Google’s upcoming game console beautifully imagined as “Nexus Orbit”


Nexus Orbit

It wasn’t too long ago a Wall Street Journal rumor began making the rounds, talking about how Google might be looking to enter the gaming market with an Android-based game console of their own. Taking that simple idea and running with it, a “product designer” by the name Joseph Dumary created a concept video of exactly what a Nexus console could look like.

Nexus Orbit with Glass

He calls it the Google Orbit, and it’s not so much the unique design that grabbed my interest (you can lay the system down in a variety of positions), but the depth of connectivity the creator so lovingly conjured up in his mind’s eye. Besides being able to wirelessly connect the console to a television using a technology Dumary calls “DP connect”, he envisions robust Google Glass connectivity, alerting you when friends are online, and scanning video game ads for QR codes that could instantly add a game to a download queue. Glass could also be used to show a night vision view in a game or, while using Google Translate, allow you to chat with gamers in different languages.

We know, it sounds so far fetched…. yet crazy enough to work. With Google’s wide array or services, somehow all of this sounds completely doable in the near future. While the console design likely wont strike a chord with everyone (I think it looks phenomenal), if Google could only tap into Glass’ potential as a gaming peripheral for an Android console — we think they could have a real hit on their hands. Anyone think Google should enter into the gaming market, or is the search giant better off sticking to mobile devices?

[Joseph Dumary | via Kotaku]

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  1. Unless that thing is like a 3x3x3 cube it is way to ugly to ever go on my TV stand

    1. Lord, this is ugly. We don’t live in the 80-ies any longer! Even last Star Wars spaceships now are smooth and polished.

  2. Holy Nintendo! The NES is back!

    1. That’s exactly what I thought. The artist was definitely feeling nostalgic.

  3. Ugly and enormous.

  4. WOW!! Im ready to buy it!! I like the design, although I cant pass the fact that it is far from an orbit as the name suggests. As much as I like having an all in one mobile product (Phablet) I would like to have an all in one tv companion device (blu-ray player, google tv, streaming media, gaming, sharing etc…). I just wish I could fast forward time and live in 2050 (without aging of course). xD

    1. Agree 100% with you!

  5. Oh I forgot to mention: gaming + google glass = awesomeness!!

  6. It will take years before Google can make one for public production and have other major game developers to jump on board the “Nexus Orbit” train. But Google Glass and gaming? That would be friggin’ awesome. They should integrate that somehow with the Xbox One/PS4.

  7. disgusting

  8. Where are you supposed to blow in it when the games don’t work? O_o

  9. LOL! This is a concept. Google will never release a console with those specs, for several reasons.
    1) It will be super expensive, and Google is all about CHEAP
    2) Their line of Android games has no use for those specs

    IF Google ever decides to go into the living room war (console war), they’ll be a serious, and I mean very serious problem! Why? Because they’ll do what they do best, provide a super cheap console that plays all games from their play store in high-resolution, and they’ll integrate their services fully into it (Including Google Now).
    The casual gamer market accounts for the majority of console sales, and they love cheap (free), casual games, and this is what Android delivers.

    1. So please explain the Chromebook pixel … If $1300 is cheap will then im jealous of you.

      1. The Chromebook pixel runs Chrome OS not Android..

        1. Okay? What’s your point?you said they don’t make hardware that isn’t cheap. You did say that Android games doesn’t use the specs. But the console doesn’t only support android games it was shown with farcry 3, along with others that on android. There for they were looking to support more than just apps…so technically it doesn’t Eben have to run android, although I’m sure it would.

        2. So what? You said Google (not just Android) is all about cheap, and they develop both Android and Chrome OS. Brandon’s point is valid, the Pixel is not at all cheap.

  10. I dont mind big hulking boxes as much as most people do (full tower PC gamer here), but this thing is very large, for what would relatively be a simple machine. if a snapdragon 800 can fit in a phone and run at 2.3ghz, you basically only need a box big enough to hold a small heatsink to maybe crank up the speed + whatever input and output ports you need.

    1. This looked more specd like a next gen console. Not like a ouya

    2. I prefer mid-towers for a good blend of space for components and portability. Full towers are amazing though.

  11. One more attempt by Google to do hardware. Call it the Obit.

  12. As long as this is made with something better than phone parts. Like if it’s made with snapdragon 800 I don’t want it because I can have that on a phone.

  13. Goodbye OUYA. Oh wait, they didn’t have a chance in the first place, so I guess I can’t really say goodbye.

  14. Hmm.. If it at least gives GREAT performance for all of Google’s services (Gmail, Google Earth, Google Drive, etc) and also ran all my Android Apps with Google glass as an optional interface it would be a great device to have. :D

  15. For a machine that is game-centric there needs to be a decent library of a wide variety of games, and not just casual games. If it were to run Android, they still have a while before there are enough titles to attract customers who are looking to buy something like a PS4, Wii U, or XBox One.

    Something like this is quite far off in my opinion. I’d be greatly (and pleasantly) surprised if we saw an Android console capable of running games like Skyrim in the next couple of years.

    1. Yea, I’m personally getting PS4 with BF4 and can’t wait. If this device was in the $99 range and is moddable and will run emulators, I’d buy it too.

    2. What? I don’t think this is in the same category as console systems. I wouldn’t think Google would try to sway those who play console systems. The graphics alone wouldn’t be enough to sway them.

  16. Did anyone else notice the new Google Glass design? It’s WAY more sleek than the current Explorer Edition.

    1. Where did you see it?

    2. Dude, if you’re talking about the picture above, it’s all fake

  17. maybe 2015

  18. I think they need to create something that let’s their users interact in real-time. Hangouts is cool but video games in conjunction with hangouts is even better. Actually, let’s say I do a chrome cast to my consul that also allows you to watch a movie with me as long as we are in the hang out is even better. My son used to do this on xbox live until ms axed it. One of the friends would start a movie when bored with playing games. They would all talk and watch the movie together. The concept is really a virtual living room. I can virtually invite you over and we can watch movies, listen to music, and play video games. Microsoft charges for this type of service but if Google came in and did it for free then they would have a lot of peoples attention. That should be the next big thing for G+ and Android.

  19. DOA!

  20. “you can lay the system down in a variety of positions” and “dp connect” ;-)
    This system sounds a bit low brow

  21. So the point of this article is to highlight a completely imaginary product? Slow news day?

  22. I bought the OUYA, mainly as a toy and dev box I can play around with and mess with emulators and ROMs.

    The main problem I have, besides the outdated specs right out of the box, is the input lag. Even with the Dualshock 3 (PS3 controller) there is noticeable lag (maybe half a second) on the input so games/emulators are unplayable. I consider the OUYA project, at this point, a complete disaster. It’s not my HDTV, it’s set to gamemode, 120hz off, etc. and PS3 plays wonderfully on it.

    1. Glad I never got one!

  23. Why not just call it the Nexus Play?

    See what i did there?

  24. Why do people create concepts. The real products never look like them. Though I wouldn’t mind if it did. Great looking device.

    1. I think it’s fugly. They should make a small one that looks like the Q.

  25. 12 cores at 5ghz 4 usb 4.0 ports 4k capable, 5g wifi network compatible, this is like next gen enthusiast pc.

  26. Poor OUYA </3

  27. there is so much wrong with this, he should be sued for using googles name. the design is awful. its a world where specs are absurd, but he bother with an ethernet connection? 4 x 4k screens running wirelessly would require a ridiculous amount of bandwidth, also who has 4 screens in their house? usb coloring is starting to standardize (blue for 3.0), (yellow for always on charging), why mess with that. I cant even go on with this ridiculousness

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