Aug 19th, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 4th, 2013, 6:13 pm

HTC One M7 thin case DSC01079

With the HTC One being HTC’s premier flagship device, there’s no questions smartphone maker is doing their best to not only promote the device, but support the device with timely firmware updates. Originally launching with Android 4.1.2, we’ve since seen the device receive updates to Android 4.2.2 in Asia and European markets, but as so often is the case — it seems US One owners are lagging far behind. While this isn’t entirely HTC’s doing, it seems the company is now focused on delivering Android 4.3 to the HTC One US variants, leap frogging over Android 4.2.2 entirely. Can’t say we saw that one coming.

In a statement made on Twitter, HTC’s president of global sales Jason Mackenzie says that all US variants of the HTC One (and even those in Canada) can expect Android 4.3 — the absolute latest version of Android available — to be available before the end of September. What’s more is the HTC DROID DNA will also gets in on the 4.3 action as well. Oh, and for those wondering, it seems the Verizon HTC One will be the only US model to see 4.2.2, coming with the update already ready out of the box.

Mackenzie mentions the motivating factor in this being that Android 4.2.2 was only a “minor” update from 4.1.2, offering only a “limited customer benefit” (something we completely disagree with). Whatever the case, it seems HTC might even get the jump on Samsung, who has yet to reveal any plans to update their current flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4, to Android 4.3.

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