, it was the Democrats who formed the KKK:


            The NRA helped freed blacks defend themselves against the Democrat KKK:


          11. More bad history on the side of the Democrats.
            Definetly not a history to be proud of!

            Especially for minorities, who truly care about freedom. And not being enslaved to the Democratic party and and all it’s government programs.

            And by the way, any comments about Republicans and defense, the FIRST duty of the federal government is to protect the people.

          12. The way you worded it gave a Racist drift.

          13. And what about the response from Komplex? My hint was milder than his. He went all out.

          14. Your another internet coward. You make stupid racist comments because you feel untouchable. The world is bigger than Amerikkka man. You need to travel somewhere outside of you aryan compound. 7+ billion folks and we’re not all white….like 80-85% of the world ain’t.

          15. You’re*

          16. LOL funny you say that, I hail from across the ocean, and have traveled across half of Europe. Have you???

          17. I have been to London and Manchester England, Edinburgh, Scotland, Turkey, Greece and Barcelona,Spain. So what’s your point? By the way, have you ever been to the Caribbean? That’s a far more relevant part of the world to me. I’m a Jamaican descendant, that has family in all the aforementioned places. So go stick your head under some water till the bubbles stop….

          18. My point, ROFL, is that you should stop assuming you know people LMFAO!

          19. We live in a country where people don’t like or accept the truth.

        2. That drift is coming straight from your ass. This black guy has between 600 and 900 million dollars, and it’s simply eating you up.

          1. Black people with hard earned legal money? Since when.

          2. That was really intelligent insight…another idiot that runs his mouth because he’s anonymous….you are brave! They should give you a purple heart.

          3. If I was anonymous my name wouldn’t appear. And yeah this is the internet, what of it? There are worse things that could be said.

          4. Your just telling the truth is all. Most people can’t except the truth.

            Even though it was Republicans who voted to both free the blacks, and desegregate the blacks, and Democrats voted against it both times. Blacks still vote for Democrats because of social programs, free money, even though they wanted freedom, most of them don’t embrace it, because their still slave to social programs.

            And if someone is going to say “white people” aren’t on any social programs, it’s much, much higher numbers in blacks.

            We’re never going to grow as a society when people cry racist, without looking at the FACTS first.

          5. People cry racist at anything these days. It’s the same with feminists. That’s a story for another day though.

          6. So then white people are slaves to welfare then, because since the inception of welfare they’ve used the program at a vastly higher rate than blacks and latinos. FACT. So who’s going to emancipate all the needy whites….maybe Jay Z or President Obama…..

          7. dude i vote democrat not because of my race, but im in the military. i know if i vote republican and they have they’re way, ill be dead in a pointless war. not to mention, we may already be in a world war if the republicans were in office. the reason i vote demo is because i actually care about to lower class people in this country. No race when it comes to the love of my country men and women. TRUTH!!!!!

          8. The difference between Republicans & Democrats, is Democrats play class-warfare, Republicans want ALL people to prosper.

          9. LOL

          10. Please. Revisionist history only works with the the ignorant and uninformed. The modern day republican party is the former democrats who broke away from the democratic party (the dixiecrats). They sought to keep things the way they were. You cannot be so stupid as to not know this…or maybe you can.

          11. Doesn’t change the fact that most American’s DON’T relate to Jay

          12. So he gave away the over 80 million albums he supposed to have sold? Stole the 6-700 million he’s worth? Best hustle ever….

          13. Most Americans are too careless to pay any attention to what is really going on. Reagan added 5m jobs in his 2nd term, there are more unemployed now, then when Obama took office. Do you have any idea what $17+ trillion in federal debt will do to the economy? You probably don’t care. The federal reserve is recklessly priniting money,…guess what time period that has in common, just before the great depression. An ignorant society is a very, very dangerous thing, more careless and ignorant a society is, the more Washington D.C. can get away with.

            The guy is so incredibly inept, he didnt even salute the marine when exiting Air Force One, that’s just plain embarrassing for a so-called “President” not to salute a marine.

