Plants vs. Zombies 2 global Android rollout happening ‘soon’


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After a limited launch in China, the highly-anticipated sequel to Plants vs. Zombies will make a global debut in the near future. PopCap, the maker of Plants vs. Zombies, confirmed as much in an announcement for the soft launch of the game in Australia and New Zealand. After play-testing in those regions, Plants vs. Zombies 2 should see a wider release in the Google Play Store.

It’s an interesting approach after the game launched for iOS over the summer. PopCap seems determined to see a smooth launch for their latest title for Android, and a phased rollout allows them time to catch any issues with the implementation of the Plants vs. Zombies 2 for the platform.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 picks up where the original left off, utilizing much of the same gameplay and tactics. New items, plants, and challenges await, however, and it’s all tied together with a time traveling theme that sees players whisked off to ancient Egypt or the high seas to do battle with mummies and pirate zombies. The game will be free to download when it does finally launch.


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  1. Apple exclusivity until now = LAME. No longer interested in PVZ2

    1. Yeah, my interest is waning as well. Anyone know of a good new tower game?

      1. Kingdom Rush Frontier

        1. Oooh, I didn’t realize there was a sequel, thanks! :)

  2. eh.. Im kind of over this. my desire to play<my anger over the shitty practice of being bribed into artificially making this an ios exclusive


  4. I get to start over in English? Sweet!

    1. You still won’t understand what Crazy Dave is talking about

  5. Going into shitty IOS exclusives turned me off.

  6. Did you guys know that Apple reportedly paid EA to keep PvZ2 an iOS exclusive? Show’s how desperate Apple is getting with exclusives lol. The main reason Infinity Blade is only on iOS is because of how much Apple markets it and most likely pays EPIC too.

  7. Not sure where this launch in Australia was, I never saw it.

    1. It was a iPhone only launch in Australia.

  8. I played it a bit in Chinese, good time waster. I’ll give this a shot, maybe it will be more fun if I can actually understand the dialog.

  9. I’ve tried playing it on my wife’s iPhone 5. Maybe it’s my giant sausage fingers, but the game isn’t even remotely fun to play on that little screen. I can’t see how any developers would want that to be their flagship experience when your hands are hiding more than half the screen and you’re left with almost no usable real estate then. Apple must have paid boatloads of cash for this, and, to me at least, all it did was make me like their phone even less.

  10. I won’t be buying this game. They delayed it for android due to apple paying them so in my eyes apple can keep them. I’ll pirate it but I won’t buy now

    1. Have you even tried playing it? PVZ2 is one of the games that did IAP properly. At no point in the game are you compelled to buy anything. The in game currency can be earned just by playing. I finished the game on iOS with lots of currency to spare. All IAP does is give you a few extra plants to use that you normally wouldn’t have and are frankly not that useful. You can use it to buy plant food which will make the start of each level easier, or you can just man up and play it at that level of difficulty. I’m not saying all IAP is good, but it certainly is done properly in this game.

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