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You’ve got your DROID Bionics, your Motorola XOOMs, and your LG Optimus 2X’s, but who would’ve thunk it: AT&T’s Motorola Atrix 4G was one of the most – if not the most – capable phones debuted at CES. A dual-core processor, a fingerprint scanner, 4G HSPA+ radios, a best-in-class resolution: it just rocked. And now Motorola’s full ad for the phone has been uploaded to YouTube. If I didn’t know any better, I’d guess that this was a Verizon DROID ad. That just goes to show how much AT&T wants to turn things around with Android and how seriously they’re taking it. Color me impressed. Full video found below.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That particular add doesn’t do the Atrix justice. If you don’t know anything about the Atrix you are just going to think it’s as powerful as a notebook. . . doesn’t really show off what the Atrix is really about.

  2. would have been wayyyy cooler if there was a release date at the end :P

  3. I’m worried that Verizon is going to begin getting inferior devices now, because Moto assumes that VZW reps will be just like AT&T reps and only sell the iPhone. I will still be pushing android only at my store.

  4. If they start coming with better Android phones, they may give vz a run for the money. Everyone, is not interested in an iphone as great as it is.

  5. Why did this have to be released on ATT? Why couldn’t Verizon get Atrix? I can’t spend my life switching carriers because of phones!

  6. It would have been cooler if it was a droid and the guard saw the red eye on the screen and then turned him into a zombie from viewing the awesomeness that is the atrix.

  7. Yes, had seen all this already.. The laptop dock is the coolest feature, but they do need spend a little more time on the phone itself.. I’m headed this direction, and I may or may not get the dock (probably get it later), so lets see more about the phone.. I know this is a Motorola ad and it’s not too terrible.. be interesting to see what AT&T comes up with, but I can’t say that they are very good at advertising, so I don’t expect much.. I’ll probably learn more at places like Phandroid.

  8. thats not an AT&T ad, its a motorola ad.

  9. thats like calling an iphone ad an at&t ad

  10. Sounds like AT&T is a little miffed about verizon grabbing the iPhone, so they do the next best thing and grab the world strongest phone and make it there flag ship android device…..let’s see leave AT&T for the verizon iPhone with better cellular coverage or stay and pick up the most beastly phone ever made in the atrix…smart strategy.

  11. I never said it was an AT&T ad.

  12. Quote: “And now Motorola’s full ad for the phone has been uploaded to YouTube.”

  13. Does the bionic have a fingerprint scanner?

  14. Even the slowest notebook CPU more powerfull than the fastest arm processor. I’m getting really tired of people saying these phones are faster than a computer. There’s more to a processor than clock speed for christ sake. The Atrix kicks ass thouigh, I’m definately picking one up.

  15. They threw every thing in but the NFC and FM HD Radio!

  16. 1GB of Ram, I think DDR 2. I don’t remember. But on an android device, a little more than 700mb served me a lot of memories on my MyTouch 4G

  17. From an Android perspective the thing that hurts most about iPhone on Verizon is losing the best Android advertiser. Those “Droid Does” commercials really increased US Android mind share and Verizon probably won’t be showing a lot of those now.

    The Atrix ad is a teaser ad, like Droid had before launch. It doesn’t tell you much about the phone (every new phone claims to be the most powerful), but it gets the name out there. The problem is that this ad is forgettable. The first Droid ad wasn’t.

  18. Of course ATT is changing their priorities with android… bc Apple totally jumped ship!! Duh thats obvious more importantly is how is ATT going to save themselves now yhat Verizon has become a mobile powerhouse provider regardless of non simultaneous data/talk which is a temp. Error bc 4g LTE will fix it. bottom line with crappy service, a healthy competitive advantage, and VERY late start on the android bandwagon, I predict ATT esp. in this economic climate will be scoring at the Tmobile level with Verizon winning the race, Sprint attracting the affordable market and then tmobile /ATT filling in the rest.

  19. Props to Motorola for that ad. Hopefully AT&T will push this phone hard, if they know what’s good for them.

    Oh wait, they don’t. They’ll just spend the money instead on advertising iPhone is faster @ AT&T. Sweet.

  20. @iamsteventucker if you notice they already have…. best Verizon has right now is DX and the new “flagship” Droid device for the network is the Bionic which has less ram and none of the cool accessories that the Atrix has. Plus the LG phone coming isn’t dual core when everywhere else seems to be getting the dual core or ultra-bright phones. The Samsung one was half baked and still only single core processor and odd design when rumors of dual core Samsung devices are going around for other networks. All that and the way Verizon is trying to push HTC around I don’t see them giving Verizon the savior “flagship” android device they will need later this year.

  21. @ cdavis you’re 100% right. Granted as an individual i’m 100% a fan of phones, not of carriers. but as a verizon sales rep, my paycheck is way into having the best so we bring more customers in lol. there is of course time to upgrade the bionic before it comes out, and we’ll still have one of the more impressive line ups, and i WILL sell a shit ton of iPhones, but i’ll be selling them to people who aren’t smart enough for a smartphone :]

  22. Yeah and as a customer of Verizon paying the higher bill for Verizon I expect the best devices and best network and currently it looks like Verizon is all in on the Iphone and getting less than the best Android devices and pushing customers with no sign of a release for any of them. Also me and a few people are sorta having a discussion about the impact Iphone will have and the type of people that will be purchasing it on the Thunderbolt forum. haha

  23. Blur comments in 5,4,3,2………., Anyone? Anyone?

  24. I’ll bite.. The laptop in the x-ray was a blur..

  25. Shame this is going to ATT – I have a feeling Bionic will do the same on the Verizon side. I would love to see this phone on Verizon network, connecting to the Webtop and using true 4G would be great.

  26. Moto-Bleugh?

  27. Yeah great, a pseudo computer, running motoblur. Yeah, the speed should be blinding there, yep, bloatware definitely speeds things up. Oh I see, silly me, One Core for the android to actually work, and one core for the BLUR. That should run about as fast as my G2 then.

  28. It looks great, except for two things:

    1) A new phone, running a previous generation android system? It should be running 2.3 at least.

    2) Motoblur? No, I don’t want that. It may keep me from buying the phone, and I’m in the market for one right now.

  29. Motoblur is not that bad really i don’t even use it half teh time. the ui is cool i bought the crapflip and have had 3 of them already so i welcome this “Olympian” of a phone…i’ll get the web dock accessory and take it as it is…i only worry about the damn lockdown of non-market apps…..AT&T they find a way to make me love the phone and hate them all in the same thought……

  30. I am just really pissed that AT&T is getting this phone. This is Motorola’s lead phone now, a solid couple of steps beyond anything else they’ve announced including the Bionic. And AT&T gets it. What if Apple had given the iPhone 5 to Verizon first? AT&T and the millions of AT&T/iPhone customers would have gone ape shit – that’s now how you treat your loyal customers.

    I waited and waited and waited. And the very first day the Droid 1 was available, I switched to Verizon. And this is what I get for that. I now have to go back to AT&T to get the best Android phone on the market. I don’t know who to be madder at, Motorola or Verizon. They both suck for letting that happen in my eyes.

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