CellRox hands-on: turning your personal and business phones into one


Isn’t it horribly annoying having to deal with owning multiple phones? This is an issue most people face when they have to deal with a company phone and a personal phone. We dream of being able to use one device for both personal and enterprise, but security matters won’t allow us… at least until CellRox came into the picture.

cellrox-1CellRox has a solution that would be great for businesses. The reason why most IT departments don’t allow business phones and personal phones to be mixed is security. What CellRox does is flash a custom software into devices.

This software divides your personal life and work matters in a great way. You can see in the video how simple it is possible to switch between “Personas” (profiles). These Personas work completely separate. One can have all the apps of choice in the personal one, while the IT department at your place of employment can control the other.

In fact, CellRox mentions one can even put malware and keyloggers into the personal profile and the business Persona would stay completely unaffected.

It is possible to have up to 4 Personas, so the feature is not limited to just personal and work profiles. You can let your imagination run and create social, gaming or any other kind of profile. Pretty sweet, right? Fun and safe!

Sadly, though, this is not something any person can start using. Your employer has to adopt it and support it. But maybe it’s a good service to bring to your IT department’s attention! I know I would love to have something like this!

We will be reviewing this phone software in the near future, so stay tuned to hear more on CellRox. Meanwhile, you can let us know if this type of service would be something you would enjoy to have. We are sure many of you are tired of carrying multiple phones.


Edgar Cervantes

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  1. ah, the good ole gs1.. oh the nightmares with the gps lol

  2. Y not knox?

  3. Good for Enterprise has the market cornered I think. I work for a company with 75k+ employees and we have been using Good for over a year now. It works with both Android and the dreaded iOS. It’s not quite the same concept as this is but I don’t foresee it losing any ground.

    1. I’ve heard of some companies using MaaS360

  4. There’s other issues to consider besides security, like I don’t want people from work ringing my personal cell when I’m not on call. I also don’t want personal calls and notifications going to my work cell when I’m sleeping, but still need to keep the phone on when I am on call. Of course, there are other times when I’d like to have both ‘live’ at the same time.

    At the very least, I would need 2 different numbers to go to the same phone w/SMS (something apparently not possible with Google Voice), and be able to shut one or the other off at will.

    1. sms is possible with Google voice. just not MMS. but besides that yeah u can not turn off ur personal phone at will without it affecting the other.

    2. Gideon,

      Cellrox support 2 different numbers (even on a 1-SIM device).

      Check out this example of a service we provide with a partner:

  5. If the separate environments are also encrypted then this would be more useful for corporate than Good for Ent. If not, this would be good to use with Good.

    1. The business persona is indeed encrypted and hosts any application (including native) without modifications.

      1. In that case I would be extremely interested in this solution.

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