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So we’ve been able to get our hands-on the Motorola Moto X, and now you get to see it for yourself in our hands-on video! Kevin went to New York to play with it, and came away pretty impressed by the aesthetic aspect of it all. Specifically, the Moto Maker customizations look really nice, including the extremely slick wood-grain finish designs Motorola had on display.

Unfortunately those designs won’t be available at launch as Motorola is still testing out different types of wood, but early thoughts are that it would definitely be worth waiting for if wood is your style.

Other than that, though, the device isn’t too out of this world. It comes with mostly stock Android and a few of Motorola’s own customizations. It isn’t the most jaw-dropping device when it comes to specs, but it should have enough horsepower to keep owners happy. It also is one of the nicest phones Motorola’s constructed in a while.

Whether or not it’s worth the on-contract price of $200 remains to be seen, but even though it’s not the cheap knight in armor we were hoping for it definitely still has our attention. Be sure to take a look at the video above, and all the great photos of the thing down below. Be sure to check this post out to find out everything you need to know about Motorola’s latest American-built pride and joy.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Official: Everything you need to know about the Moto X

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  1. Recorded with an iphone…nice!

    1. That’s not an iPhone. That’s an Oppo Finder. /S

      1. It’s the original Galaxy S.

  2. $200 on contract? s*ck my d!ck…..

    1. from behind no less

  3. N4 was 200 on contract with TMO….I’m not worried yet.

  4. no sdcard?

  5. LOL That wood is awful looking!

    1. nah i like that wood

      1. That’s what she said! Hehehe

      2. It just reminds me of that 90’s interior material people would have in their homes.. it’s just hideous I’m sorry. IMHO!

        1. or cars lol

          1. Ya! That to. Just terrible! lol

  6. I think that is one of the nicest looking phones I’ve seen. Simplistic beauty to rival the iPhone.

  7. this was a huge disappointment lol

  8. wow, what a bunch of complainers! nobody knows the off-contract price, none of you have touched the phone, and almost all of you aren’t even the target audience for the phone. this is meant for the mainstream consumer, not whiny tech-nerds who scream NO MICROSD NO CARE.

    great feature set to attract normal consumers. all of the gesture-based interaction and always-listening features make me want to use this as an everyday phone. half the time i pull out my phone it’s to check for a notification or google something, both of which are now simpler, easier and faster with the way this phone is set up. can’t wait to see the reviews and off-contract pricing.

    1. How dare you try and take away our freedom of speech by telling us we can’t complain?! We’re on an Android Blog where most of the audience is tech savy and if they aren’t then maybe the person complaining about no SD card is the average consumer!? What is a normal consumer anyway? You calling me Abby Normal or something? I don’t take kindly to normal people! Go take your big words and anti-nerdiness somewhere else you fiddler of poop!

      1. lol freedom of speech complaint + poop fiddler

  9. lol everyone please take note who is recording the video and what he is using to record it!

  10. Waiting on the developer editions specs and prices. In the mean-time, I’d like the impending reviews to include 1)real world battery life (duh), 2)how well it grabs, holds onto, and toggles between signals (GPS, LTE, 3G, etc…), and c)how loud and clear the speakerphone is. The last two, Moto usually excels in. Can’t say the same for my GNex.

  11. Why no CRT-off animation?

  12. Does this thing even have LTE?

    1. Yeah, it does.

      1. Thank you.

  13. This phone really mediocre in spec but costs like high end. What a disappointment !! Long live Apple,Samsung, HTC, Sony…

  14. whole 2 year contract price for ATT 16MB is $199 but anyone has idea for OFF contract price for carrier like T-mobile ?

    1. no, that is the big question….now that we are dissapointed by contract price, we are all hoping for Nexus Like off-contract. at least start at 330 for 16gb and 370 for 32gb…now that would be nice

  15. I was really looking forward to this device but the price just killed it for me. I was watching a live stream on The Verge and David pierce was talking about how they will prove the phone at same prices like other flagship phones. So it will be like $500+ although I still have some hope for an affordable off contract price.

  16. beautiful design. lackluster specs. even worse price. does this at least run stock Android???

    1. yes

  17. Good Job Google, way to piss away 12Billion, would have better odds betting on the Knicks…..

  18. Moto X, having extremely similar spec to the ONE X… coincidently to be called “X” too?

  19. You guys should’ve had Chris do the hands-on video, not Kevin.

  20. And why are you guys sending Kevin to android announcements? Tell him to sit at home and wait around for the one apple event of the year

  21. Actually liking most things about this phone except the AT&T exclusive on 32GB and the unknown/unannounced pricing and availbility of an unlocked contract free version.

  22. Can’t get away from that price and the piecemeal launch strategy. They tease with a tagline of “Freedom” and then lock you into a contract (with one network) if you want to experience the key selling point – customisation.

  23. Did you record this video with an iPhone?

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