Apple copies Android, fails to set the bar with iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S


iphone-5s-featured-LARGEAmidst smoke, mirrors, and marketing fluff, Apple announced to the world their latest smartphones yesterday. They debuted not one, but two new iPhones, the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. In years past, Apple’s iPhone has been a piece of technology that all Android manufacturers strive to beat, a product that set the bar for others to measure against. Sadly for the Cupertino company, this is no longer the case.

Hey! This is an Android news site, why are we talking about Apple? Well, Apple just happens to be Android’s #1 competitor. It’s wise to see what the competition is doing from time to time.

iPhone 5C brings colors, cases, and disappointment

Let’s first talk about the iPhone 5C pricing. But first, what’s the C stand for? Color, Cheaper, Crap, you got me? The iPhone 5C was rumored to be a cheaper, plastic iPhone for those that cannot afford a brand new flagship phone and for those that live in emerging markets. Think China. The iPhone 5C is going to launch in China at roughly $735 USD. Many tech analysts were hoping the iPhone 5C would launch around $300 and compare to Xiaomi’s competitively priced Mi3 which launched at $330 just recently.

This has Wall Street upset as you can imagine. Investors were hoping for a cheap phone to compete with Android. Following yesterday’s announcements, Apple’s stock fell 5.44 percent, or $26.93, by end of closing today.

AAPL Stock Dropping

Besides upsetting investors, some consumers are upset too. The iPhone 5C is essentially an iPhone 5 with a cheaper, plastic back. It costs $99 with a 2 year contract. Verizon Wireless just discounted the old iPhone  5 down to $99. That’s right. Apple is charging $99 for a 1 year old phone that is cheaper to produce than the original one. Normally, Apple discounts the previous year’s iPhone without lessening the quality of the device. This is something entirely different.

Let’s talk about those cases. If you buy an iPhone 5C along with one of their official “Crocs” cases, the words iPhone on the back of your phone will now say ‘hon’. That’s just horrible product design. We all know that Steve Jobs was a perfectionist. If he were still alive, he would be firing people in their design department.

See how the Moto X compares to the iPhone 5 C


iPhone 5S brings marketing fluff and a better camera

The iPhone 5S is what you would expect from Apple. A phone that hasn’t changed that much from it’s predecessor, but includes just the right amount of marketing fluff to make it sound amazing. The 5S boasts a fingerprint scanner, the first smartphone to be powered by a 64-bit CPU and 64-bit OS, and a better camera.

Apple isn’t the first company to include a fingerprint scanner on a mobile phone. Motorola did that back in February 2011 with the Motorola Atrix 4G. The Atrix’s fingerprint scanner was on the back, but functioned in similar manner to Apple’s rendition unlocking your phone, but with a swipe. I won’t say that the feature didn’t do well, but Motorola has opted for different methods to use instead of fingerprints since then.

The Motorola Moto X and the latest Verizon Droid’s feature Bluetooth Trusted Devices which enable or disable your lock screen security based on a trusted device being connected or not. Is a fingerprint scanner a gimmick? Who knows? Maybe Apple will have better luck with it on the front of the device.


The iPhone 5S sports a 64-bit processor and 64-bit operating system. This marketing feat will be seen by most as something glorious and revolutionary since Apple is the first company to do it. When going to a 64-bit OS there’s a faster pipe between the processor and your RAM. Essentially, it is faster, that is, if you can take advantage of it. Remember, at this time only Apple apps have been rewritten to take advantage of this new capability. All non-Apple apps will need to be rewritten or recompiled to be fully 64-bit compatible and to truly be ‘faster’.

This is a feature that will only get better as time goes on. Additionally, Apple is future proofing their platform right now. They are preparing for the future by converging with the desktop. This is a good thing. Just don’t get lost in the hype. It’s going to take a while for it to really take off and to really seem that much faster.

Apple’s iPhone has always been known for their camera quality. The iPhone 5S is nothing short of that. The 5S camera features a 15% larger camera sensor and wider f/2.2 aperture which means 33% more light is used to take photos, producing less grainy images. The rest of the camera features take cues from Android OEM’s such as Samsung and HTC with burst mode, auto-image stabilization, HD recording, and panoramic capabilities.

See how the iPhone 5S compares to the Galaxy S4 and HTC One

iOS 7, now with more Android

We caught a glimpse of iOS 7 over the summer at Apple’s WWDC. Not a whole lot has changed since then. iOS 7 still reminds us of Android.


  • The iOS 7 lockscreen and wallpaper are eerily similar. Besides the look of the lock screen itself, iOS 7 supports lock screen notifications.
  • iOS 7 includes toggles to easily turn off and on your features of your phone such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, Camera, or adjust your volume. You know, things Android OEMs have been doing for years.
  • With iOS 7, Apple is debuting iTunes Radio which looks very similar to Google Play Music. You can create your own playlists and take advantage of recommended stations. However, Google Play Music All Access let’s you save full albums or tracks to your library where iTunes Radio doesn’t.
  • Many Apple apps now feature navigation drawers which have been part of the Android guidelines for a while now.
  •  iOS finally has multi-tasking. You can easily bring up a list of background apps and view them just like you can in Android. Apple’s is a bit different though, based off of learning your uses and habits.
  • The iOS calendar app looks very similar to Google’s Calendar app thanks to the Apple’s new flatter design mechanics. The Apple Mail app looks a lot like Gmail too.

iOS users will get iOS 7 on September 18th as a free upgrade.

Enough about iPhone, let’s wrap this up!

Apple is probably the best marketing company in the tech world. Apple is going to sell millions of these phones.  They know what their customers want and if they don’t, they make sure to tell them what they want. With that said, it is a little disappointing to see Apple continue to fall backward more than they are stepping forward.

iPhone 5C Crocs

As for Android, this doesn’t mean a whole lot. Android has had a lot of these features before yesterday’s announcements. Android is a freight train that cannot be stopped and will continue to dominate emerging markets over the course of the next year. Who’s ready to compare the iPhone 5S to the next Nexus? I know I sure as hell am.

Derek Ross
I'm a passionate Android enthusiast that's on the pulse of the latest Android news, writing about Android as often as possible. I'm also a little addicted to social networking. Hit me up, I'd love to chat.

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  1. In before the sh*tstorm. :o

  2. iphone 5c is $99 with 2yr contract, still overpriced imo

    1. The 16GB is $99. The 32GB is $199.

    2. The problem for them is in China where its coming in way over where analysts wanted it to be and they got crushed for it.

    3. Not really, It’s an iPhone 5 without the metal.

    4. OP is a helpless android fan that likes to mislead people when it comes to the competition. 5C starts at $99

      1. Go suck apples marketing cock and give them all hour money and first born child

  3. i guess all apple really have is a power chip, i mean really put it up against a snapdragon 800 or tegra 4 chip set up and i dont mean benchmarks, i mean real world uses, i don’t think the iphone will move any faster, and they still will have a tiny little screen, closed system and a camera that will probably be bested real soon, and a price tag of a mortgage, keep that shiznit

    1. “…tiny little screen, closed system…” is why iPhone is and will be faster. A7 was a step in the right direction for them, while no specs are released for the chip itself I do not think it will be have 4, 6 or 8 cores inside the processor and yet will make iPhone run extremely smooth.

      I’m pretty much all set on Note 3 right now unless Nexus 5 will be spec’ed before the end of October, but I worry about performance looking at how S4 currently performs. Phone with so much under the hood and a high price tag should be optimized to run smooth at all times and yet its not always the case be that Android’s or TW drawbacks. My gf iPhone 5 performs flawlessly where i have yet to see it lag or stutter, but smooth performance is not a deciding factor for me.

      Mindlessly overlooking or belittling advances of another company’s technology is very ignorant.

      Also, I do hope Samsung or whoever does work with Google to switch to x64. They will absolutely have to do it once phones hit 4GB ram.