          14. OMG. You copied that crap DIRECTLY from Faux News. You haven’t got an original idea in your head. Since you brought up Reagan though:

            Reagan approved the largest tax increases in history. He also raised taxes in raised taxes in 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987. He also gave us our first Trillion dollar deficit.

        3. Lol racists

        4. Actually, I’ve seen statistics that show rap is most popular in middle-class white communities. Go figure.

      5. Jay z is such a talented musician. Yeah jigga wut, Jigga.

        LOL jk.

      6. I live in Asia and I’m pretty sure I can speak for most Asian countries which make up for more than half the planet Earth, that we watch movies like Iron Man and the Avengers and not… erm wait what does Jay-Z do anyway? And no, I’m not gonna google for that.

        1. So you speak for everyone in Asia? Are you telling me that Asia is some form of hive-minded society that thinks and operates in/as a monolithic block? Your one guy/girl living under a rock…so please fall back, and like my brother the Rock would say, know your role Jabroni….

          1. Nah, he’s just some young Japanese pervert who stands in the porno magazine section of Family Mart after he gets off work at Starbucks and fantasizes about AKB48 and how he wishes Japan could have just one artist make it onto someone’s ‘Top 500 Musicians of All’ Time list.

            I work in the music industry here, and I can tell you without a doubt that everyone and their grandmother knows who Jay-Z is, which as I said before is a huge surprise.

            Do American newspapers report on the pop culture happenings of Japan? Lolololol Please.

            The day after the Super Bowl every single newspaper had an article about the game, along with comments about Beyonce’s performance. The kid above is just a dickhead.

          2. Please, lets not get childish here Habbit. Just because he doesn’t agree with you, you look like an @ss reducing yourself to childish insults..

          3. I hope it doesn’t take you very long to type out the obvious.

          4. Being that he lives in Asia, his opinion counts for a lot more than yours. And during my vacations to Asia I can tell you that k-pop is drowning out most of the other music scenes on the local tv stations. However…that does not go for the Movie scene as there were Iron Man and Avenger promotions in a lot of electronics stores.

            In Asia, RDJ is just much more well-known (as iron-man) than JZ as a rapper.

          5. Being that you can’t read, I should just ignore you.

            But there’s no fun in not playing with retards.

            It’s currently 10:20pm in the country I’m typing this from… Try to figure out where I live. I’ll give you a hint, I mentioned it multiple times in the comment you responded to, so have someone read it to you since obviously it would be cruel and unusual punishment if I asked you to strain your limited brain cells that roughly again.

            Oh, you took vacations to Asia? You must be an expert!

            Korean popular music is so popular and influential worldwide, that Samsung, a South Korean-based corporation promoted Super Junior’s new album release in a three-minute commercial during Game 6 of the NBA Finals.



            That didn’t happen.

            …and what the fcuk is Super Junior?

          6. nobody cares where you live and why are you even replying to me, when I wasn’t replying to any of your idiotic posts?

          7. Your name is Jarel , you live in Hiroshima , and you went to school in Tennessee. What do I win ?

          8. Prizes only go to people who can read.

          9. So I guess you speak for everyone in the country you live in? You sound like you’re mentally challenged. The truth hurts people like you. You see a black person do well, you feel miserable like someone stole from you personally. What were you in asia for, you see like a lady boy lover. All that promotion, but you probably saw the Avengers and all the Marvel movies packaged together for $4 cause of copyright infringement….

          10. As a matter of fact, I do speak for everyone in the country I live in. I was lucky since the result of the election came in just yesterday.
            I am now the official spokesperson. Congratulations are in order tyvm :D

            But what is up with all the “you don’t like JayZ, you must be racist” comments? As a matter of fact I like JayZ better than Robert Downey Jr (although slightly as I don’t care much for either of them)
            Did you grow up in a neighborhood where people were either african americans or racists? Because let me tell you there are PLENTY of countries with people that look at America and don’t see the division you point out. Whether the USA has a black president or not, we usually like/dislike them regardless of the color of their skin. The same goes for the people that live there.

