Aug 20th, 2013

Moto X filter

Some more bad news for the Moto X has come to light ahead of its official release. According to a Motorola spokesperson, custom engraving for the Moto X will not be available at launch. Apparently, the quality of the engraving process is not yet up to Motorola’s standards, so the company wants to make sure it’s perfect before unleashing the feature onto the masses.

This news is really only damning to AT&T users, as those are the only folks getting access to the Moto Maker at launch. It’s possible this feature might not be ready for other carriers by the time AT&T’s period of exclusivity is over, but we’ll try and get over one hill before talking about the next. Motorola hasn’t indicated they would give those who order the device ahead of time the ability to send it in for engraving later, but we’ve pinged them to find out.

The Moto X is Motorola’s first smartphone inspired by Google, and it’s an exciting device in many different respects. From the ability to fully customize the color of the chassis to its “assembled in America” roots, there are many things making us overlook the fact that it doesn’t have the biggest, baddest processor or a full HD display. You can read more about those things in our official hands-on (and coming up soon in our review). That said, if the Moto Maker (which we took for a spin on video) experiences any other snags it will no doubt lose a couple of cool points with us.

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