      Edit: Orthography, removed incorrect info

      1. Well the problem is you jumped on that Samsung bandwagon, HTC one runs smoother than s4 I know that, Samsung chose to stack that thing up with specs that hardly anyone will use on the regular, but even if that phone does lag a bit really is it enough to notice, it may take what extra half a sec to ccomplete its task, not enough to make me wanna leave android, plus iphone just got multitasking that would slow a phone down and I dont even think it’s true multitasking, jus sayn

        1. New 64-bit chip/OS will help iPhone tremendously to shuffle more memory blocks between ram and storage so I’m pretty sure they got multitasking covered. Took them a while to properly implement that feature. I thought they’ll be a laughing stock when it comes to multitasking for years to come, good for them though.

          Note 3 = stylus = win for me. Personally a proper stylus makes a world of a difference, I have used stylus on an off since the purchase of Palm V in 1999. I also do some graphical work for the apps I build and I use Wacom tablet with ‘stylus’ for that.

          I might look at HTC Max if it comes out soon, as I really like the design on the One.

          Nobody’s switching OS here at the moment. I’m very comfortable with Android, I’ll deal with lag if I have too I just wish that devices were a bit more polished.

          1. Android is a maturing OS, and well I understand why u want stylus support, it’s somthing that matters to you some it doesn’t, also remember android is a skinned OS as well I can almost guarantee the last nexus as well as this upcoming nexus have like no Lag, but I don’t think you nor anyone else can possibly leave android. I’m more partial to using sense myself, I find it less laggy and beneficial to me, at least

  4. I thought the 5C was starting at 99… You sure it’s 199?

    1. The 32GB is $199. Everyone always wants MOAR storage for music on an iPhone. They aren’t down with dat cloud.

      1. not to side with apple but listing $199 as the “starting” price is misleading without mentioning the storage size

        1. What are you talking about?

          They list the storage sizes.

      2. The implication in your wording is the 16gb in the article. They’re charging $199 for a cheaper version of a 1 year old phone that, until the 5C is released, costs $299 – in other words, they’re charging less for a 1 year old phone that costs a little less to build… so it’s not really that crazy. :o

        1. The iPhone 5 32GB was $299 with a 2 year contract when it launched. Verizon, today, just cut that price down to $199 with a 2 year contract. The 5C with the same amount of storage is going to cost $199, which is the same as the 5. Therefore, the new iPhone 5C with a cheaper back plate costs the same as the old version. So do you want a cheaper, plastic phone for $199 or do you want higher quality one for $199? It’s not that good of a deal.

          1. I don’t disagree with your overall premise and do think the 5C will push away some mid-priced-range consumers. But I still feel the context of that particular paragraph implies you’re talking about the 16gb, and therefore implies they’ll be charging the same for the 5C as a brand new iPhone, instead of charging the same price as a 1 year old iPhone – especially since Verizon’s the only carrier to do that price-cut so far. It simply reads as if Apple is treating the 5C as their brand new top-tier device, when that’s obviously not the case.

          2. Thank you! And thanks for interacting in the comments!

          3. We also don’t really know if it costs less to manufacture… there’s still a lot of metal under that polycarb back! Plus it has a slightly larger battery and improved front camera… and yes there is a hint of sarcasm in this comment – though it could ring partially true!

        2. I think the point here is; they are re-wrapping the the iPhone 5 in a plastic/cheap exterior and selling it for the same they would have sold the year old 5, and people would rather they just left the 5 in the nicer aluminum body and dropped the price like always… The 5C is a downgrade from how they have traditionally handled previous models… This is one big reason for all the disappointment on Wall Street. The 5C was supposed to be less $$ (since it’s build quality is lower)… not the case.

      3. Everyone doesn’t like the cloud yet because it is not yet where it needs to be.

    2. The real price is $499/549

      their pricing is based on a 2 year contract which will run you > $2000

  5. Apple is goin down without Jobs. At least Steve knew apple what apple stood for, certainly not pastel colored frosty blurry glass looking bad android themes. My goodness iOS7 looks so cheery and colorful 13 year olds girls have rejoiced but no one else has. Apple has seriously lost there way and i m lovin every effin minute of it

    1. one can’t be the top dog forever

      1. Get too comftorable and the same can and will be said for android and Samsung. Android keeps racing these amazing specs but you can only go so far with that til your phone is a 10″ tablet. The stuff the galaxy s4 does is neat but not gonna be enough in the future.

        1. there’s like 30 different OEM’s across the world making Android devices, if Samsung falls off its high horse then one of the others will take its place.

          1. steve jobs

      1. They weren’t pastel colors.

        1. Same principle.

          1. Can I get a Nexus in that green?

  6. Apple repackaged the iPhone 5 and made it with plastic. The screen isn’t even HD in the 5S.

    1. it doesn’t need to be because retina beats all /s

    2. Could you imagine FULL HD on that small screen?! Looks great on my GS4 though.

  7. “When going to a 64-bit OS there’s a faster pipe between the processor and your RAM.”

    Is this true? I know that going 64-bit increases the amount of RAM you can have to more than 4 GB (not that Apple chose to do so) and that there are twice as many registers in the processor (although that doesn’t benefit smart phones as much as PC’s with HDD’s), but I’ve never heard of it allowing for “a faster pipe” (referring to bus speed)?

    1. There seems to be a lot of confusion over the width of a data bus and the width of an addressing bus out there.

      As noted with the Snapdragon 128-bit NEON processors used for a lot of Androids, speed is a function of many things, not just data width.

  8. I second this completely. Apple is all about marketing bluff and telling users what they want.

  9. Glad to see someone finally mention the almost 3 year old Atrix 4G. I’m also glad to see a refreshing article from the new guy. (I’m a little late, I know, but) welcome to Phandroid Derek.

  10. In other words: Apple sucks.

  11. apple will face failure in the market cauz of apple’s innovative and expensive plastic body.

    1. Will face? Journey downhill had already started a year ago

  12. Both Iphone 5s and Iphone 5c are same old design as iphone 5.

  13. 5 inch screen, NFC, and Android would have made iPhone 5C and 5S killer phones.

  14. It’s all hype, they just threw in some extra features that’s been out several yrs! Ios 7 is completely borrowed from Android! Apple is seriously a loose missile with no guidance! The whole reason behind iPhone 5c was to make it more affordable, and they failed at that! Wall street and investors are not happy at all on Apple’s promise!

    1. The whole reason for iPhone 5c was to create a huge profit margin for Apple, and the fanboys will pay. It will be funny to see how many hide their plastic version instead of showing it off proudly.

      1. They could get the old iP5 and get the same exact thing but in metal for the same price!

  15. I’m sticking with the Samsung Galaxy lineup! I’m happy with their smart features and they always go all out when it comes to specs!

    1. Specs and realworld performance are two different things.

  16. I’m sure you’ll find HP beat Motorola with the first phone with a fingerprint scanner the Ipaq ppc 5500 released in 2003, unless my memory deceives me.

    1. And also the iPAQ 5450 PDA, December 2002, biometric fingerprint scanner included.

    2. Dang!! I was going to bring up the LG Expo. I think that was 2009.

    3. Who did it first does not matter.

      Who does it right first does matter.

      1. “Who does it right first does matter”

        Who does it best at any given time matters.

        1. Not in this case. The phone and the feature were discontinued.

          Funny how it’s the only Android phone to have had one and that feature was not ever used again in a blizzard of Android phones over the last two year.

          Bottom line, it didn’t work well enough.

          1. I know… What I meant was right now, Apple has the best fingerprint scanner in a phone… But someday something else will come along that is better. That is just how it works.

  17. The only thing that matters is that Apple will sell millions of these. Why drastically change something that continues to make your company billions of dollars?

    Sure, we can say they aren’t innovating all we want, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the bottom line, as it should be.

    1. Apple was depending on the Chinese market to tell the world how many more phones they’ve sold over the previous versions, which is how it has worked for them in the past. you can research this, where Apple has opened up more markets with each new phone reveal.