            I see you have familiarized yourself with ladyboys (there is no pun here)

            Even if I did spend $4 dollars…(dollars, seriously? can’t they come up with an original name for currency instead of stealing dutch words) which I didn’t, it would still be more than what you spend on jayZ music and movies together (hint: ARGGGHHHH!!!! Matey!!!!)

          11. I lived in the bronx for 2 years. I never gone back since I left. By the way…I’m a black man. You ever get stopped for driving a nice car? Or being in the “wrong” place? I have. So I know a little more than you. Have you seen the Hangover 2? Ladyboys played a part in that movie. I own all Jay Z’s albums, I paid for them all. I had a white lady come up to me in Manhattan just to tell me I should go back to Africa where I came from. I laughed cause I’m from Canada, before that Jamaica….

          12. Habbit is ignorant. His response is to insult when he can’t make an intelligent comeback. He knows nothing about marketing, he can only speak dollars, which means nothing to the average consumer (no one cares how much money JZ or RDJ has) and has no value when it comes to finding paid endorsers.

            The truth is HTC is looking for a global spokesperson with reach and RDJ is that. Samsung is looking to get into the urban market (I mean hiphop, not the inner city) and they felt JZ was the one.

            The sad thing is that Samsung and HTC aren’t known for commitment to brand. Since both agreements are in their infantcy, it will be interesting to see how these celebrities will actually INCREASE SALES and drive brand preference (+Awareness).

            I mean, that is the point after all isn’t? Not the fact that a CMO can hang with JZ or RDJ for millions of dollars. Both celebs are on the clock and they need to make their money back (and much more).

          13. I promote music artists in the second largest (soon to be the first) music industry in the world, while you’re pulling quotes from your eighth edition marketing textbook you bought in your second semester of community college.

            I mean, who knew the point of these deals was to increase sales and recognition? Thanks man. Got anything else superfici… I mean, beneficial to add?

          14. Wow, you claim to be in the business? Because you write like someone who has no knowledge of the business in and of itself. My friend also promotes music artist like you too, do you work at Suncoast or Best Buy’s section music like him?

          15. Both. Thus, twice more experience than you have!

        2. That’s interesting, because I live in the same country you do, Ken(tarou, or just to?)… and it boggles my mind how American movies even make it to Japan, where none of you humorless, uptight retards even get the jokes from the movies.

          On the other hand, I do know that every single person I have met, young and old as World War II (shockingly enough considering how ignorant so many Japanese people tend to be,) here knows exactly who Jay-Z is and what he does. It even just so happens that Jay-Z makes millions off the two biggest pop stars on the planet, his wife Beyonce, and his protégé Rihanna… two other individuals every single Japanese person, no matter their age, are familiar with.

          1. Knowing who Jay-Z is and relating or admiring him are two different cases. And Beyonce and Rihanna have nothing to do with the Samsung campaign, so these are moot points.

            As for RDJ, he may play Iron Man, but his personality in real life is like Tony Stark (Smarmy, douchy, smart-@SS), so when they see him in interviews, they thinks TS. Also, HTC signed a Global campaign with him, RDJ, thanks to his IronMan and Sherlock Holmes movies is big globally. And they got him for 2 years, meaning a long term commitment. Samsung paid JZ $25M (including buying his records) for the launch of his album. Samsung has to sell alot more phones quickly to make the ROI on that.

          2. Jesus Christ, you’ve commented on every single comment I’ve made on this discussion. You’re like a little annoying brother who wants to outdo the person he looks up to, go away!

          3. Little brother? I don’t think so. Your inteliigence on this matter is low, so I would be looking down at you. Nothing you say has any wisdom to it.

        3. Good point.
          HTC being an Asian company most likely has more to gain from a star that is better known in Asia.
          While Jay-Z is known to some in Asia, he is hardly that big….the whole k-pop scene is just overwhelming….so having a star from a movie like Avengers which is big in Asia too is much better than just an america centralized celebrity.

      7. Jay-Z may be all that, but he has no technological connections whatsoever….be a rapper buy android?
        Or be IRONMAN and buy android, have Jarvis at your disposal with Google Now and more?

