Sep 10th, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 5:00 pm

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an Apple hater. I think they’re a great company with some great products. But I also unapologetically love Android and sometimes, the competitive nature between the two companies gets the better of me.

In Apple’s event today, the company offered a snarky Android-related comment while announcing their brand new iPhone 5C (the iPhone 5S was also announced):

“Arsenic-free, mercury-free, and Android-free.”

That’s cool. It’s funny. But what’s also simultaneously funny is Apple’s announcement of kiddie looking polka dot cases for the iPhone 5C costing $29.

(Photo credit: The Verge)

For the sake of brevity, let me quickly list why I don’t like Apple’s new cases:

  1. They’re ugly and goofy looking. And that’s being polite.
  2. There are an outrageous amount of 3rd parties making covers and cases already… that look better than this. Maybe leave this up to them?
  3. The Motorola Moto X does it better.

If Apple were to allow users to customize the cutout shapes or at least offer a wide variety of cutout designs, the cases might actually be cool. Until then, I’ll stand on the sidelines laughing.

To Apple’s credit, I think the iPhone 5C is a logical progression of the device and it should be hugely popular. The unibody rear/sides look really, really nice, and I’d say resemble the Nokia Lumia hardware design more than most Android phones. Stake me now, but I think that’s a good thing for the market they’re targeting.

Follow the rest of the Apple Event at and Phandroid, iSource, and WinSource will host a live hangout discussing the announcements afterwards on Google+

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