      Now, if China does not come onboard, the world will see that Apple is not doing as well as they play it off. I think that 4 banks yesterday basically turned their backs on apple, and even dropping them down to Neutral because the have lost all innovation within the company.

      iOS 7 is ugly. It really is. I thought previous versions weren’t that nice looking, but 7 is going in the wrong direction. They went cheaper with the iPhone 5c, which will most likely cost them $150 to build, compared to the s version which will probably cost $260 to build, so that they can continue to make HUGE profit margins.

      I am a capitalist, so I am okay with that, but the customer base is starting to turn their backs. Time to reevaluate.

      Tim is no Steve, and cannot stand up to those trying to control Apple.

      1. Well written.

        I’m guessing the chinese will have a hard time considering what will be the most expensive (still) phone in the category. When the C comes out, it will have a tremendous competition to beat in China. Ofcourse, some will buy it, and even the S, but if people can pay like half the price for a full featured chinese phone, there is no point really.

    2. And managing the hipsters.. who secretly want to be tech geeks, but with no real aptitude for technology :D

    3. Just like Mcdonalds

  18. I like the look of the i5S, but I’m still more likely to replace my Galaxy Nexus with a Galaxy Note 3.

    1. I don’t care for the look or size of the 5s. But I am also replacing me Gnex with the note 3….preordered it already.

  19. I like the fingerprint scanner…. If it can reliably unlock the phone in less than 1.0 secs that is. Which is about the time it takes me to turns on my phone and swipe my code.

  20. Apparently the writer who wrote this story on this website is sucking someone’s dic_ at Google.

    1. Agreed completely.

    2. Dont be mad, he is telling the truth. Apple is a joke and the only people who dont think so are tech illiterate blind fanboys, morons

    3. Yes a guy calling himself “Steviemac” is accusing someone of being a fanboy, not ironic at all -_- Let’s have a look at one of your gems.

      “Whoever supports the Koreans are lame fools! Just remember a dirty
      hooker at the Samsung facility is assembling your Galaxy S3 and Galaxy
      S4! Lol” – haha where do you think Apple gets their parts from?

  21. This author should rethink that headline ~ it looks like they’re stating that Apple followed Android by not setting the bar. ﭝ_ ﭝ

  22. You know,..I don’t care. Apple has always been this way, but when Jobs was around, he had the rabbit in the hat. He would have held off release until the iPhone was actually something. It would seem that Apple is run completely by the investors, and that’s not how to run this type of company.
    I hope Apple pulls out of this seemingly downward trend. Android’s driving force depends on it, choice is the essence of this competition.

    1. Your right and having more than one platform like iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, etc,.. is real choice.

    2. well spoken

  23. #DontCareAboutApple – A pair of Crocs should come with each phone for free.

    1. Or a Samsung smartwatch. Those watches with a colorful array of bands should be on firesale anytime now.

  24. What does this have to do with Android?

    Motorola failed to making the fingerprint scanner work.

    If Apple’s fingerprint scanner works then it succeeded where Motorola failed.

    Fingerprint scanners have been around long before Android or iOS.

    1. Enjoy it when you are trying to unlock your phone in the winter. I am pretty sure that it won’t work with gloves.

      1. Then you can type the PIN in. the PIN is always an option and is required to even turn on the fingerprint scanner.

  25. Biased article as sh*t. especially the 64bit part, cant even congratulate them without a drop kick to the head right after. Apple isnt out like nokia as yet. they needed to follow the S trend theyve set… lets see 6.

    1. Really? Go on Apple blogs like IDB, same thing. It’s to be expected, no need to cry about it.

    2. But there’s nothing to congratulate them for really – it was obvious that the next generation of processor in phones was going to be 64-bit. If I was going to congratulate them – and in fact, I shall right now – it’s for maintaining full compatibility with all of the existing apps. Something Microsoft knows nothing about…

      1. all 32-bit apps are compatible with 64-bit os….

        1. but ip5c is 32 bit so how will they deal with 64 bit apps?

      2. you seem like you don’t know anything about tech with that statement.

        1. I was referring to Windows RT.

    3. The funny thing is that they have all the money in the world for making great inventions and pretty much blast everyone out of the water with every damn thing, but they just can’t. They continue in the same fashion as before, making little to no changes at all to their precious iPhone. Same screen, same format, even the icon layout is the same as 2007. They completely turn to their own customers, the people who don’t require changes. This won’t recruit new ones, just keep feeding the old.

    4. Not gonna congratulate them after they tried to sue and ban the crap out of everyone.

  26. Hon…. hahaha that just made my day… WTG Apple

    1. I am not Apple fan, but I do miss the Job’s days. Now I am going to be missing the Hugo days. As long as my Nexus 5 is as great as my N4, I will be happy.

      1. Same here, used to be an Apple fan. I had the iPad, iPod, iPhone, apple Tv. The iPhone 5 came out and I was like… is this it?

        Sold the iPhone, the apple tv, iPad and gave the iPod to my kid sister.

        Then I made the move to android and I am loving it.

  27. a friend of mine sent me this pic earlier this week, I find it appropriate

    1. hahaha awesome

    2. My god fandroids are buthurt lmao. Inferiority complex at its worst.

      1. not at all, found it funny ;)
        I actually hope Apple comes out with something that impresses me in the future. I used to look forward to new Apple products.

        1. it’s scary that apple is so far behind, and sinking.

          when i think about it the only thing in my lifetime that apple has done that was revolutionary was the iphone 1.

          i’m 24 years old

      2. Don’t see the butthurt in making fun of something, your comment says the opposite.

      3. Says the guy that complains about android all over the internet.

      4. winning

  28. So since the Atrix had one nobody else supposed to do it now? Also people have been complaining to Apple that they wanted a way to access most used settings without going into the settings app. Apple gives them this and yet it still seem like a problem. Also somebody from the Android side must’ve like Notification Center because it’s an app on the Google Play Store for it. I guess Apple can’t win for losing.

    1. Enjoy your fingerprint sensor in the winter when you are wearing gloves… I will continue to use Face Unlock (no touching required).

      How’s that Notification shade working for you. I know I have seen that somewhere too… Hmmm

      1. I don’t have to enjoy anything because I never said I was getting one. I’m saying that some of you Android owners act like Android was the first to implement stuff and it’s a sin for anyone else to put it on their phone. How’s that screenshot working for you because I’m sure I seen that somewhere else as well.

        1. But isn’t Apple the most innovative and revolutionary company on earth? They should be doing all the firsts, right? You Apple owners think that the iPxxxx are better than anything else, and Apple created all this.

          What screenshot?

          1. They were the first to bring back the fingerprint sensor since the Atrix.

        2. Most of it has to do with Apple sueing everyone claiming they were cop their pro

          1. Most of it has to do with Apple copying and then sueing the competition. If they were honest and just said we weren’t the first but we have made it better that would be more acceptable.

          2. Exactly. If they were really innovative, we’d all bow down to Apple and accept them as our leader. But they are not all that and they still act like a bunch of arrogant douches

        3. We did implement drop down notifications and lock screen notifications. Its a sin when you claim your phone is superior to Android ,then in subsequent versions slowly integrate features that Android users have had for years ,and claim THEY invented them.

    2. how about a rectangle with rounded corners, square icons with rounded corners, system wide search, pinch to zoom, aa large rectangle with rounded corners ……

    3. Yea, and Apple cant produce a decent Maps App so they have to use Google Maps as their primary map app. Sad.

    1. But Android is not 64bit. The chip and the OS need to be 64 bit.

      iOS like OS X runs both 32 & 64 bit on the same version of the OS.

      iOS is OS X so I’m not surprised it’s already 64 bit.

      1. iOS is not OS X.

      2. Linux can happily be compiled to 64-bit on x86; shouldn’t be a huge amount of work to get it happening on a 64-bit ARM platform. Dalvik apps (that is, most of them) will run fine with no modifications, and natively compiled ones generally shouldn’t be a huge deal to port (unless they’re written badly).