        I’d like to see a commercial where the Iron-man suit runs Android :P

        ofc this is assuming they signed for the use of ironman trademark too…just Robert and this is crap idd

      8. which one of their demographic spends more money on things priced 300-600 aka a top tier smartphone like the one? that’s not a black white things either, its a youth vs middle aged one.

    2. Much better than Jayz how. You prejudice people are wild.

  2. Jarvis > Google now > svoice > siri. Just saying! :P. If s-voice or Google now had a jarvis voice I would giggle so much

    1. I’m telling you, Iron Man Edition HTC One!

  3. Now this I like, Robert is a funny ass guy, don’t know what movie of his I didn’t enjoy

    1. The Avengers 2 (pre-production)
      Tony Stark (rumored) / Iron Man (rumored)

      2014Chef (pre-production)

      2014The Judge (filming)
      Hank Palmer

      2013Iron Man 3
      Tony Stark

      2012The Avengers
      Tony Stark / Iron Man

      2011Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
      Sherlock Holmes

      2010Due Date
      Peter Highman

      2010Love & Distrust (video)
      Rob (segment: “Auto Motives” by Lorraine Bracco)

      2010Iron Man 2
      Tony Stark

      2009Sherlock Holmes
      Sherlock Holmes

      2009The Soloist
      Steve Lopez

      2008Tropic Thunder: Rain of Madness (video short)
      Kirk Lazarus (uncredited)

      2008Tropic Thunder
      Kirk Lazarus

      2008The Incredible Hulk
      Tony Stark (uncredited)

      2008Iron Man (Video Game)
      Tony Stark (voice)

      2008Iron Man
      Tony Stark / Iron Man

      2007Charlie Bartlett
      Nathan Gardner

      2007Lucky You
      Telephone Jack

      Paul Avery

      2006Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus
      Lionel Sweeney

      2006A Scanner Darkly
      James Barris

      2006The Shaggy Dog
      Dr. Kozak

      2006A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

      2005Family Guy (TV series)
      Patrick Pewterschmidt
      – Fat Guy Strangler (2005) … Patrick Pewterschmidt (voice)

      2005Good Night, and Good Luck.
      Joe Wershba

      2005Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
      Harry Lockhart

      2005Game 6
      Steven Schwimmer

      Nick Penrose (segment “Equilibrium”)

      Pete Graham

      2003The Singing Detective
      Dan Dark

      2003Whatever We Do (short)

      2000-2002Ally McBeal (TV series)
      Larry Paul
      – Love Is All Around: Part 2 (2002) … Larry Paul (uncredited)
      – Heart and Soul (2002) … Larry Paul (uncredited)
      – The Wedding (2001) … Larry Paul (credit only)
      – Home Again (2001) … Larry Paul
      – Queen Bee (2001) … Larry Paul
      See all 25 episodes »

      2002Lethargy (short)
      Animal Therapist

      2000Auto Motives (short)

      2000Wonder Boys
      Terry Crabtree

      1999/IBlack and White
      Terry Donager

      Jerry Renfro

      1999Friends & Lovers

      1999In Dreams
      Vivian Thompson

      1998U.S. Marshals
      Special Agent John Royce

      1998The Gingerbread Man
      Clyde Pell

      1997Hugo Pool
      Franz Mazur

      1997Two Girls and a Guy

      1997One Night Stand

      1996Danger Zone
      Jim Scott

      Robert Merivel

      1995Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree (TV short)
      Mr. Willowby

      1995Home for the Holidays
      Tommy Larson

      1995Richard III
      Lord Rivers

      1994Only You
      Peter Wright

      1994Natural Born Killers
      Wayne Gale

      1994Hail Caesar

      1993Short Cuts
      Bill Bush

      1993Heart and Souls
      Thomas Reilly

      Charles Spencer Chaplin

      David Seton Barnes

      1990Too Much Sun
      Reed Richmond

      1990Air America

      1989Chances Are
      Alex Finch

      1989True Believer
      Roger Baron

      1989That’s Adequate
      Albert Einstein

      Ralph Carr

      1988Rented Lips
      Wolf Dangler

      1988Johnny Be Good
      Leo Wiggins

      1987Less Than Zero

      1987The Pick-up Artist
      Jack Jericho (as Robert Downey)

