Mobile Roar Podcast: New carrier upgrade plans compared, HTC One Mini announced, upcoming Google event, and more [VIDEO]


Happy Friday, everyone! To keep you up-to-date and informed on the week’s biggest news (as well as gain some perspective from other mobile platform users) we bring to you another episode of the official Mobile Roar podcast. We’ve been listening to your feedback and in addition to audio-only, we’ve finally introduced Google Hangouts On Air.

Whether you want to watch or listen, the Mobile Roar podcast features myself, Joe Fedewa from WinSource, Edgar Cervantes from GTVSource/Chromespot, and ex-Phandroid Kevin Krause from iSource. This week’s episode we talk (a lot) about the latest trend in US carrier services: early upgrade plans, as well as a heap ton of mobile news covering all mobile OSs (but mostly Android). Enjoy.

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

T-Mobile JUMP! vs AT&T Next vs Verizon Edge — what they don’t want you to know

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  1. This podcast for lack of a better word showed the public how unprofessional and complete lack of facts Chris Chavez has on this subject. He obviously has a bias for T-Mobile and thinks that AT&T has a better plan. He didn’t do the math or maybe that wasn’t his best subject back in junior high. He goes on to claim that AT&T is a better Network, that is in my opinion a matter that changes per location. In my area (suburb of Boston) Verizon, AT&T and Sprint are the slowest, Verizon and AT&T’s Network are so bogged down you are lucky to get 5mb down on their LTE Network. On T-Mobile I get 20-25mb down and 6mb up during the day every day and those are not spiked speeds, at night even faster. Just got the LTE Network in our area and those speeds are even faster. I have a choice on my phones to use a super fast HSPA+ Network and save a little battery of use the LTE Network and say screw the battery. I also get real unlimited everything on T-Mobile which includes data without any cutting speeds, real unlimited data and that plan is so (expensive) ha ha, a whopping 70 bucks a month. Now that JUMP program that T-Mobile offers that Chris thought was not as good as his friendly AT&T Network costs 10 bucks a month and after 6 months you can take your first upgrade by trading in your prior phone and buying your upgrade at the price of a new customer gets. That 10 bucks also includes insurance that regularly would cost you 8 bucks without having the JUMP program. So basicly for 2 extra bucks a month you are on the Jump program if you had T-Mobile insurance on your phone. You can get two phones a year and for me that is great because I am always buying new phones. Chris also said that T-Mobile doesn’t have all the best phones, When was the last time he checked, T-Mobile has every phone possible including the Nexus 4. To say that one Carrier is better than another is all in your location. Never buy any phone on any Carrier without checking that Carriers Network in your area. I will also say T-Mobile is the only Carrier in the US that is currently installing LTE Advanced Hardware on their towers, being the last Carrier to the LTE dance they have the opportunity to have this new Hardware available. When LTE Advanced technology is ready to implement and that will be coming very soon, T-Mobile will be the only Carrier with those mind blowing speeds. My brother is an independent tower jockey who installs hardware on towers in the New England area. My final rant, No one who represents any website should go on and make claims without knowing the facts. People listen and make decisions by listening to the so called professionals, if you are going to talk about a subject then give the facts and not kiss ass to AT&T, In my opinion they are the worst freaken Carrier in the US.
    PS – T-Mobile was the first to make any changes in the way the US Carriers do business, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint have all just tried to copy them. If not for T-Mobile these plans on the other Carriers would not even exist.
    Thank You T-Mobile. ( I have no personal ties to T-Mobile or any Carrier )

    1. Yeah he also says your better off just buying the phone outright but what he doesn’t know or @ least mention if you buy @ retail your still getting ripped off because your rate plan every month includes the subsidy, but your not taking advantage of it cause you bought it @ full retail. That’s why T-Mobile is cheaper, they break it down. Now I’m not saying T-Moblie is bad or good, just stating the facts. Man, you would think these “Tech” writers would know there stuff, if nothing else to educate there listeners & readers.

    2. Woah, woah, woah… Seems like you thought this was a personal attack, not sure why my character or professionalism came into play but I’ll explain my position.

      Not sure why I’m even defending myself when the question asked was which early upgrade plan I felt was the best deal. My OPINION? AT&T Next.

      Why? Because in and of itself, the plan is $0 down, and $0 a month. It costs the consumer nothing to jump in and take advantage of this plan.

      With T-Mobile, you’re asking the customer to pay extra each month (something that simply wont fly with most people).

      Overall, it’s true you pay less with T-Mobile’s service and the early upgrade deal, but that only matters to those who are looking to switch to T-Mobile, and they have good coverage in their area. Fact is, T-Mobile just doesn’t cover everyone outside of metro areas (I’ve driven cross country and can attest to this). Heck, even Sprint had 3G in more places.

      I’ve said it in countless posts, and even in last week’s podcast — carrier coverage is subjective. Speedtests prove nothing when your house is next to a T-Mobile/AT&T/Sprint tower.

      Did I ever once clown on T-Mobile for providing an early upgrade option? In case you missed it, I never said anything of the sort. In fact, I applaud them for setting the trend and creating options for those of us who like to upgrade early, but are a little light on the funds (really, these options are for people who always want the best, but can’t afford it).

      But as you so rightly assumed, math wasn’t my strongest subject in junior high school. Good day, sir.

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