        It would be a lot more work to get Android running on x86 (which has been successfully done in mass-market products, e.g. the Galaxy Tab 3) than to port it across to 64-bit ARM.

      3. You think Samsung would pursue a 64-bit phone without Google working on conjunction with them on upgrading Android to support 64-bit as well? Give multi-billion dollar companies a little more credit than that.

  29. Ugh, these kind of articles are horrible. They always read as though a teenager with a grudge wrote them =/
    As someone that is interested in technology I always love new launches, no matter who the company is. Even though these are small upgrades, they are pushing the industry forward. And we should all be happy about that. All these posts and comments that take allegiance to a specific company seems so juvenile.

    1. Or in the iPhone 5C’s case.. downgrades…

  30. BTW, the whole 64 bit thing? Yeah, pure fluff. It does not make anything faster. All it does is allow the system to reference more memory. So it is future proofing their devices to a degree.
    But why do it now? You only need to go 64 bit if you’ve got more than 4gb of RAM. And while we don’t know the specs of the iPhone 5s yet, no other iDevice has more than 1gb of RAM. And they can’t use the excuse of desktop convergence, as their desktops are X86 platforms and their phones/tablets are ARM platforms. Finally, making something 64 bit when you don’t need to actually slows processes down. Admittedly, it’s by a tiny fraction, but it does take a touch more memory to store 64 bit addresses and a touch more processing time to handle those longer addresses. And that means the phone will have a bit shorter battery life than it would if it were 32 bit.
    The only reason I can think of to do this now is for marketing purposes. Which is all fine and dandy. Just recognize it as such and don’t give them any undue credit.

    1. Some say it’s for making the AIr a mobile device and expanding IOS to more units.

    2. The latest androids have 3 gb ram so they will push android to get to 64 bit

      Here’s the thing: Apple makes its cpu’s and the OS but they shop elsewhere for other things such as screens, ram, batteries, etc and gets another company to put it all together. Samsung makes all the hardware so they can push more ram faster and cheaper for its devices

    3. Well said, its just a marketing gimmick

    4. With OS optimizations the hardware CAN move the 32 bits 2 chunks at a time giving a speed increase. Though how much that will truly play out no one knows except apple and some devs. This is the groundwork for the iPhone6 and nothing more. For now it’s just a talking point.

  31. For me it is still about what you actually do with the phone, and no matter the reason, Apple has two apps that Android just doesn’t have: Infinity Blade III and Plants vs. Zombies 2.

    1. Android has Softmaker Office so that you can edit and save docx, xlsx and pptx files


    2. Yea, because most people use their phones for gaming. Take a hike loser. Beyond games, a pretty screen, and the camera, what does Apple have that Android hasnt already topped ? Thats right, nothing.

      1. a pretty small screen hehe

        1. very small indeed. I wonder how many people need glasses now from looking at that little screen for 5 years now. I bet Apple would give them a $2 discount on lenses. It would fit in their “help their users” ripoff theyve been pulling for 5 yrs.

          1. My girlfriend had the iPhone 5 for two weeks and she said the screen gave her headaches

          2. Not surprised.

      2. “Take a hike loser.” I do lose quite frequently when I play games, so I guess that was merited. You have insulted a fellow hard-core Android user and will cause me to defend the other side just out of principle.

        In fact, I don’t really have much to say that you haven’t already said.

        Apple has games and plenty of other apps, a pretty screen, a great camera, and I would throw in there a wonderful ecosystem that is heads and shoulders above Google and Android when it comes to Music, Movies and Apps.

        1. Keep telling yourself that. Android was head and shoulders about Apple when the G1 came out. Your ecosystem is a closed system, one built around an out of date, substandard OS. But that dont matter to you i guess because it has a “great camera” and “a pretty screen” and “other apps” thats ok with you.

      1. Wahoo! I was going to post this same article, but my Android phone failed to function properly. :-) Now Apple is only one app ahead.

    3. Lasted year I sheep went on about the Nike app and temple run and guess what, I still haven’t downloaded either.

  32. I think what people fail to realize, is that, Apple will always have a place in the market. Not has the dominate OS, mind you (has they’ll always have a place in the PC market, has the “Nice” and “high-end” market). And honestly? I think that’s what apple’s aiming for. Only the high end. Android will become the Windows to iOS’s Mac or something like that while Windows Phone becomes Linux/Ubuntu (not literally, metaphorically).

  33. I LOVE how craptastic the new iPhone are!!! Steve Jobs is probably literally rollin in his golden grave screamin “WHYYYYYY???”

    1. Don’t you mean, “Noooooooooooooo!!!!!” (Think Vader from Episode III)

  34. Lol biased websites are hilarious.

    android has copied iOS. Butthurt Botgoats.

    1. At least you’re giving them traffic, thanks for your support :-]

      This is a great article.

    2. the only butthurt here is the lame Apple fan boy with his fake profile.

    3. What exactly did they copy ?

    4. Don’t worry. You can have your sissy frosted pastels all to yourself. Nobody will want to copy ios7.

  35. Just because the S4/HTC 1 has some higher end hardware options does not mean it is superior. The OS is the what it comes down to. China can peice together high end hardware from 17 3rd party hardware makers to get a phone with higher hardware specs for cheaper than what apple offers. However Apple does it all in house, and because of this their apps / OS is more polished. “meh, good enough” is not an option for Apple, but it is very often the case with android OS and android apps. If it doesnt work very well than it doesnt make it into the OS. Additionally more of Apple’s phones support the new OS when it comes out. Where if you look at the 1200 diff android phones, hardly any of them run the current android OS, except the flagship phones, which are lucky to do it for 1.5 years.

    That said I love my androids, but hats off to Apple. Their stuff is solid. Sure they have made mistakes like removing google maps, but they put it back. I will forever use Apple for my laptop for work/play and keep my Droids for my mobile. No reason to bash Apple as if they are idiots. They pioneered the smart phone, and the music players, and tablets, and nobody’s laptop hold’s a candle to theirs. Even higher hardware spec’d laptops because the OS they run is inferior to Apple’s OS. If you disagree you have not used their computers extensively.

    End of Story.

    1. You do know apple buys their pieces from other companies and puts them together as well, right?

      1. Yes but to the degree that Androids do. And they are moving more and more to doing this less.

    2. Laptops are something else. We’re not Microsoft fans.

    3. It’s a good post, the only bit i don’t agree with was when you said the OS that other laptop’s run is inferior to Apple’s. Though I won’t get into that because my opinion won’t change and I just simply disagree.

      1. I am a network engineer, and anything linux is better for anything IT related. Web devs, app devs, graphic designing, Network appliances, routers, switches, all run better on Linux. Including phones, android is linux. Apple OS is linux. Anybody that has used windows and Apple extensively knows there is no comparison. The entire internet runs on Linux based devices. There is a reason its not windows based.

        1. OS X is based on BSD with the next generation of the Mach kernel. It’s not Linux-based in any way, shape or form.

          1. Its a flavor of unix. I didnt know we had readers that were smart enough to know what free bsd is or I would have said that. See below for official definition. Its based on Unix but for legal reasons it cannot be called Unix.

            FreeBSD is a free Unix-like operating system descended from AT&T UNIX via BSD UNIX. Although for legal reasons FreeBSD cannot be called “UNIX”,[5] as a direct descendant of BSD UNIX (many of whose original developers became FreeBSD developers), FreeBSD’s internals and system APIs are UNIX-compliant.

          2. OS X above the kernel was created as a hybrid of FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD, not just FreeBSD.

            The Berkeley System Distributiom was Berkeley’s branch away from UNIX by AT&T.

          3. back to my point its a spin off of linux which is a spin off of unix. Its not its own thing, and it certainly isnt POS microsoft windows. People defending windows boxes as being superior to mac simply shows how little they know. I do things on my mac that would make any windows box puke /freeze/bluescreen in seconds, daily for my job.