      Paulie Hackley

      1986Back to School
      Derek Lutz

      1985-1986Saturday Night Live (TV series)
      Various / George Michael / John Cougar Melloncamp / …
      – Anjelica Huston and Billy Martin/George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic (1986) … Various (as Robert Downey)
      – Jimmy Breslin and Marvin Hagler/Level 42/E.G. Daily (1986) … Various (as Robert Downey)
      – Catherine Oxenberg and Paul Simon/Ladysmith Black Mambazo (1986) … Paul Simon (as Robert Downey) / Various (as Robert Downey)
      – Tony Danza/Laurie Anderson (1986) … Various (as Robert Downey)
      – Oprah Winfrey/Joe Jackson (1986) … John Cougar Melloncamp/Various (as Robert Downey)
      See all 18 episodes »

      1985Mussolini: The Untold Story (TV mini-series)
      Bruno Mussolini

      1985Weird Science
      Ian (as Robert Downey)

      1985Tuff Turf
      Jimmy Parker (as Robert Downey)

      1985Deadwait (short)


      1983Baby It’s You

      1980Up the Academy
      Boy on Soccer Team (uncredited)

  4. Tony Stark

  5. Stark*

    1. I think my eyes are going out.. Good catch.

  6. Just because they signed Robert Downey, doesn’t mean that the advertisements are going to be connected to Iron Man. That would require Marvel and I’m assuming Disney Studios to sign off. Don’t get your hopes up for any Iron Man marketing until that happens.

  7. i feel like i’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like RDJ and iron man

    1. There’s probably somebody else…

  8. Picture a (Iron Man phablet) that would awesome !

  9. Surely I’m not the only person who couldn’t care less about celebrity endorsements.

  10. looking forward to the new marketing campaign!

  11. it’s a sad day when htc fanbois are trying to defend robert downey jr… rofl

    1. Wait… What’s wrong with RDJ? He’s a BAMF. lol…

      1. i don’t even want to know what that means lol

        1. BAMF = Bad A$$ MotherF—er

    2. I hope you don’t go through life making judgements based on assumptions instead of facts.

  12. And people wonder why HTC’s losing to Samsung, due in large part to their marketing campaign over the past two years.

    Lebron and Jay-Z versus Robert Downey Jr

    Tony Stark has the appeal, not Robert Downey Jr.

    1. BTW: Lebron James was in a Beats ad in the playoffs, partially owned by HTC. The truth is that there is no loyalty when it comes to celebrities.

      And last year, it was well known that Lebron was sporting the HTC One X in the last playoff finals (because HTC gave him one) and then changed to an iPhone.

      People often react better to the unpaid endorsement. Like when the Princess Kate or Ms. Obama is out wearing something and it sells out the next day.

  13. I just want to see an iron man limited edition HTC One

  14. I dont get it, people say HTC doesnt market enough, but when they get a big name like RDJ they can post ads to every appearance, people still complain. Cant please anybody these days.

  15. There seems to be a lot of race envy in the comment section of this article. It’s quite pathetic really, seeing as how both of the moves made by two Android manufacturer’s will only lead to more and more positive publicity for our beloved devices. What’s even greater is that Apple is behind on the ball on this, as Robert Downey Jr. and Jay-Z are two of the most popular men in the world right now.

    Now, I own a Galaxy S3, the SC-06D Japanese version, which has recently been given new life, do to a long awaited update to the kernel, from 3.0 to 3.4. Coming from an unlocked HTC HD2 (all of my previous phones have been HTC, as well) I had been using here, I bought my SC-06D in a time period where it looked like HTC would not be releasing their premium phones to the Japanese market. It was just my luck that two months later, they announced and released the J Butterfly, and more recently the J One. All that to say, I am partial towards HTC over Samsung, and will be switching to the J One hopefully within the next couple of months.

    That being said, Samsung, again, takes first place here for their brilliant marketing move, however this is still a solid pull for HTC. As I said before, these two men are two of the most popular in the world right now, appealing to all demographics, contrary to the race envy NIGHTSCOUT spouts below.

