Sep 4th, 2013

Nexus Orbit

It wasn’t too long ago a Wall Street Journal rumor began making the rounds, talking about how Google might be looking to enter the gaming market with an Android-based game console of their own. Taking that simple idea and running with it, a “product designer” by the name Joseph Dumary created a concept video of exactly what a Nexus console could look like.

Nexus Orbit with Glass

He calls it the Google Orbit, and it’s not so much the unique design that grabbed my interest (you can lay the system down in a variety of positions), but the depth of connectivity the creator so lovingly conjured up in his mind’s eye. Besides being able to wirelessly connect the console to a television using a technology Dumary calls “DP connect”, he envisions robust Google Glass connectivity, alerting you when friends are online, and scanning video game ads for QR codes that could instantly add a game to a download queue. Glass could also be used to show a night vision view in a game or, while using Google Translate, allow you to chat with gamers in different languages.

We know, it sounds so far fetched…. yet crazy enough to work. With Google’s wide array or services, somehow all of this sounds completely doable in the near future. While the console design likely wont strike a chord with everyone (I think it looks phenomenal), if Google could only tap into Glass’ potential as a gaming peripheral for an Android console — we think they could have a real hit on their hands. Anyone think Google should enter into the gaming market, or is the search giant better off sticking to mobile devices?

[Joseph Dumary | via Kotaku]

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