          4. OS X is not a spin-off of Linux. BSD is not a spin-off of Linux. BSD came before Linux by a lot of years.

            Linux combines elements of BSD and AT&T UNIX, both of wjich came before.

          5. You will never get the last word with this dude, we both know what we’re talking about, he just thinks he does.

        2. That’s great and all but i’m not gonna pay and arm in a leg for something that a windows laptop can do just as well, most people don’t care about “IT related” things. Apple products are overpriced for what it provides average users (who are thier target market).

      2. how idiotic to see IT professionals keep comparing linux to *older* version of windows.

        Do a windows 7 installation and you’ll be surprised, they are awfully close now a days.

    4. The Nexus tablets surpass the iPad’s, thats fact. There were music players just as good or better than the iPod when it came out, Apple found a way to market them and then built a business model out of selling music, when anyone can find it for free online and play it on any MP3 player. They pioneered the modern version of a smartphone, but were not the first touch screen phone, Palm and Samsung have that honor. Even if we agree they pioneered anything, Android premiered the G1 less than a year after the original iPhone and it was immediately better. Apple computers are difficult to use, everything on them is literally backwards from Windows, is it any wonder why the PC won the war with the MAC ?? Not really. Even if Apple is your click, most people cant afford their overpriced equipment. Even if you want to ramble on about how great it is, theres a reason why Windows is used worldwide on more than 90% of all computers. Its just better.

      1. itunes sold the ipod. It was impossible for others to compete on hardware because they didn’t know how to get the music. Thanks to google play, anyone can build their own phone out of their basement and still have all the hot music and video that everyone else has.

      2. Its not because they are better, its because they are cheaper. “harder to use” is relevant to what you are used to using. The internet runs on network devices based on linux. Not windows. High end movies / games are not being designed on windows boxes. High level engineering / code writting is done on linux boxes, if they are on windows its because their employer is too cheap. Once you get into the high level expert level of any field, apple is better, as it runs on linux. You dont compile code efficiently on a windows box. Grandma is just used to clicking on internet explorer and so is most of the world, most world cant afford apple stuff is why windows is in more people’s hands. I have used high end windows boxes my whole life and once I got a high end macbook for work its just a completely different league. There is absolutely no comparison. I never understood why anybody would pay 2500 bucks for a laptop when you can get a similar spec’d windows one for 800 bucks. Once you truely give mac a chance, you will understand why. I will never use a windows laptop for network engineering again. If my employer gives me a windows box, I will spend my own money on macbook. They are that good.

        1. You can put linux on a Windows laptop.

          1. You can, but no linux variant is as polished or usable for a desktop OS as Mac OSX.

          2. Neither is OS X since it’s not a Linux variant either.

        2. Apple OSX does not run on Linux, totally submerging your comment into a joke. It runs on Unix which is completely different from Linux. Linux came out of Unix but they are completely different. Good job trying to look smart. Your comment about paying $2500 for a laptop when you could get the same spec’d Windows one made you look dumb enough by itself. Windows is used on 90% of computers worldwide because its easier to use, cheaper is just a bonus. Ask anyone who is used to Windows to try a MAC and they will give up in less than an hour. Its that frustrating to use, its completely backwards from Windows.

          1. It runs on a flavor of linux which is derived from Unix, called Free BSD. Let me guess you work retail food management? If you walk into any large technology enterprise the engineers at the top of the food chain arent using windows laptops. Except maybe at google. I have been to many and all the top dogs that are designing products for tomorrow are using macbooks. If you dont understand why apple is able to get 2500 for a laptop, when you can get a similar spec windows box for 800, then you dont belong in the coversation. Why do you think apple isnt lowering their prices and their stock is still a gold mine? You get what you pay for. Your comment about asking anybody who has switched from windows to mac is retarded, because I myself did it. And know tons of others who have as well. You want a machine that runs without issues and you dont have to be an IT guru to support it, get a mac. You like running updates on your laptop everytime you try to shut it down, get a pc.

          2. You need to quit talking about stuff you don’t know anything about. Free is BSD is a version of Unix and not Linux. Apple sucks for the reason that you can’t put a vm on windows. They suck because they create an OS that isn’t robust enough to run all the variations of hardware configurations that windows supports.

          3. define “supports”. The crap they sell as windows boxes with all your “hardware variations” is what keeps places like best buy geek squad in business. Also mcafee/norton anti virus. You dont see people in line at best buy to have geek squad fix their mac, 9 out of 10 are pc’s.

          4. Again, my mac runs windows with vmware better than any laptop on the market.

          5. Further, I run windows on my macbook as a VM. You pry dont know what that even means. My macbook pro runs windows better than any high end windows box I have had, including the gaming desktop I just built. Kind of funny a macbook runs windows better than a pc runs windows. That says a lot about their product.

          6. Craig, once again you’re full of crap. This is a false statement. My macbook is so much slower then my asus at running windows. You can’t make blanket statements that don’t account for hardware, cpu, harddrive etc. Keep drinking the cool-aid.

          7. Good luck with him buddy, his reaction to my opinion was to act like i insulted his girlfriend. The MAC is probably his girlfriend, now that i think about it. The PC will always be better. MAC users like to think theyre getting premium because they pay a premium price, but just like the iPhone, theyre not.

          8. and let me guess your asus is newer generation that your macbook? There isnt a laptop on the market that runs windows faster than the latest generation macbook pros.

          9. Feel better ? Of course i know what a VM is , I prob have more computer training than you anyways. Why would you pay all that money for a MacBook and then run Windows on it ? That says a lot about your delusional state. If you think a high end windows “box” ?? cant run windows at an amazing speed , youve never used a high-end windows PC (I refuse to use the word “Box”) Each comment you make, makes you seem less knowledgeable. Dont go away mad, just go away.

          10. Let me be clear. The only reason I run windows on my mac, is for Microsoft Visio. One single application that Microsoft keeps to itself so we mac users are forced to run windows part of the time. Believe me I wouldnt run windows if I didnt have to. When was the last time you had to reboot your pc? I havent rebooted my mac in months. There isnt a pc in the world that can say that, unless you arent installing the daily MS updates and vulnerability patches and leave it running without putting it to sleep to take home for the evening. This is my last post, I have forgotten that you should never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

            The whole “better hardware specs for less money” is not a valid arguement. Thats like saying the Dodge Charger with over 500 hp is better than Aston Martins or Ferraris with under 500 hp. HP is not everything. Like Apple, Ferarri can have less HP and still be a better car and sell it for 4 x the price of the higher horse power dodge charger.

          11. Do you’re research. A vm of windows doesn’t run faster than a gaming machine that is running windows natively, even a low end one. But here again if you run a vm of windows on a high end i7 macbook pro with 16GB of memory from this year with a 2 year old i3 acer with 2 GB of memory then maybe it is. Not an objective comparison but just using that as an example. When people say windows runs faster on mac it typically means they were running it with bootcamp not a VM. You keep saying rhetoric and nothing with substance. If you like Mac better then great, but that is your preference and opinion and doesn’t make it better. You can’t pit Apple products against PC. You have to compare against manufacturer and product lines and specs. I’m not surprised you are an Apple fanboy. Nothing wrong with Apple as much as their fanboys that don’t know what objectivity is.

        3. You’re full of crap! What are you talking about windows 3.11. Unix is not linux. If you can’t use either a pc or a mac at this point in history you’re an idiot or over 80 yrs old. They both run programs and really how hard is that. My kids, when toddlers, were using PC’s back with windows 95. I’m absolutely sick of you brain dead fan boys who have bought in to the marketing that says the sun rises and sets on macs and ios. Apple is the most over hyped designer jean type technology ever. They are an amazing marketing company. I have a macbook and use both PC and Mac every day. I run programs email, browsers, skype, dev tools, photoshop. You can’t convince me that the stupid OS makes such a huge difference in your life when both are good enough at this point.