    However, one thing I will point out is that, the evening of Game 6 of the NBA Finals, when the Samsung and Jay-Z commercial first aired, the topic trended on Twitter (United States) throughout the night, into the next day. Unfortunately, even though I loved this marketing move, the same was not so with the HTC and Robert Downey Jr. I have no doubt the two companies and the two individuals involved will both reap enormous benefits from these deals, Jay-Z is CLEARLY the better pull in terms of worldwide popularity. Robert Downey Jr.’s worth, as cool as a guy he seems, and as brilliantly as he has portrayed the Tony Stark character, barely hits nine figures. Jay-Z alone, and at the lowest estimates, is worth over six hundred million… not to mention he is married to the most popular entertainer in the world, AS WELL, his protégé Rihanna is the second most popular entertainer in the world. There’s no contest here.

    It is hilarious and quite foolish to allow your skin color to swing you into fits of jealous rage over something that, in the end, is a win for Google, the Android platform, and most importantly, over Apple. Grow up, children.

    1. cool story bruh


      Before the “clever” folks arrive and do it first.

    2. You can’t call Jay-Z (or RDJ) a “brilliant marketing move” because they haven’t produced anything yet,other than content.

      IF Samsung cannot selling millions of more devices because of this, then the JZ partnership was a failure. IT’s not who you can get (JZ is working for Samsung, not because he loves the brand, but because he loves the publicity to promote HIMSELF and the money). If that translates into no additional sales, then it was a failure (and there is a litany of cases where paid celebrity endorsements have resulted in no ROI).

      HTC is in the same boat.

      I’ve worked with a few celebrities in my marketing gigs, and unless the company has a long term, comprehensive plan to incorporate the celeb into their brand, it will just be some noise, then it will be gone. No matter who the celeb is.

      1. You’re right, both Samsung and HTC are full of idiots. How stupid of them not to think that far ahead?

  16. “Jay-Hova”??? How is Jay Z “Jay-Hova”?

  17. How is Jay Z “Jay Hova”??? Who the heck is “Jay Hova”?

  18. Look folks…It’s not about Jay-Z or RDJ. It’s about how each company utilizes the talent or works with them into their brand. Will Samsung go more than a year or even past the launch of his album? Samsung, with their vast bank account, are opportunists when it comes to marketing/branding. They don’t stand for anything in their brand. They do make a good product but what are they doing with Jay-Z? The campaign that they are running has nothing to do with their “anti-apple stance” that they adopted. And from what I heard, they will not go much past his album? That means was this a $25 Million money grab for JZ ($20+$5M of album sales) while giving Samsung an urban voice just during the basketball playoffs? Or will Samsung actually do a long term partnership?

    An article says HTC is signing a two year commitment with RDJ. But what will they do with his influence? Will they squander the opportunity or will they make something great.

    Celebrity endorsements can be great. Look at what William Shatner did with Priceline. That is one of the best brand building case studies that was ever done. The Shatner, helped build that brand and he wasn’t even a huge star!

  19. Can’t believe the prejudice in some of you guys eyes. He’s better why? Because he’s white? Robert Downey Jr is in no way more famous than Jayz. The guy who sells out tours across the globe and is on Forbes list making moves. Ridiculous. It just sizzles your souls knowing that black man is that important.

    1. This comment really sums up this discussion. To think that both Samsung and HTC beat Apple to the punch with (hope you’re paying attention to the next word, casualretard) BRILLIANT marketing moves… yet these Starbucks employees are on here furious because one of the deals was made with a black guy.

  20. I bet he spends it all on blow within a year.

  21. HTC ONE

  22. HTC one, iron man edition :D.

  23. What a stupid way of wasting 12 millions. If it was me, I would rather give 12M worth of HTC One to end users through various contests. This will hit directly the users while making them benefiting directly the marketing spendings.

  24. Holy crap. The comments in this post turned to sh*t, real fast. :/

  25. Let’s just be careful and not write any further checks you can’t cash HTC. Sort out any production/distribution issues BEFORE launch this time around for any new flagship devices.

  26. I want Jarvis to power my next phone. HTC make it so

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