          1. I guess it depends on what you do. I am a network engineer architecting global IP networks and need to simulate a global IP network to test things before deploying to production networks. My macbook does this without issue, while my similar spec’d gaming desktop freezes and becomes unusable. I agree for the average user who just emails, facebooks, listens to music and surfs the web, windows is fine. But for the power users, there is no comparison. Is why any major “appliance” or “box” that runs any sort of enterprise function such as firewall, IPS/IDS, internet routing for entire city’s, run on appliances based on linux. Not windows. Windows simply isnt as reliable.

          2. You need to compare specs and age of computers before I buy any of what your saying.

          3. Id like to think that a so-called “network engineer architecting global IP networks” wouldnt be such a whiny douche. Thats why i seriously doubt you are. Anyone can go on the net and claim theyre this, that , and the other thing. Doesnt make it true. Any real network engineer would know that each OS has its place, and Windows is just as good as a MAC these days.

          4. If you had a cisco.com user id you could look up and see I got a 93% on the CCIE routing/switching written exam, which is the prerequisite to the CCIE lab exam, which to anybody that knows anything about networking knows that is the highest most respected certification in all of IT. I will be taking it in October. Most people dont even come close to preparing for it, those that do quit before taking it as its impossibly hard. But think what you want, you pry work at geek squad or sell android phone cases at a mall kiosk.

          5. I write mobile apps for both iOS and android and have written software for 13 years. Because you know Cisco and think that free BSD is Linux it says you know Cisco and marketing literature. If you can show me bench marks that prove your point then please post but until then I say bs.

  36. Far more advanced than the Motorola sensor…

    Inside The Apple iPhone 5s Fingerprint Sensor

    The iPhone 5s fingerprint reader: what you need to know

    1. That’s nice. Can’t wait for Apple’s new and improved horse and buggy. And the Apple 8 track tape player: the i8

  37. “Meh good enough” is not an option for apple. If it doesn’t work very well then it
    doesn’t make the os!” I guess apple maps doesn’t count as an iOS app? Retarded!

  38. Even on the ‘premium’ 5S, all those beautiful icons, reflections, cover flow, etc are gone. The one thing they had over android phones and they killed it. Yes, they went overboard in the past with the wood and felt but those were minor diversions.

    Now it looks like it was designed for My little pony fans

    1. Those little pony fans are creepy as hell tbh…

      1. hey watch it…my 5 year old niece is a my little pony fan!

        1. I was referring to those brony types, its a weird sub-culture and so prevalent around the net. I see people on forum’s with those avatars (even on xda and freaking mma forums) so yeah lol Its for kids but some weirdo adults worship the show. Eh i’m just ranting now and your comment didnt even mention bronies but i automatically thought of it lol

          1. I hear ya, my 24 year old cousin loves my little pony, hes a brony all the way.

  39. There was no way apple was going to market a sub $300 phone, or $400 or $500 for that matter. It would kill their premium product, plain and simple. Just like the mini cut into sales of the regular iPad even though Apple could have priced the mini at a more competitive price.

    There will be a huge margin in selling last years tech at basically the same price as this years model.

  40. Apple always phones it in with their “S” cycle. It’s been that way since 3G. I don’t get why anyone thinks it will be any different. These phones will sell and Apple will make money on it. Until they don’t, then they won’t fix what ain’t broke. Apple is the Nintendo of phones.

  41. It is really common to see anti Android fanaticism etc over on the iPhone forums. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying yet I think we’re better off ignoring the iPhone over here.

  42. Tossed iOS7 GM (release build) on my work iPhone 5 last night. As a primarily Android user but with my company phone being an iPhone 5, here are my thoughts:

    1. Still smoother and more responsive than any Android phone I’ve ever used even as of 4.3. Interface is just perfectly smooth and responsive everywhere.
    2. iMessage still blows away any other texting solution and is nicer than ever
    3. Email app is still the best
    4. Slight parallax effect on all wallpapers is really nice
    5. Notes app finally syncs with Outlook
    6. Swipe-up for Control Center is nice, but Androids solution in the notification bar is much cleaner.
    7. AirDrop is great, makes you forget NFC ever existed. Of course it’s yet another closed Apple-only standard.
    8. Finally seems to allow any app to multitask

    1. The excellent Android animations are stolen almost verbatim for opening/closing apps and multitasking
    2. Dynamic wallpapers are stolen from Android but without the cool panning effect.

    1. The Notification bar is more of a disaster than ever. THREE separate tabs to show a cluster-f**k of information, and you still can’t swipe away notifications.
    2. Neon icons everywhere
    3. Bright white theme everywhere hurts my eyes

    1. “and you still can’t swipe away notifications.”
      You can swipe it up to make it go away quickly

    2. you have not owned an android phone in the past 3 years have you?

      let me tell you, all your “good” has been turned, ios is crap compare to the new android phones/os

  43. Ha, yes they switched away from the fingerprint scanner on the Atrix because they found “different methods” – more like they got rid of it because it was underused, and they don’t have the control of the software to ever implement it more deeply.

  44. Man you are a bunch of idiots here…ahhahahaa

    1. Laughin uncontrolably because of the butthurt? Take a chill pill and stop acting like a child calling names to people you don’t even know.


    1. What are you talking about, hon? Crocs and My Little Pony didn’t copy anybody but Apple is copying from them!


  47. Iphone 5s is now about a year ahead of any android phone.

    1. Iphone 5s is now about a year ahead of any android phone…from 2010

      1. more like 2008, lol

    2. 4″ is about 5-10 yr behind…

  48. Android or Apple? I don’t know much about phones, and all this conflict makes it hard to choose my next purchase – which truly IS best?

    1. Find out what each offers. Decide what is important YOU!

    2. they are both good. It really depends on how you use your phone

    3. In my opinion, at this point the top of the line smartphones are like jeans. All jeans go on 1 leg at a time, but some Jeans cost $150 vs the $50 pair for Levi brand. If you are buying a phone to be trendy and pretentious or just want to blend in with the USA masses then you buy an iPhone(the champagne colored one). If you’re a value shopper you buy a Google nexus 4 and get a plan with t-mobile, if you’re an early adopter and want the best tech and you are a power user you buy a note 3 with a galaxy gear watch and most likely you have Verizon for service.

    4. Apple is a closed system, you have to take what they give you. Their chargers are proprietary. Meaning if it breaks you have to get one from an Apple store because they dont support 3rd party chargers. Their apps are all mostly pay apps. You cant change anything on the iPhones home screen, no matter what you have to have a screen full of app icons. Android you can take them all off the screen and keep a picture of your family or your dog, or whatever. You decide what you have on your screen. With Android most chargers are micro USB so you will never have trouble finding a charger. Google Now is worlds better than Siri. Ive used both devices simultaneously and after using Android i found it hard to stay with Apple. But i did make a lot of money selling my used iPhone online….lol.

    5. Blu Life Play Android phone – $199, or Nexus 4 Android phone- $199 Xiomi Android Phone $300

  49. You can talk all you want about 64-bit, camera, iOs 7, blah, blah, blah. The fact is, it’s still only a 4-inch screen. That, in my book, is a huge FAIL.

    1. At least get rid of some bezel and make it 4.3″ in the same size

    2. I’m impressed by the fact that Apple now has 40% to Android’s 50% marketshare in the US. This time last year Apple had 30%. 10% gain almost 10 months after the iPhone 5 came out but before the iPhone 5S goes on sale.

      1. I’m impressed that Android has 79.3% marketshare worldwide up from 69.1% while Apple went from 16.6 to 13.2.

        1. Yet, Apple still make more money from smartphones than Samsung.

          Samsung has peaked, as well as Android.

          Apple will roll on…

          Apple makes more $$$ from PCs than HP, the largest PC vendor.
          Apple makes more $$$ from smartphones than anyone.
          Apple makes more $$$ from tablets than anyone.
          Apple makes more $$$ from music players than anyone.
          Apple makes more $$$ from internet TV devices than anyone.

          * If you combine the Mac and tablet sales (iPads), Apple is the worlds largest PC vendor. Larger than HP.

          Marketshare does not equal profit unless you’re goal is to be the Walmart of tech, like Samsung. Doing everything, best at nothing for everyone.

          Dyson sues Samsung over new vacuum’s steering mechanism

          “British manufacturer Dyson is suing Samsung over claims that the South Korean firm “ripped off” one of its inventions.”

          Surprise, surprise!

          1. Most wantabe companies always sue the LEADER in the field. I own both Iphone and Android, you are so far out in left field. Foolish jibberish. Samsung is the leading innovator in SmartPhone tech. No one not even Apple can compare. Apple is the leading Smartphone in the USA, that is it, Samsung sells more Smartphones on the entire planet. Those #’s are real. AS I said I dig the iPhone but let’s be real. Android is just getting going, not nearly reached close to peeking out.

          2. beside from the fact that samsung is the leader of smartphone in the world (apple only to US) remember that iphone 4 and 5’s processor is made and supplied by samsung which means samsung also earns as apple sells thei iphone

          3. The iPhone processor architecture is licensed from ARM.

            Apple owns and designs the A series SoC.

            Apple A4, A5, A6 and A7 are a package on package (PoP) system on a chip (SoC) designed by Apple and manufactured by Samsung.

            Apple is moving production to TMSC in Taiwan.

          4. Apple won’t make any money from me, hon. Now, go lick your iPad.


          5. I like how you iDrones completely ignore facts but like to spew out stuff about $$$, but think that marketshare doesn’t matter. Yet when iOS had the lead in marketshare just a few years ago you all raved abour that. Now that Android commands 80% of the worldwide marketshare it doesn’t matter, when Apple’s stock plummets it doesn’t matter, when Apple’s profits drop eventually that’s not gonna matter to you sheep either. I don’t know what’s more disturbing, your utter ignorance or your blind devotion. Now remove yourself from this site, no one likes you.

          6. Apple never had the lead in world-wide marketshare.

          7. Yes they have, you dillhole !

          8. Of course they make more $$$. Their products are overpriced, every last one of them. Keep on drinking that Apple kool-aid. Android has not peaked, and it has, what does it say for Apple having to emulate almost everything about Android in order to make itself appealing again. Sad indeed. But I can see youre trolling for comments so that is all…..

          9. no one likes you apple-math statistics

      2. Their winning in one country out of 196 >.> world wide shares are 79 for Android and a drop from 19% to 14% for Apple, and still dropping, even Windows phone will eventually catch up to them. Windows has a 1 % increase, Apple had a 5% decrease.

      3. actually, Apple has 13% share world wide, compare to 70% for droids.

  50. “You can talk all you want about 64-bit”


    “Samsung: Of Course, Our Next Smartphones Will Be 64-Bit (Spoiler: Android Doesn’t Support 64-Bit, Yet)”


  51. Samsung 3…2…1 fingerprint scanner

    Coming soon!

  52. Samsung 3…2…1 Touchwiz that looks like iOS 7

    Coming soon!

    1. Think you have that backwards, IOS 7 looks like Touchwiz

  53. Samsung 3…2…1 colors, colors, um, smartwatch with four screws and color bands….

    Coming soon! Um, disaster unfolding now…

    Samsung’s Smartwatch Experiment Offers Little Upside

  54. another biased assessment of a mobile phone.
    It’s only a phone and all of them do the same things.. why don’t you get a life outside your android world ( or apple world for that matter).
    And while you’re at it, remember that your cell phones will not automatically call 911 if you’re (god forbid) struck by a vehicle while staring at and mesmerized by your 10000 inch(ridiculous) 1080p screens with gazillion pixels.

    1. if you have the Moto X, you dont even have to turn your phone on. you just say “Google Now Call 911”. then you dont even have to look at your phone. you can say this even with the phone screen OFF, and it’ll still work.

      1. Not with guys with an Asian accent like me :( probably safer & quicker to just press the buttons lol

      2. How does that work if you’re screaming?

        1. Or if youre unconscious, lol.

      3. I wish people would stop hyping that phone and the gimmicks it has. Just like Face Unlock, Fingerprint Scanning, etc. In a year or less people wont use that “talk to the phone” thing and all the Android and tech sites will say it was a silly fad. Doesnt matter, in a year when Motorolla doesnt update the phone , the tide will turn against this phone. Everyone will be calling it what it is, a mid level, gimmicky POS. By then the next gen HTC and Samsung phones will be out and put it to shame, again.

        1. its interesting how some gimmicky silly fads actually do pass away, and others don’t and stick around. time will tell.

          1. Well that much is true. Agreed.

    2. Troll

    3. Because calling and texting on a phone that’s not full HD 554 PPI is unacceptable.


    4. Actually I’m pretty sure there’s a car mode app that will dial 911 for you if the accelerometer registers an abrupt halt.

    5. Biased to an iSheep, of course it is, because its not supporting your choice of devices. You say get out of our Android and Apple worlds but youve clearly got your head up Apples ass. Hypocritical maybe ? You look like the kind of pompous ignorant idiot that would use an iPhone.

    6. its only a phone then why do you need a finger print scanner? why do you need 64bit? i feel sad for you sheep

  55. I used the Atrix for two years. The fingerprint reader was horrible, for one reason: I had to (on average) swipe it 2.5 times in order to unlock. I felt lucky if it unlocked on the first swipe. Very annoying. I ended up rarely using it. But I did try it more than once, hoping it would work better.

    1. I also had an Atrix with the fingerprint sensor, which yes it worked, but not reliably. So really, what’s the point in saying Android had a fingerprint sensor long before the iPhone when the functionality of that feature is crap and doesn’t really work. It seems to me like I wouldn’t go bragging about a feature that isn’t really usable.

    2. Mine worked really well. There were a couple 3rd party roms that had issues with it though. We’ll have to see how well Apple’s version works, it is a different type of sensor.

    3. Have you guys actually seen the video on how Apple does it? It looks pretty fast to me (1 sec-ish).

      But before everyone can get a hold on it and put up a review, I guess it’s hard to debate

      1. The fingerprint scanner will be a fad and will soon be not used at all. Even i dont use face-unlock as much as i used to, it was a hassle to go through to get to my home screen. Even the grid code became a hassle, i dont lock my screen with anything but the lock button now.

        1. I guess the finger print thing is faster than the face unlock

  56. The galaxy s4 has slow motion and fast motion recording.

    1. And lag.

      1. The GS4 has ZERO lag. Go away iSheep.

        1. You lying a$$es. It lags like a mofo.

          1. well no

      2. it has 0 lag you Sheep

        1. Owned the Exynos and the snapdragon versions, both lag like more than you.

        2. S lag Is its most popular feature, its always enabled.

  57. I can proof-read your articles if you’d like, raven! ;)

    “It’s going to take a while for it to really take off and to really seem that must faster.”


    Agree on most, if not all the points here, but some thoughts:

    Most people would agree that Apple is one of the best marketing companies in the tech. industry- shockingly, I’ve read a few articles recently saying they invest little into their marketing, and as an example, Google was spending the equivalent of half Apple’s 2012 marketing budget for the Moto X alone. The word seems to be that Apple will be increasing its focus, and funding, on marketing from now on.

    The question is, how will Apple’s increased focus on marketing affect the cell phone landscape?

    We see tons and tons of android commercials and advertisements, few of which are high quality- we see many with fancy effects and loads of editing, but few that use these effects to accentuate the product appropriately. If apple is able to do what they do best, but on a much larger scale, I think some of the smaller OEMs could be in a bit of trouble moving forward.

    However, I also believe the opposite could happen. I still think a part of the allure, from my experience selling devices, of the iPhone is the ‘cool’ factor. Android fans are still perceived as ‘nerds’ when compared to Apple fans- perhaps an overload of marketing on Apple’s side would actually negate that? I suppose Apple is a smart enough company to avoid the tipping point, but I do believe the possibility exists.

    1. As far as I can tell Apple never stopped their marketing. Guess you missed the tons of Apple commercials on TV ? As for Android commercials, i barely see them. Sure i see the billboards and the posters here and there but “tons” is an exaggeration. As for the “allure” of the iPhone, its pretty, and simple, keep pressing that silly button to do just about everything. Plus its a “status” device. People think because lots of people have them, that its something they have to have as well. Theyre ignorant to better phones out there, namely Android phones. They believe the lies on the internet about Android not being stable, that it lags, that it has security issues, and that its complicated. All lies. Yet ignorant people believe it because theyre……ignorant. Its easier to be biased when you believe biased information, and unfortunately thats all Apple has going for it, plus its marketing. Did you see that iPod commercial with the dancing colorful iPods ? What idiot wouldnt like that. Its the same mentality when youre driving and the traffic slows to a crawl or less, then you get to where the commotion was ,and it was just a car on the side of the road with a state troopers car behind it with the lights on. Then you realize that everyone slowed down to see the pretty flashing lights. Thats Apple, creating flashy things that really arent that important or special, or innovative. The tipping point that Apple wont be able to avoid much longer is from their core iPhone users that are realizing more and more with each release that theyre really not getting anything new each year, just the same old tech in a new case in a new box with a new # or letter after it. But all in all, the same phone they premiered in 2007. Of course its smooth and stable, if Android had been tweeking Android 1.0 for 5 years without innovating it would be slippery smooth too. Not that it wasnt, but you get my point.

    2. Google IS a marketing company. They give away free products in other to sell ad space. Google doesn’t care less about their products. All they care about is how many people they can reach with their imbedded ads in each app.

      Apple doesn’t sell search. Google does. Google NEEDS to know everyone’s data so they can sell demographics.


  58. It’s actually sad to think that Apple need to go 64 bit before they can do multitasking. That’s a software flaw right there, right?
    Android has been multitasking since forever, on 32 bii.

    1. FYI… iOS is OSX. They share the same kernel.

      Why do you think it was so easy to add 64 bit?

      OS X handles 32 and 64 bit in the same build along with full multitasking.

      Apple limits multitasking on the iPhone to preserve battery power.

      The only flaw is your complete lack of knowledge.

      1. whatever you say

      2. As I mentioned earlier – iOS is NOT at all OS X.

        Despite sharing the XNU kernel, each is its own separate, distinct, dissimilar operating system.

        In much the same way that Android is not Ubuntu even though both use the Linux kernel, iOS is none of the following: Darwin, OS X or NeXTSTEP.

        Android is an embedded real-time LInux + the Dalvik Virtual Machine + apps that run in the Dalvik.

        iOS is not an embedded real-time OS X – it’s a different architecture entirely.

        Why it limited multitasking has nothing to do with HOW multitasking had been accomplished up until now – and that is a rather important difference comparing to OS X.

        BTW, you said – “OS X handles 32 and 64 bit in the same build along with full multitasking.”

        I’m not sure what that sentence fragment meant – and any reasonable guess won’t involve the kernel.

        If you’re interested in Apple kernel architecture, you could begin here – https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/Darwin/Conceptual/KernelProgramming/Architecture/Architecture.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP30000905-CH1g-CACDAEDC

        1. I dont know where all these so-called tech “experts” come from on this board defending the crap that Apple puts out. Its a smartphone, nothing more, nothing less. Its not special, either the desktop OS or the mobile OS. Even if it were true, limiting multitasking to save battery sounds like a bad tradeoff to me.

          1. Feature phones have almost no multitasking and those puppies lasted forever. :-D

            Carry a small computer with broadband services in your pocket and use it a lot, it’s going to eat power.

            Anyway – I still get 6 to 8 hours of screen on time over wifi with my HTC Evo 4G LTE and I babysit nothing, task kill nothing, I just use it. And I can get far less time using it harder.

            Which is really the point for my uses – I can choose to use it just an app at a time or go to town. I guess everyone’s mileage varies when it comes to using a phone.

            And if we’re going to multitask, the preemptive multitasking model, used everywhere from Windows, OS X, *nix to Android, seems pretty fair.

            I’m glad Apple is upping their game on this front – I hope it’s true. After all, some people will always stick with an iPhone and I’d say it’s time for them to get the rest of the smartphone experience and join us on that.

          2. Agreed. I think some people are in the dark with how good Android is.

  59. Warning! IPhone fanboy crossing! Take no prisoners.

  60. “Oh you have the new hon?” Fail. Jobs would have indeed fired the whole department.

  61. Oh android fan boys… You make me laugh every day with your articles…

  62. I like ios 7 now that’s it more like android. I knew they would come around eventually.

  63. LOL. OK so this is an Android site, so of course there’s going to be very biased pro-Android articles, but if you’re going to feature articles like this, than how can you think anyone can take you serious as a real new site? Especially since it sounds like Derek Ross has been an Android user for oh what maybe 2 years? I’ve been Android user since the G1, and have used more Android handsets than I care to admit, and even I can see that Google stole a lot of ideas, themes, UI elements, from Apple just as much as Apple has from Google. You Android fanboys are the biggest hypocrites. Praising the GS4, which is a slight incremental upgrade to the GS3, but bash the 5S. Claiming iTunes radio stole Google Play Music, yet won’t touch the fact that Apple revolutionized buying digital music online, which Google decided to capitalize on. Ignoring the fact Android was supposed to rip off Blackberry, but changed course when the iPhone hit the market. Claiming Apple stole the quick toggles from Android, when Windows Phone was using them before both of them, and jailbroken iPhones had them before Android did.

    Android fanboys have now become the worst of all the tech fanboys. Used to be Apple fanboys, but congrats, Android fanboys you have surpassed them and are now the bottom of the barrel.

    1. everything said in this article is true…
      perhaps its time to pull your head out of Steve’s iCrap and actually see the world?

      1. Way to show off your reading comprehension skills.

    2. S4 is a slight incremental upgrade to the s3? ehm.no?

      1. I’m sorry, what’s not an incremental upgrade when compared to the “S” series iPhones? Better processor? Better camera? Better screen? Sounds a whole lot like the “S” series upgrades to the iPhones. Other than that, what else is so great about the S4 over the S3 that doesn’t compare to the upgrade from the 5S to the 5? My point is that Android fanboys like to make fun of Apple with their small incremental upgrades with the “S” series, but fail to objectively see that Samsung does the same thing, but because Samsung is Android, well they can do no wrong.

        1. better screen ?? It’s the same old screen.

          1. Just as good reading comprehension skills as Jack Hsiung.

  64. Have you seen Jony’s attempt at sensationalizing the iPhone 5C? OMG!


    1. comments disabled. smart move there by apple lol

      1. What can one expect? Apple know that some consumers and investors aren’t happy. The least they could do is let their YouTube subscribers and other passers by let off some steam by commenting on this sorry attempt of upstaging the iPhone 5.

    2. oh my god..

      1. My thoughts exactly.

  65. Mmmmm

  66. With the original Crocs” cases, the words iPhone on the back of the iPhone, not saying “hon”, but more clearly “non”, and that makes sense to me ! – non, non , non , non merci

  67. Thats alll they do now copying everyone and did you know they copied nokia for the iphone 5C and S? Look at this http://tiny.cc/uplf3w

  68. Derek Ross, you’re mad you flagship android lags? You know we can tell

  69. I will not be purchasing a 5c,I saw this on the apple website since it is set to my homepage and I was like…-_____-. “Did they really go back to the iPhone 2 and change the color ?” Yeah camera is different faster processor blah blah blah but they look identical. Lets be honest,we don’t buy phones because of the processor we buy it because of the look. So to sum it up,even if I did like it,which I don’t. I wouldn’t even spend 400 on this phone. To me,and through the eyes of many,it is only a iPhone 2 with a florescent color scheme. And in my personal opinion,they could of chose better colors.

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